Swasan…yuvhani…raglak (Episode 3)


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The episode starts with laksh in his room he says I have to do something to cheer ragini up she is upset with me maybe this is the opportunity to tell her my feelings

Ragini is in her room by the window she says how dare he call me a cry baby
She turns around and sees laksh standing with flowers in his hand he says I’m really sorry
She walks off and sits on her bed laksh goes to her and gives her chocolates she gets up and is going to go but laksh grabs her hand and pulls her towards him he says im sorry and I love you ragini
She smiles and looks at him she says really he says yes I love you alot
She says me too and hugs him

Everyone is in the hall
Dp- the priest has said that the auspicious date is next week Friday so start the wedding preparations
Sumi-yes on Wednesday will be the sangeet
Friday morning haldi and in the evening the wedding
Is that OK
Shekkar: start making preparations
Everyone gets happy and congratulate each other

Next week Wednesday

Ragini is getting ready in front of the mirror laksh comes and puts his hand around her waist and says wow my princess is looking beautiful
Ragini: thanks
Laksh: so how is your Prince charming looking
Ragini:well to tell the truth your looking ugly
Laksh:what do you mean
Ragini:your not looking that good
He gets the pillow and hits her they have a pillow fight she says I’m just joking you look handsome

Sanskaar says to himself: after the sangeet I’m going to tell swara my feelings…god help me she is very dangerous I still remember what she did when we were little she gets angry over little things
Little sanskaar wins the game and he says to little swara haha your a big fat loser you never win he laughs and call her a loser
She gets angry and bites him on his hand
Flashback ends
Sanskaar:I hope when I say my feelings she doesn’t bite me God help me

Yuvraaj and suhani come down
Yuvraaj:suhani dance good don’t ruin my reputation
Suhani: excuse me I dance better than you all you do is stand there and move your hands
Yuvraaj:no I don’t
Suhani laughs
Yuvraaj shows a sad face
Suhani holds her ears and says I’m sorry
Yuvraaj:it’s ok

Sangeet starts
Swara:welcome to my sister and brother in law’s sangeet the first performance is ap DP sumi and shekkar they dance to prem ratan dhan payo
Sanskaar:next up is swararagini they dance to bole chudiyaan sanlak join in too
Swara:now it’s sanlak turn they dance to bhaiya or Bhabi ko bhadaiyi ho bhadaiyi
Sanskaar:now it’s time for the best couple yuvraaj and suhani they dance to gerua from dilwale

Everyone dance
Sangeet ends
Sanskaar:swara come with me
He takes her outside and puts a blinfold on her
Swara:where are we going

Sanskaar takes her to this beautiful decorated place
He takes her blindfold off flowers fall on her she says sanskaar but he wasn’t there she then sees I love you Swara in big letters
Sanskaar comes and says since childhood you were close to my heart you always helped me and supported me I love you Swara
She runs towards him
Sanskaar: oh god I hope she doesn’t bite me or hit me
swara hugs him
Sanskaar :thank you God
Swara: I love you too

Precap: mendhi haldi and shadi swasans masti

I hope you guys enjoyed this
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Credit to: Cutiepie

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