Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Chapter 8)


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 8

Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 7, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey but b4 that many of them ask me to increase the length of my FF…. But based on the comments, i mean not many are liking it i guess, so i am keeping it a lil short.. But i am writing this mainly for those who have commented on my posts almost everytime.. so happy reading and i also understand that the FF is a lil slow.. kindly pardon me for that


As soon as I thought that Mr.Maheshwari is about to leave, Over the telecom, “ ‘Mr. Roy, Ms.Gadodia has accepted and I have approved. She left just now and apologises for leaving so early and is glad to work with us. Please keep the reports on my table in the main company. Thanks.’ Swara, we need to talk (pulling her hand).”
“WHAT? NO, WE DON’T. I Am Not Going To Accept This Job.” (Struggling)
“Yes, you are going to. I became the president just yesterday in the meeting taking over my mother. I carry on my grandfather’s name. Of course, my name won’t be in the list; I was an employee till yesterday. What different does it make between my mom and I? Let us talk in my room.” He pulled me to the living quarters.
“I am not going. Let go of me. Do you want to say I slept with you to get this deal? NO. I don’t intend to bring ruin upon myself. Let go of me.”
“Then, let us talk where no one will disturb us.”
“There is no way I am alone with you anywhere. Let go of me. I don’t care if you kick me out of here; kick my brother out of school. I can go back to my village” He pulled me to my room and closed the door. He still didn’t let go of me.
“Don’t be so reckless. Listen to me, Swara. I am truly sorry. I can’t believe what a jerk I have been. I was wrong to talk that way. I was no different from the others. I am truly sorry.”
“Let go of me…… let go…..” I couldn’t stop my tears anymore. I didn’t have the strength to stand. I slumped down to the ground. “Haven’t you told enough? Humiliated me enough ever since the first day we met?
“Let go of me, you [email protected]#$. (I slapped off his hands) Don’t touch me! Get out of my sight! I know my parents are divorced and are living happily with their own family. They threw us out. They didn’t need their mistakes with them. Now, Dadaji is also not there. You have every right to talk what you like but do you have any idea how it has been for me? Had my grandfather been alive and I came to this place, even live in a hotel for months together, then you wouldn’t have dared to talk like that. I have had enough (crying).”

Sanskar sat quietly near me. I couldn’t tolerate him; staying by me like he is comforting me when he is the source of the wretched feeling that I am having right now.
He didn’t leave. I am sure he thinks it as drama as I cry to show that I am innocent. I know people won’t believe but why can’t anyone just accept what I am. If only we had a proper guardian. He pulled my head to his shoulders as I cried. I haven’t cried in front of anyone other than Dadaji till now. Now, I am crying in front of a perfect stranger and I can’t control my tears. He kept patting my head like Dadaji does. After sometime, there were no more tears left. I calmed down.

Sanskar’s mind : She kept crying silently. I didn’t know why but I had the feeling, I just had to stay. I never cared for the girls who cried because of me. Why does this bother me so much? “Have you calmed down?”
“Yes. Thank you, Mr.Maheshwari. I am sorry for you to have seen me in this state. I will try to move within a week. Don’t worry. I will fulfil my contract with the company. Sorry to have kept you with me when you have lots of work.”
(Sanky) “I am sorry. You don’t have to move immediately or anything. I stayed here because I wanted to. Besides, I was the reason that you cried.”
(Swara) “Thank you for your offer. But Varun will surrender his membership once I get a house. And you are not the reason I cried. Maybe I should have cried long back.” She stared into space. She looked so distant though she was near me. Who was she thinking about?
“When did your grandfather die?”
“What?” She snapped back to reality.
“I asked when your grandfather died.” Unlike when she never showed her reactions beyond words, her anger darkened her face.
“Thank you, Mr. Maheshwari. Sorry to have troubled you.” She is hinting me to leave. Not yet, I need to just stay here with her now.
“Call me Sanskar. I have no more work to do today, seeing its five already. When did your grandfather die? When did your parents get divorce?” She was still angry but she replied, “Why don’t you look it up in the investigation report you had? Why ask me?”

“Yes, I guess, I can. But, can’t you tell me?” She didn’t look at me when she replied.

“It is not a secret or anything. I was nine when I was thrown out and Dadaji took us in. He died when I was fifteen. My guardian was my lawyer till I turned twenty one. Now, I am Varun’s guardian. Do you need to know anything more?”
“No. Thanks, Shona.”
“What did you call me?” In a moment, I could see her anger plunge and she looked surprised, more like shocked. Why?
“Shona. Shona sounds friendlier than Swara. Dinner is at eight. Come down to eat for once. No room service. I am cooking.”
She didn’t reply. She just stared at me in disbelief. Maybe, she was too tired.

Precap : The reason behind why she asked Sanskar not to call her Shona. A very warm chat between Sanskar and Varun about their family and more

Credit to: Crystal

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