Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Chapter 1)


My first ff.. Hope you like it
Hello folks.Today’s FF is about what Swara does and her Family Background.
It’s been a long day and I have just concluded a meeting of my client in my hotel room. It’s just so tiring by not having a proper house and an office.
Hi I am Swara Gadodia. I first used to stay in a town where we had our ancestral property that belonged to my Dadaji who had passed away when I was 13 years old. He was my backbone and I always loved him. It was because of him that I had got interest in Management and now I handle all his clients and few our very close such that they are like my family. Our clients were mostly Indians who were settled in London and the client list had also included relatives of my Dadaji Mr. Deendayal Gadodia. He had shifted the entire Gadodia Family to London and helped them in settling. Now everyone is successful in their own field. My grandfather had shifted from Indian almost 60 years ago when he was in his early 20’s.Now my entire world revolves around my consultancy business and Varun my little brother.

Varun, my brother earlier stayed in the school dorms but then I pulled him out because of an incident and after that I felt a need to protect him. But now I thought pulling him out of dorms was not a good idea since I have not got a house yet. I was looking very intensely in my laptop, when I realised that Varun was standing right behind me and looking at me very deeply.
When I turned towards him, Hi Swara Di how are you and how has your day been? I am feeling damn hungry , could I order something over to our rooms.
Yes, Varun. You can order anything as you like.

So Didi did you find a house of your liking. And how long will we stay in this hotel. It happens to be a little far from the school I study.
Sorry Varun, our real estate friend Luke is not able to find a house to my liking. But don’t worry we will find the same soon. I am going and meeting him today also, he has short listed few houses for us. So be a good boy and complete your assignments while I am away and also order dinner for yourself as I might come late.
Acha didi, you have to visit my school tomorrow at 11.00 am. Swara was shocked listening to this and asked “Why?” Varun: Actually …………the Principal had told me that Chairman of our school wanted to discuss something related to my guardianship and our home but I have been ignoring it for a week now saying that you were busy.

Swara shouted on Varun saying you should have told me these things earlier. He had told Sorry and she just melted because he was the only family she had.
She said fine I am leaving for house hunting and please take care of yourself.
Swara in her mind, he is in his last year of School then why are they creating trouble now. I hope all is well. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. 

No Precap……….

Guys if you need any let me know and post in your comments.

Credit to: Crystal

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  8. Actually in limitless love u became angry u end up in long update then u realise and u again u came back know tat day when i read tat fiction I feel tat definitely ur 100 % true because a writter should deserve definitely a true crazy comment because ur spending ur energy ur time for us..but no reply means it’s definitely hurts..actually tat day I. M out of station I read while travelling I feel shame because I.hv not commented due to my dabba mobile.actually I love ur limitless love..story and ur presentation is nice and interesting..then coming to commentse u comment boldly 100% without hiding when I read ur comments in saba fiction..especially last episode..actually u analyse such a way tat a writter shd deserve keen and critical analyser to improve their writing .ur d true writer and analyser keep tat spirit..anyways tc see u

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