swasan-zindagi ban gayi ho tum meri ( short story – 4)


Hii guys back with bang….. actually nt bang bt just a ep….

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My ff :

Ep starts :

….Swara’s pov….

Rago was not telling me a single thing about papa I was hell worried about him… He had always been my shield even if all were against me n I am not ready to believe that he didn’t came to see a single day in these 2 months….

I asked Rago hundred times bt her answer was same : once you reach home…. then see by your own eyes….

While saying so she always used to take away her eyes from me trying to avoid the eye contact as much as possible….

Even I am seeing a different Rago infront of me now…. In these two months she changed a lot… she was no longer my chirpy bubbly n immature lil sissy…. she has become way matured that is totally visible by her actions n moves… I was forced to think what forced her to become like this… This is not me lil sissy…. she had changed bt the thing didn’t change was the love she had for me… I was always proud to have a sister like her… many ppl used to call us “swaragini” swapping our names together….

BT the thing that Was eating the mind the most was she was hiding something from me…. Rago was never a good actress so I was always able to catch her lies… so there had been no secrets between us…. n now it ws hell thinking what she is thinking n hiding….

Most importantly is papa alright? ?….

Thinking all these heavy thing I entered the house…. house was empty as it has paled out in just 2 months….

As I entered my house a sudden fear of something wrong happening engulfed my heart n I held Rago’s arms tightly…. she assured me by her eyes as everything is alright bt this tym her eyes didn’t lit up by telling so… certainly something was going wrong…. terribly wrong….

Then we entered papa’s room n that scene snatched my heart from my body….I just fell down in knees…. ragini gave support to me…. bt tears made entry to my eyes again… I fell on my foot… This scene was horrible scene in my life after laksh’s death… my strong papa.. With whom I have learned to walk… who taught me cycling…. who always supported me…. who was my backbone…. is lying on the bed as life less body….

Later ragini told me… After laksh’s death news came. .. papa was very disheartened…. He was not able to see me as a lifeless body…. He got a major heart attack n his 3/4th body got paralysed….

Again I am the cause of my papa’s death…. I m the cause of all miseries…. I m tears were non stop…. even then Rago joined a job to run the family….. now I understood change in her…. Rago is a medical 4th year student…. she started a part time job while studies….

She used to accompany me not leaving me for a single second when se was in home….. n when she was not I gave company to papa n took care of him…. truth is his this position n our families miseries are all my fault…. I m the murderer of my own families happiness…..

Like this I saw one week passed… I never came out of my house…. One day Rago was out n I saw kaveri bua at door…. I at once greeted her b took her blessing….

She was shocked seeing me… I was not knowing what was she seeing so precisely…. I gave a view to myself I wore a sky blue salwar suit…. With a simple earring n no make up…. n hairs tied in a pony….

Kaveri : aaye chori…. what type of girl u are… ur husband died a few days before n u are here thinking to decorate yourself… u didn’t felt shame doing so…. how will he feel from heaven that I just now left her n she totally forgotten me…..

I was not able to hear anymore…. tears were brimming in my eyes… I just ran away…. bt heard her saying….

Kaveri : today’s generation…. not even asked for a glass of water….

I went to my room n dumped myself on my bed…. n cried my heart out…. papa’s condition , Rago’s change n laksh’s death…. In a way I was responsible for all of them….

At evening I came wearing a white churidar….. Rago asked the reason for it… I just made any reason….

Again ragini was not in the room… Kaveri bua told me to accompany her to temple…. I hesitated bt I had no option she was very dominating n authorised prsn… papa was right….

We reached temple…. ppl who recognised me saw me as I have done any sin….

Thn I heard some ladies taking….

Lady 1 : Arre see she is swara na… Shekharji’s daughter…n her bua kaveri ji. ..

Lady 2 : ya ya…. I was in her wedding…. her husband died just after her marriage…

Lady 3 : Arre she is a bad luck only… While trying to catch her… her mother fall from stares n died… now her husband died… n Shekharji’s health also damaged…

Lady 2 : ya she is a bad omen…. she should go to vidhwa ashram like her bua… I m toh afraid for ragini…

Lady 1 : poor girl ragini she has to suffer for her sister’s deeds… she has so much responsibility of her family n now life long responsibility of her sister…. who will marry her now…

Lady 3 : true… who will take responsibility of some many ppl…

Hearing those talks I headed to home with kaveri bua…
I hurriedly ran to my room… n cried my heart out… bt I have to take a decision…. not for me for my sister…. I have lost my life after laksh’s death bt she has whole life to live…. I can’t be selfish n burden her with my responsibility….

N I took the decision… It was hard bt necessary…. I WILL GO TO VIDWAS ASHRAM…. THAT IS THE PLACE I BELONG NOW….

Nxt ep : our hero’s entry….

Hope u lyked it guys… plz drop ur comments

Credit to: sujata

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