Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Chapter 2)


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Swasan’s First Meet
Next day morning Varun had come along with me to school. His school was run by Maheshwari Group of Schools. We were getting late and Varun was running fast over stairs carelessly. Swara: Varun stop you might bang into someone and there………..BANG.

He banged a young man who was mid 20’s . Swara thought it was very unusual to find such a man who was a total misfit for this place. The reason being he was very young and he wore a business suit (who the hell wears that in a school 😛 ) but nonetheless, he looked smart and dashing. I would have instantly fallen for him but I didn’t like his attitude. But since we were getting late I handed over my hand to Varun and pulled him up and started scolding Varun. I then turned around apologized him on behalf of Varun and offered my help to the young man but he refused to take it. Swara (in her mind): Such an arrogant bastard. But his eyes were just gorgeous, a nice sea blue coloured eyes.

When Varun and I were leaving suddenly Varun turned back and went to the man.
Excuse Me Sir, Your Ferrari miniature has fallen. So the man stopped immediately and took it from him. Then Varun exclaimed Sir your miniature is very good.
Man: your sister is such a tyrant isn’t she. She scolded you badly in front of me. Didn’t you feel awkward.
Varun : Don’t call my sister a tyrant. She was right and since she scolded me I know ii would not repeat this mistake.

The man was impressed by his talks and so he asked him to choose one of the miniatures. He chose the same Ferrari miniature that had fallen from his pocket earlier. The man was a lil hesitant but gave it to him.
Varun was a lil hesitant, he told the man to give him the place from where he purchased and he would ask his sister to buy the same. The man told Varun that it is exclusive and told who knows it might come handy in future.

Varun agreed even though he was a little hesitant. Swara was calling out Varun. So Varun thanked the man for the miniature and told him his regards and ran to Swara.

Precap: The reason of this sudden meeting is revealed.

Credit to: Crystal

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