Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 15


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 15
Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 14, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey. Guys I am not sure if the 14th Chapter has been read by you all or not… Thanks for all ur support it means a lot……

The meeting went on for half the day and yet, we reached no particular decision. I guess I need to come back one more day. Sanskar kept calling me to come back. Such a nag! I never asked him to do this. I apologised and excused myself off for the rest of the day. As I was going down, I missed my footing and almost fell down when someone caught me.
“Are you alright?”
“Yes.” My fever hasn’t gone down at all. I am barely able to see anything.
“Swara! You are burning up.” Who? With one sweep, I was off the floor and in that man’s arms.
“Who? Laksh Bhai! How come you are here? You don’t have a board today?”
“True, I don’t have a meeting today but I am this Company’s President. Of course, I will come here. Why did you come today? You are burning up. Did you take your temperature?”
“Umm… No.”
“Don’t lie to me. You know what will happen.”

“YOU NUT! You are coming home with me. varun cannot look after you.” I was about to say something.
“Shut up. Don’t open your mouth. I was just going back for lunch. You are lucky. Just sleep till we get home.” He held me close and went down. I drifted off to sleep immediately.
She texted me that she would be down in five minutes and she hasn’t come down still. What is she doing?
Did she faint? I saw someone come down carrying her and walking towards the car right in the front. I got down and went towards him.
“Excuse me, Sorry to have burdened you, but can I take her back?”
“Who are you?” He held her closer. He asked me with such an authority, I was surprised. Someone who knows her?
“She is staying with me. Her brother Varun is also living at my place.” He looked astonished.
“WHAT? Staying With You? She didn’t tell me anything about moving out from the hotel. Anyway, tell Varun that Laksh has taken her home. She will be back once she is fine. Also,” He sat her down in the car and, “here is her cell phone. If any calls from clients come, tell him to say that she is sick and ask him to reschedule the meetings. Can you do this for me, Mr…..”
“Maheshwari, Sanskar Maheshwari.”

“Thank you. Have a good day, Mr. Maheshwari.” He left. It was like he was king and I was his subordinate. He held her like she was his. I wonder if he is her lover. If he was her lover, then why is she not staying with him? I had lots of questions for which I wanted answers. Wait! I didn’t ask for his name. What do I tell Varun?
When I went back I had told Varun everything. Varun then gave a sigh of relief and said he must be Laksh Bhai, only he can have that affect on Swara Didi. Sanskar was shocked and jealous but still confused about his feelings. I couldn’t accept that I am falling in love. Or am I just infatuated with her? Nope, it’s not love, its infatuation. But I was still thinking was Mr. Laksh her boyfriend 
I must not let things bother me.
For the next two days there was no sign of Swara. I was not able to keep my mind away from her.
Then on the third day when I entered the club, Varun jumped and told that Swari Didi is back, she had escaped from Laksh Bro’s house. Then they both ran towards her room.

Precap: Sanskar tried avoiding Swara and Mr. Roy’s small chat with Swara. Will this change her thinking towards Sanskar?

Guys one doubt.. How do u find my FF till date over all including this chapter…. Am i dragging or is it fine…… Is my language understandable…… If bored i again apologise please bear with me for another say 30 chapters.. i promise i will not keep boring u guys 🙂

Credit to: Crystal

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