Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Chapter 6)

Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love_Chapter 6

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After Swara left,
“What a cute girl! So polite”
“Come on, Karan. She is stubborn, arrogant and irritating. How can you even think she is cute? She is so shorter than Kavita a plain looking girl. Even Varun will be a very handsome fellow in a few years. I still can’t believe that they are siblings.”
(Jai) “Sanky, you don’t have eyes. She is good looking and she is not very short. You don’t mind if I go after her, do you?”
(Sanky) “I do mind. I don’t want my friend going out with a girl who is just twenty two, started working one and half years back and earns in six digits, whose parents had numerous affairs when they were married and now are married to different ppl?
God knows what they do; how can I let a good friend date someone from a family like that?”
(Rahul) “Hey, just because her parents are like that it doesn’t mean she is too, Sanky.”
(Sanky) “Also, she says she does her business from a hotel just because she moved from the countryside. Who will move to anywhere without any planned residence and has a brother to look after? I can just imagine her work. Bringing people to a hotel just to do work…..”
(Kavita slaps Sanky) “(With anger) Tum sach mein Sanky ho (mad), just because you don’t like someone, it doesn’t mean they are bad or immoral. It doesn’t give you the right to speak ill of them like that. That girl may really have talent. Not all go after money. You said that she was staying in hotel because she just moved and it is valid enough. She might have had some problems before moving. It happens. She is a freelancer with no office. If you care about this so much, give her a space for office here. She doesn’t look like how you speak of her. She is better than those girls who flatter you for your money and position. Don’t go talking about someone like that. Varun would have murdered you, had he listened to you right now. Not everyone is like your father.”
“(With anger) My Dad Was Not Like That, Kavita.”
“See, it angers you. It is the same way for everyone. Don’t talk like you know everything about others.”
“Kavita is right, Sanky. You didn’t even give her a chance to prove herself before judging her.”
“Alright, Raj. I know you guys are right but I just can’t accept it. I am sorry. You guys just enjoy. I have some work. Good night.” (Leaving the meeting room)
“Swara!! What are you doing here?” Crap! She must have heard it all.
“Ah… ah… Varun said he gave back the keys to you yesterday, so I came to ask about that but forget it. (Tears welling up) Sorry.” (Leaving)
“Swara. I am sorry. Hey,Swara! Listen to me! (To self) God! What did I do?” (Running behind her)
I knew exactly why Varun fought and why I am here and yet, to see my talent, my hard work go in the drain like that……. it’s painful. I have heard many speak like this but never once I have cried till now. Why do I cry now? I should be used to this. I went up and locked myself in my room. Mr.Maheshwari was banging on the door.
“Swara, open up the door. I am sorry I shouldn’t have spoken like that.!”
“It’s ok, Mr. Maheshwari. I am used to it. Good night. (Choking) Good night.”
Sanskar: “Please let me apologise. Please”
“Good night Mr. Maheshwari.” I could no longer stop my tears. I heard loud thuds on the door and wall. He is frustrated that I didn’t open the door; imagine how it would have been for me when you spoke like that. I cried myself to sleep that night.
FLASH BACK {“Dadaji (crying) I fell down. It really hurts.” “Come on Shona, whether the wound is big or small, painful or not, you shouldn’t cry.”
“But the aunties around say that only boys shouldn’t cry.”
“Don’t listen to them. Jo, crying is a sign of weakness. Don’t cry. People will think you are trying to gain pity, creating a drama. Cry in silence, rain or in front of someone who you trust and can help you.”
“Ok. It means I can cry in front of Uncle Dev, Varun and you, right?”
“Shona, promise never to cry in front of Varun. You are Varun’s big sister. If he sees you cry, then he will also start crying. So don’t in front of anyone other than me. Done?”
“Not even in front of Uncle Dev?”
“Yes. Not even in front of Dev or Rajini.”
I nodded my head. “Good girl. Now come on, stop crying. See the wound is all patched up, though I guess showing it to a doctor will be better since you ripped almost whole skin of your legs.”}

Precap : Sanskar’s official meeting with Swara

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