Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Summary from Chapter 1 to 30)


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Summary from Chapter 1 to 30)

Hi Guys,

Love you all for all the blessings and love that u ppl have bestowed upon me… its really great.. I never expected that I would get even 5 responses.. But u ppl proved me wrong… as u all know I am a sort of busy , I am giving a summary of all the 30 chapters…. Hope u enjoy and don’t worry.. Chapter 31 is also on the process of writing.. it will come sooner.. Don’t b disappointed

This summary will give an overall idea about what has happened till date. So if there are any new readers then enjoy and all my consistent readers, I am just giving so that you can relieve few nice moments again… I just have one exam left that has got postponed to May 22nd and because of all your wishes and prayers , till date all my exams have gone well. Thanks for the support and the love….

Let’s start this beautiful journey once again… This will be just like a story.. Not like the normall FF chapters that I write.. But the entire essence of all the chapter will be covered.

It’s a FF about a girl named Swara Gadodia, a strong and an independent girl who loves her brother a lot . Her brother is apple of her eye and he is Varun Gadodia, he is in his last year of schooling and soon he will join college.. They both stay with each other.

Swara is a Freelance Management Consultant who has many clients and all trust her instincts, her analysis of the company and the business world.. As a consultant her predictions have never gone wrong and she has achieved all this by following teachings of her deceased grandfather Late Deendayal Gadodia and obviously her own hard work. People whoever have used her expertise service and knowledge say that she is better than her grandfather.

At present Swara (Shona) and Varun are staying in a hotel in the city of London because the house owner of the house that they were supposed to ditched them in the last minute and gave it to someone else. This annoyed Swara a lot so she decided to do her work from the hotel itself since the hotel was first owned by one of his best friend who she treats as her brother and secondly it is a little close to Varun’s school.

One fine evening while Swara was working, Varun told her that his Principal wanted to meet Swara regarding the issue of their residential address and also about the guardianship. Swara was not sure of why were this required to be discussed when he is last year of his schooling. Anyways since I had no option left, I had to set aside my next day’s work and prioritize the meeting with the Principal of Maheshwari school. This school was run by the Maheshwari group and they were having a very successful business.

Swara’s POV
Next day when we were going towards Principal’s office my very little notorious brother bumped into someone. This man was very tall and handsome and he was no ways a teacher.. coz teachers don’t come the way he was dressed., he was dressed just in smart business formals.
When I entered principal’s office, I saw the same man entering. He was none other than Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari (Sanky), the chairman of this school. He asked Principal to take Varun to the class and then both Swara and Sanskar had started the meeting. The reason why this meeting was held because Swara was too young to become a guardian though she was 22 and also they stayed in a hotel. This made many other parents think that she was a pr*stitute.. He also told her that why she has told in the application that both her parents were dead even when they were alive. She got really angry and told that because they had abandoned them and then they were adopted by her father’s father Mr. Deendayal Gadodia. She said that please do not tell any of this to Varun coz he still thinks they are dead and if he wanted he could throw Varun out of the school. But Sanskar taking all the discussions inside his head decided that he will give her place for rent and she can stay as long as she wanted to stay.

Though she didn’t like the idea, she had no other option because no doubt it was one of the best schools of London where there are a lot of Indians who study and she only wanted best for her brother so she agreed. In the evening when Swara and Varun had reached the place where they were supposed to stay, she was shocked as the place looked more like a club than apartment. When Sanskar entered and saw them he was also shocked seeing them and understood that his mother had played her cards.. Though Swara didn’t want to stay here and started arguing with Sanskar, Sanky somehow managed to convince her to stay in the same place.

Days passed by and slowly Swara had got the membership of the club by passing few tests given by Sanskar and his friends. Then once she overheard Sanskar thinking her as a pr*stitute because she was earlier staying in a hotel and she earned quite a handsome amount every year. Even one day he had fought with two drunkards saying that she was his wife and no one should stand near or talk about her and this way he had regretted for what he had told Swara. Listening to this she was shattered and then the destiny again made them meet each other. She was called to become the consultant for Maheshwaris. Both were shocked to see each other but gave their business kind look immediately. She was hesitant because she knew his thinking she told it right on his face that he would go and tell the rest of the world that she slept with the President of the company to get this job. Sanskar felt bad for what he thought and forced her to take up the work. Seeing no other option she had reluctantly agreed and she started crying though she didn’t want to.

As and when the days passed by Sanskar had understood more and more about Swara. He wanted to spend some time with Swara but she was never interested. He got to know that she cried only in front of him and for the outside world she was just a stone hearted girl. She cared for her brother a lot and she was very good at work. He felt guilty for the way he thought about Swara earlier. Sanskar was very close to her brother Varun and even Varun liked his company. They spent lot of time together. And in the meantime after coming to the club and because of her small arguments with Mr.Sanskar, she always got her dreams about her past and she used to cry to herself. She never liked showing her weak side to anyone but she never realised why she was always falling weak and letting her guard down in front of Sanskar.

Days had passed and Sanskar realised that he was falling in love with her but was still confused. All his feeling developed when he saw Swara being carried in arms by Mr.Laksh Kapoor (who was a brother like to Swara but Sanskar never knew about it) when she was sick and he missed her when she was not at the club. He had started calling Swara as Shona but she did not like it because only her grandfather had the right to call her like that and no one else. Though she warned him, he never listened to her. One day Sanskar decided to take Swara for house hunting along with the real estate agent Luke (who was Swara’s friend). After that though she didn’t get the house but still both of them planned to go for an outing as Varun was not at the club since he had gone to stay over to his friend’s house. While both of them were enjoying, she saw a man from the past who was his so called father with some other lady. This made her sad and irritated and along with Sanskar they drove to place.

They were Swara and Varun’s Bhuaji and Fufaji (Aunty and Uncle – Deendayal Gadodia’s daughter and Son in law – they were Dev and Rajni). Sanskar though didn’t know what to do, uncle made him comfortable and he again found out that the man they saw from far was Varun and Swara’s father. Sanskar learnt more about Swara her past and was happy that atleast indirectly he got to know about her family. He also got to know about their real names were Priya and Ved Kumar. How her father was disinherited by her grandfather Mr.Deendayal and how they were adopted by him and how after grandfather’s death she locked her heart. He also found that Swara had enough money and real estates in her and her brother’s name but she didn’t want to spend those money because it all belonged to her Grandfather.

One day Sanskar’s mother Ms. Annapurna Singh (AP) had summoned him to the main house (this was the house where his mother stays and he will get to stay only after marriage) and instigated him. She wasnted Swara to be Sanskar’s to be bride and hence she had created all this mess in their life. This made him a little sure that he was in love but was still not completely sure. On the other hand Swara found him to be stubborn, strong headed and a man who says anything without thinking about others feelings. She did not hate him but she didn’t like him either. They were not friends but they were not enemies also.

One day the manager of Maheshwari group Mr. Roy with whom Swara was working had invited her to company’s annual meeting. She had readily accepted the invitation. They had also spoke in general and also about Sanskar. Swara was shocked that Sanskar was adopted by his maternal grandfather just to be the heir of this group and also she found how he is a man of great vision .In the meanwhile again AP had called Sanky to the office and told her what Swara had felt for him. Sanky to his mother’s shock told that he already knows since she told it right on his face that he was stubborn, had too much of attitude and he never trusted ppl easily. Then AP challenged that he should bring Swara for the company’s Annual party. She also added that she can these two houses to Swara and by this way all the mess that she had made in his life will go of. Sanky was shocked to see the addresses because one house was the house that he purchased from his first salary and second was the house that was purchased by his mother. Both houses were adjacent.

Sanky was tried hard to convince Shona and finally she had given in and decided to go with Sanky for the annual party. He was happy and was on cloud nine. The day when they had gone to the party, Sanky was awestruck seeing Swara and was drooling over her. Once they entered the venue, he was proud because ppl were only staring at us coz we just seemed perfect for each other. Then Ap had come and introduced herself, they both were happy seeing each other.

Being the company President when I had to leave her and go and talk with the other business people, I found that I was not able to keep my eye of her. On the other hand Swara enjoyed the party coz she knew many ppl. Few were her clients and few were clients from the time she was staying with grandfather and few were her childhood friends. Seeing Swara comfortable, Sanky had become jealous that he was not able to focus at all. AP understood that his only son was in love but she was astonished that he still hadn’t confessed. She thought that he was really a thick headed fellow .When the party came to an end, he was more than happy to take Swara back to the club.

The next day as promised to AP he took Swara to the house. She instantly liked it because it was the house to her liking. She was happy and sanky was not. So he decided to confront his feelings and he did the same. But swara just admonished him and said that we could be friends but she doesn’t love him. Sanky was heartbroken but he never told her anything. He just said that he would wait for her. Swara didn’t pay any heed to his words and walked off to her Uncle and Aunt’s house. She told them everything from purchasing of the house to Sanskar’s feelings. They were very happy but she said that she didn’t have time for all this love thing because she wanted her brother to be settled. She continued packing stuff and told her uncle and aunty to send all her and Varun’s belongings via the movers and packers.

When she had gone back to the club, she did not find Sanky anywhere and she regretted of what she said to Sanskar. She also found a small note saying that she could go the Maheshwari HO if she wanted to purchase that house. She was happy that she could meet Sanky and ask for forgiveness. The next day Swara and Dev (Who is also Swara’s lawyer), Sanky and Rahul had gathered for the meeting and they had sealed the deal and the registration of the house was due for the day after tomorrow date. As the meeting got over she felt cheated because Sanskar was all normal and she was feeling guilty.

The very same day in the evening when she saw Sanskar coming with lot of work, she first tried to help him and then when they were talking casually she mocked at his love proposal that he made the previous day. This infuriated Sanskar and he said bluntly that he has a company to run and cannot take his personal issues when it comes to work. He also added that he will still pursue his love for her whether she likes it or not and that doesn’t mean that he had to act like a Devdas and forget about other things. When he passed by her to his room, she was feeling shocked that how could she treat him like that. Sanskar had avoided her since then because he felt angered but he didn’t stop loving her.

The day of registration had arrived. Dev, Rahul and Swara were waiting for Sanky. Since she was feeling tired because of the guilt, she decided to go and get some coffee. When she sat at a bench nearby she saw a man from her past and she started trembling in fear. To her luck Sanky had arrived and was finding her when she hugged him from nowhere and apologized to him. He accepted and asked her to wipe her tears else Dev and Rahul will start questioning them. She wiped her tears and the registration was done when again that man had started talking to Dev. The man was none other than her nanaji who had ill-treated her once when he came to takeaway Shona and Varun’s mother.

Dev and Nanaji had polite but heated arguments and as they were talking Sanky realised that he was Shona’s nanaji. Rahul was oblivion to that situation because he was not able to understand anything and Swara out of fear hid completely behind Sanky. Then everyone had dispersed for their respective work and Sanky, Swara along with Dev went to the new house.

Dev spoke to Sanskar in private and approved him as there would be son-in-law. He was happy but he wanted Swara to fall in love and not to have an arranged marriage.. Dev supported and told that if she doesn’t agree then Sanskar would be the first choice for the groom. Dev left leaving Sanky and Swara behind, the movers had come and they arranged the entire house. Then they spoke about their past and being so close to each other, they felt awkward and Sanskar left immediately.

Then days passed by and work got their best. Both were busy and engrossed in their work. One day there was a meeting at Maheshwari HO, Sanskar was heading the meeting and Swara was impressed by his business side as till now she was only working with Mr.Roy. Then Sanskar asked what she was doing the next week and she said she was going to her town as it would be a break and also it was her Dadaji’s death anniversary.

He also convinced Swara and tagged along with her family that is Dev uncle, Rajni Aunty, Varun and herself. Swara gave it a try to their relationship and they enjoyed their week. At the last day of the holiday he got to know the exact feeling of Swara. He found out that she was having a doubt as to whether Sanskar was a lover to her or a brother. Sanky heard all and pacified the crying Shona and he said that he will wait for her decision and will give her time to think.

After few day Sanskar had shifted to his mother’s house (not the main house) that was adjacent to Swara’s home and they tried spending quality time together.

Precap : Chapter 31.. Swara’s unaccounted feeling for Swara.. Someone’s entry in Sanskar’s life. Did Sanky move on ??

Hopefully u liked it…..Next post will come in another two days …. It’s Crystal promise 🙂

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Credit to: Crystal

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