Swasan…yuvhani…raglak (Episode 2)


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The episode starts with suhani getting ready she is wearing a blue and red lengha. Just then yuvraaj enters the room and quietly locks the door her slowly goes to suhani and put his hands on her eyes
Suhani:yuvraaj is that u
Yuvraaj takes his hands off and says is that how much you love me that by my touch u know it’s me
She hugs him and says I missed you so much yuvraaj says me too
Suhani:now you can go before someone comes
Yuvraaj : no I came here with much difficulty no one was leaving me alone downstairs
Suhani laughs and says I know they all have been teasing me today make sure u teach them a lesson
Yuvraaj: don’t worry my jaan I will sort my brothers out
Suhani:OK go now and get ready
Yuvraaj:OK by the way you look gorgeous

The party starts and the guests are here
DP gets the microphone and says ladies and gentlemen I have organised this party because my son yuvraaj had made me proud he came back successful… Also I wanted to introduce you to my future daughter in law suhani
Swaragini bring suhani down
Sanskaar says in his mind you look so beautiful swara I don’t know how to tell you my feelings for you
Laksh says to himself i love you ragini souch but don’t worry I’ll tell you my feelings soon

Everyone meet suhani and yuvraaj and say congratulations

Laksh takes the microphone and says now time for some performances first is swara ragini and suhani
Everyone clap they dance to salaam e ishq
Ragini says now next is the desi boyz sanskaar yuvraaj and laskh
They dance to desi boyz
Then swaragini and sanslak and yuvraaj and suhani dance to rock and roll soniye from kabhi alvida Na kehna

Next day

Everyone is sitting down on the table and having their breakfast
Yuvhani are sitting next to each other and swara is sitting opposite them
Yuvraaj grabs suhani’s hand from under the table suhani tries to free her hand but yuvraaj holds it tight they have an eyelock
Swaras spoon falls on the floor she goes to pick it up and sees yuvraaj holding suhani’s hand
She laughs
She gets up and sits back down she says suhani what happened to your other hand how come your not using it
Swara:or is yuvraaj holding your hand
Everyone laugh yuvraaj gets embarrassed he lets go of her hand and says it’s nothing like that
He gets up and goes

Everyone finish their breakfast
Sanskaar: wow swara your amazing you embarrassed yuvraaj so much
Swara:well obviously I’m amazing
They laugh

Laskh is on the phone and is walking and from the other side ragini is comming with hot tea in her hand for shekkar laksh and raginibdont see and bump into each other the tea falls on raginis feet she screams
Tears fall out of her eyes
Laskh:omg I’m so sorry ragini are you OK…I’m sorry
He wipes her tears they have an eyelock
He get the ointment and puts it on her they both look at each other and tum hi ho plays

Ragini: your such and idiot laksh look at what you have done
Laskh:oh really well your a crybaby
Ragini:no I am not
They argue
Ragini says I don’t want to talk to you and she goes off

Precap: laksh goes to please ragini and say sorry will he express his feelings…. Yuvhanis marriage date fixed

Credit to: Cutiepie

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