Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Chapter 7)


Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 7
Hello folks. If you have missed Chapter 6, please find the link that is attached below  . Let’s continue with our journey.
Hope you guys are having fun . Thanks to all for support… I hope u r liking it.. I was overwhelmed with the support that I got for my previous Chapter. Love u guys <3

Next Day:
Fortunately for me, having a light brown skin due to tan, my swollen eyes didn’t make an impression. I got ready to go out when Mr.Maheshwari came to me.
“(Smiling) Good morning, Mr.Maheshwari. I have to meet an important client. So, see you later.” I rushed out. I didn’t even turn back to see him. I know he is going to apologise for what had happened yesterday. Not that I care for his apology. If it is not from the heart, then it means nothing.
I went to meet a new client. They were a R&D company who is the parent company with many subsidiaries. After final negotiations, I was taken to meet the President of the company. To my shock, we came back to the club and we were headed for the west wing. Don’t tell me that Mr.Maheshwari is the company’s president. I didn't see Mr.Maheshwari’s name anywhere in the directors’ list. Just that the name of the Company is Maheshwari, I thought that he was not a part of this company, just someone with the same name. If it is his, Lord!!! Why did I accept this assignment?
“Mr.Maheshwari, we have brought the new consultant for our company.”

(Sanky) “Come in, Mr. Roy. Hello, I am Mr. Sanskar maheshwari, president of this company and you are……..”(Looks up from the table and shocked)
(Roy) “Yes sir. Ms. Swara Gadodia. She is the consultant for our major customers and suppliers. She has earned a wonderful reputation among our customers and suppliers not to mix any inside information available, detrimental to any of the companies. I decided to test her ability with our company. She has just moved from the countryside. She took over the clients of her grandfather and heard that she does a better job than him. Also she has never been in any scandals despite having high profile clients. She is the best person for our company. She will have an eleven months contract with the company. We have negotiated the pay and rest of the clauses of the contract. You only have to approve it, sir.” I don’t feel like taking up the contract now. I feel nauseous just thinking that I need to work in his company. I don’t wish to work for a person who thinks I sell my body for work. I want to refuse this before it is too late.
(Swara) “Mr. Roy, if I may, I feel that I may not be able to fulfil your expectations. I am more than willing to suggest better consultants in my place.”
(Mr. Roy) “Ms. Gadodia, You Agreed to this at the Office.” It is only natural for Mr. Roy to be annoyed, after all the discussions we have been through but still,
(Swara) “Yes, Mr. Roy. But now, somehow I feel that I wouldn’t be able to do a justifiable work.”
(Roy) “Ms.Gadodia, does the pay dissatisfy you or any other problem? We can work things out.” Swara’s mind – Oh! I understand your position Mr. Roy, but I don’t want to take up this job. It is totally unprofessional of me to do this after accepting it whole heartedly, but I don’t think I can have the mind to work with Mr.Maheshwari.
(Swara) “Oh! It is nothing like that, Mr. Roy. It is just that…” I could feel Mr.Maheshwari’s staring at me. I didn't meet him in the eyes since we entered. So unprofessional of me, and yet, I don’t want to work here.
Suddenly, Sanskar looking all serious, replied,

(Sanskar) “Please Ms.Gadodia, we need your services. Mr. Roy, can you please go check the progress of the different projects as I convince Ms.Gadodia about her abilities that you believe will help the company.” Roy hesitated. Please, stay, don’t leave me with Mr.Maheshwari. I might lose my cool, please.
“Y…. Yes, sir. Excuse me, Ms.Gadodia.” Roy left. Lord! I need to get out of here; if not outside, at least to my room.
“I am sorry, Swara.” I got up.
“I am not going to take the job and that’s final, Mr.Maheshwari.” I opened the door and he closed it.
“I know why you won’t take the job. That is exactly why I am apologising to you. If you don’t take up the job, you will lose your reputation.”
“Reputation Can Go To Hell! If I knew it was your company I wouldn’t have accepted the project.Last time I saw the president’s name, it was Annapurna Singh and the directors’ list never had your name.” I struggled with the door. He moved over to his table. Finally, I can leave this room.

Precap: Sanskar sits and consoles Swara. A swasan moment though not romantic but very impactful

Credit to: Crystal

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