Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Chapter 3)


Hello folks. Hope you guys are liking it  . If you have missed chapter 2 , please find the link that are attached below  This is going to be a little long chapter. Have fun.. Hope I am not boring you guys seeing no response for second chapter kind of hurts.

Swara along with Varun were greeted by Mr.Anthony who was an English but he always had helped me out.
Mr.Anthony told them that Mr Maheshwari would be reaching here any moment and the other side the door opened and I was shocked to see the same man who Varun had run into. He was closing his suit button.
“Good morning Sir” said Mr.Anthony and he introduced us. Sir, they are Ms Swara Gadodia and Varun Gadodia whom were speaking about the other day. Ms.Swara, this is chairman of Maheshwari group of schools, Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanskar seeing Swara felt she was a very ordinary looking girl, who has a biscuit color skin and her height was not more than 5ft 3inches but there was something about her eyes that was a hazelnut color, he felt a spark seeing her, but keeping all his thoughts aside he was here to do business.
Mr. Maheshwari had then signed Mr.Anthony and he understood. Mr.Anthony took Varun to his class. When Varun was telling BYE to me I understood he was worried though he looked strong I could feel his pain.
Once they left. Hello Ms.Gadodia, I am Sanskar Maheshwari, kindly have a seat. I took the seat instantly and came straight to the point as I had some business meeting that was scheduled for the evening.

Swara: So Mr. Maheshwari, I hear that you wanted to talk about Varun’s guardianship and our residence. I have already explained everything to Mr.Anthony and I don’t think Varun is that troublesome. He is a good bright and scholarship student. Then what’s the reason for this meeting today.
Sanskar: Straight to the point Ms Gadodia. I am impressed. Ok the reason is Varun being a scholarship student, has a lot of enemies and many family here are loaded with cash and hence they had ran a background check on Varun. The outcomes were very strange. So the first question based on the results were when your parents are alive how can you be the guardian? We have also heard that your father had married someone else and your mother had married someone else. In short you have two fathers and two mothers and yet you are the guardian?
Swara: (Shocked) How did you know that? Does Varun know all this?
Sanskar (Understanding her): No he doesn’t know and before we asked him we wanted it to be confirmed and what better source than you.
Swara could sense a mockery and told in a very arrogant yet composed voice. Yes my parents are alive but none of them wanted us. We were brought by our Dadaji and Bhuaji and Fufaji. For us as far as we know both our parents are dead. After my grandfather’s death, Mr.Dev andMrs.Rajani Gupta became our guardian. At the age of 21 when I became independent, I became my brother’s guardian. And from the way I can see it’s not a problem

Sanskar got angry but then he calmed himself and told: You can’t keep killing your parents when they are alive. Because of all this confusion it will affect your brother’s future and he will not get admission in good university.
Swara: If you want you can throw him out of your school. I wouldn’t budge. He will get admission in another schools though its his last year. You can give your damn school scholarship to someone else. She got up with full anger and then Sanskar told something and she was stunned to hear.
Second question what good work you do that has to be done from a hotel?
She told him directly do you think I am a pr*stitute or sl*t and I sleep with my clients. I am sorry that I have disappointed you (angry tone) because I am none of these. Even I do not like working from hotels but since the owner from whom I was gonna buy the house ditched me in last moment, I had no other option but to stay back.
Sanskar: Stop Ms.Gadodia. I have a proposal for you. This way Varun need not change his school and all the problem will be solved.
She was patiently hearing and seeing her interest he continued. He told I have lot of apartments in London and there is one that is close to Varun’s school also. I will send my driver and the car to your hotel today and you can move in immediately.
Swara: How does this make my position better? Will you say the board that I slept with you and that’s why I got a place to make Varun stay?
Sanskar (In mind – that girl is too adamant and arrogant): Very politely. No Ms Gadodia. I will charge a good rent from you. So will that be fine. Around 6.00pm I will send my driver. And one more thing. Your brother had got into fight with few boys of his class because they bad mouthed you. That is all the more I am telling you to shift.
Swara (Standing up quickly and shocked) : Thanked and ran from that place. Hiding her anger.
Mr Anthony came from behind and chuckled and said “I didn’t know sir that you would be the one who would compromise. I must tell Mrs Singh about this”
Sanskar : I did all this for the boy because I really liked him and Mr.Anthony please do not tell anything to mom. As such she is behind me for my wedding.
Anthony laughs and Sanskar leaves from there.

Precap: At the club

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