Swasan; You are my heartbeat – Part 1

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One person was shown talking with unknown number on phone

Person: when will u came


Person: today we are waiting as per plan we are working you don’t worry and everything will be alright and our next plan when u came


Person:I will tell them that you are coming OK


Person: bye take care and we succeed to take our revenge for them they have to paid on this birth only


Person run behind a mad man and beat him .Mad man run into baadi and dida and dadi came and other baadi members also came for listening so much voice the baadi people think that dida and dadi have huge fighting

Female neighbor: u are here I think that u people were fighting

To see unknown people dida ask them

Dida: who are u all and why are u enter there

One person: because a mad man enter your badi

Dida: are nahi tumko galatfehmi hua hain ek pagal toh yah barso se rehta hain(????????????) 2

Dadi : as Bangalan ke bajwass kar rahi hain tu????????????

2person: we all saying right one mad person entered your baadi and he is really dangerous and he killed one person

Dida: hain ya par khade kya kar rahe ho tum log,chalo ghar ghar,usko pakadte hain

Dadi: are bangalan kidhar kidhar,thari beti mahre ghar mein ghus gayi iska MATLAB ya toh naa ,tu muhh uthakar mahre ghar mein ghus jawegi

Then they hears someone shout anf person is asking for help and take her mother and granny name the person will be revealed as




Our swara ( I guess you guys think same??????)

Then they all go to GADODIA house and shocked to see as mad man holding swara neck with knife


All are shocked to see this and dida shouts shoru

Swara was crying

Dida: shoru——-shoru—

When dida shouting mad person say

Mad: stay away stay away

Mad: aye keep quiet and show that she harm her

Swara tried to take knife from mad person

Swara: you get hurt please gave it to me please, give it to me

Mad person leave her but get panic to see people and cut his wrist

And said to swara

When swara is going and he pulls her and says

Mad; am not mad,I am not mad please save me from them,they beat me,please save me,am not mad ,am hungry, am hungry, please send them back

Swara said to people to go from there she will handle him

Dadi: as Bengali girl how dare u ,u all want to malign my house,why are u excited to do this

Then dida said to dadi

Dida: yes shoru is saying right that u all now leave and shoru will handle him

Then dadi and dida start fighting and mad man gets angry and he throws things here and there

Mad: hey keep quiet ,keep quite and start to throw things here and there

But stopped by swara

Swara: its bad manners naa u wanted to eat food naa,I will gave u

First swara take bandage and doing his first aid and mad is looking swara as keenly

Mad: baby doll I am hungry please give me,fast,fast

Swara: my name is not baby doll OK my name is swara

Mad:(shouting) ; no,no,no u are my baby doll u like cute small baby

Swara is laughing to listening this

Swara: u are here I bring food for u

And she bring food for him and he started to eat food like that he never ate food swara felt bad to see him like that

Dadi is very angry to see this

Then laksh entered baadi for meet swara and he is beyond shock to him

runs and hug the person are all shocked that laksh unknown person and hug like that he was very close to him

But person is throw him on ground

Swara runs to him

Swara; are u alright, he have no intention to hurt u

LAKSH didn’t hear swara then she goes to him and ask for him

LAKSH: bhai u don’t learn that I am your lucky

Sujata is follows laksh because she doubt laksh love one girl swara or RAGINI if Durgaparsad know about this he give punishment to LAKSH

And she is shocked to see laksh hug unknown person

Now, who is an unknown person which shocked Sujatha???

Hope you guys like the part

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