swasan: winning the challenge one shot


Hii…its ur salluzz with a new one shot…I hope u will enjoy….

Lets take a small introduction
Swara and ragini are college mates and also best frnds for ever…the day they met each other itself they felt their bonding.ragini is engaged to laksh.also sanskar is ragini lovly brother.sanskar is egostic person and can do anything bt have a soft heart (only for ragini)

In college canteen
Swaragini are seated together
Ragini:swara, today my brothet will come. U said naa u have to meet him
Swara loks worried
Swara:I can see next time tio
Saying ragini dragged swara outside the campus.

Sanskar gives 2 dairy milk silk to ragini
Ragini gives one to swara
Swara; no ragini
Ragini started to laugh
Ragini:lol..what happened. For this single dairy milk even u have did much bet.so dont show off…just takes this
Swara takes that with a puppy face
A girl comes and calls ragini, she makes an excuse and moves away

As soon as
Swara:how dare u to come again infront of me
Sanskar:I think u r much shocked to knw that im ragini beloved brother
Swara:my foot..the day when I and ragini met, I came to knw that u two are siblings .so dont exaggerate…
Sanskar:still u have ur pride with u naa
Swara:what the hell
Sanskar:did u forget about my challenge
Swara:I knw only I will win that, so im cool
Sanskar:no..u r damn hot
Saying sanskar started to come closer to swara and was about to hold her, just then ragini comes there

Ragini:come swara..I will drop u.
Swara:I like to go by bus
Ragini:its my order

Trio leaves
Swara:stop th car
Ragini:where is ur house
Swara:not now…bt ine day I will
Sanskar stops the car abd swara gets down.
Sanskar looks at her with a smirk on his face

At maheswary mansion
It was sunday

Ap:what laddo..call swara na…
Ragini:she will not come maa
Sujatha:just call her.u knw I always wish to see her.whenever u said about her , I wish my sanskar could get her as wife
Ragini starts to laugh
Ragini:even I think about it maa…anyways let me call her

Ragini calls swara and puts in speaker

Swara takes the call
Swara:(yawning) hello
Ragini; its almost 12:00 still u r sleeping
Swara:what to do ragini…only ob sunday we ger leave naa…see still im very sleepy…
Ragini:get up now
Swara:plz ragini…let me sleep
Ragini:then u should do one thing
Swara:haa pinky promise
Everyone smiles at her talkings
Ragini:u should be there on my engagement 3 days before and u should stay with me in my house
Swara gets up
Swara:what (shouted)
Ragini:I think u have got up frm bed
Swara:this is cheating
Ragini:y promise naa
Ragini:so dont come.i will never talk with u
Swara says many things to make her talk at ast she got idea
Al were eagerly waiting to knw what will swara do
JEEVAN yeh SURO se sajaati
RISHTEN yeh SURO se banaati
Bajti hai toh pyaar ki dhun.
Phir bhi hai ek duje ek liye bani
Dilon mei hai pyaar bhara
Ragini smiles
All smiles
Ragini:swara…my family wants to talk to u
Ap:swara beta
By hearing that a tear drop from her eyes
Swara:namaste aunty
Ap:not aunty..maaa
Swara smiles
Sujtha:evn im also ur maa…
They talk sometime
Swara (thinking that phone is with ragini):ragini…u knw how much happy im…only because of u I got 2 maa…im thankfull to u ragini
Saying swara cries
She immediately cut the call
Hear everything where heard by maheswary
Ragini:will she come
Sujatha:she will surely come…
Next day…

At maheswary mansion

Early morning there was knck on the door

Sujatha:who is there at this time
She goes and open the door and finds a girl wearing a normal churidar and with a small bag
Sujatha:who are u beta
The girl smiles and takes blessing
Just then ragini comes with rubbing her eyes
All mansion heard her sound
Ragini runs and hugs her…..
Swara breks the hug and find all looking at them
Swara:im swara….ragini frnd…im so sorry
All laughs
Dp:beta…we knw…
Swara mingled with them very well.all liked her very much…
Sanskar was seeing this from upstairs
Sanskar:thanks swara..u said u will win..bt now because of ur such big step, u r going to loose..soon u will knw im the winner and u will be mine….mine forever
He said that with a smirk on his face

After sometime another girl comes and behave rudely with elders..sujatha was irked with her behaviour
Kavitha is ragini cousin.she always taunt others

While moving to her room she found swara helping servants so kavitha thought her as a servant

Swara was playing with the kids of servants..
Sujatha comes there
Sujatha:even I can participate naa
Swara:ofcouse maa
Soon all family joins the game exept kavitha.kavitha comes there and finds swara sitting with kids on floor.as usual she taunt her…
Sanskar also comes down and joins them giving a look to swara

Swara:so we can play DUMBSHERAS..there will be two grups.and the game that one group will call a member frm other grp and give tjem a movie name.and they want to show that by action to their members. And time limit is 2 min
All shouts:we are ready

Team:kids, parineeta swargini….

Kavitha ap dp sujatha rp adarsh

Sanskar was not interested so he sit and watch the game

As game moves it was becoming fully
Kavitha calls ragini and gives her a movie

Ragini comes forward and shows action..

Ragini shows sanskar
Ragini nodes no
Ragini nodes yes..
And then shows like a bride
Swara:bride, groom
Ragini comes and takes hand sanskar and gives it to swara
Swara:Mere brother ki dulhan
Ragini jumbs in happiness
Swara notices sanskar who is kissing his hand whicy was kept above her hand
She gived a disgusting look

It was announced that swaragini team won the game

Kavitha goes away in anger
Just then swara got a call
Swara:haa….ur purse is above cupboard
Swara:probably with anu
After sometime she cut the call
Swara:from house
Rp:who all are there for u beta
Swara:chacha chachi lot of cousins bua mama mami maasi……
Kavitha (tauntingly) so ur parents
Swara:I dont have
Kavitha:lol…a orphan…
Swara just smiles
Swara; no kavitha…I have 2 mom..who care for me (she looks at ap and sujatha)a caring sister in law (pari) 2 dads (dp rp) that too frm this house
Kavitha:just be in ur limit servant
Ragini was about to say bt swara stops her

Engagement day

Its 6PM n it was da Tym for our
RagLak’s n engagement Cermony Entire
MM was Beautifuly Decorated n Appeared
Like a Royal Mansion Decorated fr the
Wedding of its Prince n Princess.All the
Guests were Almost Present n were
Appreciating the Arrangements n
Decorations Done by Maheshwaris n Were
Really Impressed.Inspite of Only Selected
People were Invited bt still da MM was
Decorated in a Royal Way widout any
Tension of Money
Soon engagement took place and laksh was on stage for singing a song for his beloved


Har Pal Meriyaan Yadaan
Yadaan Vich Ae Tun
Dil Di Gal Main Dassa
Te Dassa Fir Kinnu
Teri Meri, Meri Teri Ik Jind’di
Ik Jind’di What To Do
Jhoomu Main Naachu Main Gaaun Ke Likhun
Tere Liye Main Kya Karun
Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana
Dheere Dheere Se Dil Ko Churana
Tumse Pyaar Hume Hai Kitna Jaane Jaana
Tumse Mil Kar Tumko Hai Batana…

Singing fr Ragini who was Sitting there with swara with blush on her face

All goes well.swasan didnt talked much..and swara bids bye to all and leaves. .
Maheswary decided to make swara as their daughter in law

Mr mehta:how can u make her ur daughter in law…Infact she might be frm a law economic family.i knw she get seat in college in scholarship
Kavitha:not only that dad..even once it was ragini who gave her money…
Mr mehta:still u want her
Dp:its not about money..bt we have decided…

All goes to their respective rooms

Snskar was continuously thinking about swara with a wide smile on his face

sanskat remembers how he met swara during a deal with maheswaries.sanskar falls in love with her.it was probably love at first sight.after that he have many encounter with swara where he finds about her dream and all..swara even scolded him when she finds him wrong and care him when he gets hurt…sanskar said his feelings to swara bt she didn’t accept that…this hurted sanskar more….bt then he came to knw that she too loves him….he knws all about her so to make her accept her love he made a challenge
flashback ends

After a week

At a very big mansion…..

Small children where running here and there.all where very much happy….

A man of 45 comes
Man:janaki….get me my tea
A lady gives it
Lady (janaki):shekhar jii…I think u must talk about our new business deal with her
Shekar:bt janaki..

Just then a handsome boy comes there
Janaki:arjun beta
Arjun:maa where is shona
Shekar:started…because of ur love..she became so pampered……
Janaki:dont do any drama infront of me…urvashi….

Another lady comes there

Urvashi:haa di….
Janaki:shona kaha he
Urvashi:dont talk about her
Arjun:what happened bua
Urvashi:shona didnt eat food..I specially prepared for her
Shekar:dint worry urvashi…she is our pride..this house shona….she will never let us feel bad….she will surely come

Arjun takes a steel plate abd start to hit it

All family gather there

Arjun shekar janaki urvashi dida manu sahil adarsh…..

Arjun:today we are going to sign our new project with maheswary…so tonight there will be party…and I hope u all will take care naa…
Shekar:evn his family are also coming
Urvashi:I will prepare food
Janaki:mee decoration
Like that way all accepted their duty
At last arjun
Sahil:I will try to make shona accept
Manu:I dont think didi will come….how many parties were over..did she ever came
Manu:im sorry bhai….bt I cant see didi like this….I knw she hates party…bt atleast today she can come naa
Adarsh:manu…what happened…say it..u r hiding something

arsh:manu…what happened…say it..u r hiding something

Manu:today my friends will come..after seeing didi painting they all wanted to see her…bt she…
He sadly looks down
Sahil:mere…pyaari chottu..look naa..dont worry…no one will say anything…u bring ur frnds…..
Adarsh:wherr is shonaa
Urvashi:beta..guitar teaching
Sahil:even I forgot

All men started running and they goes near a box..and taked out their wallent and deposited full money in it….

Sahil arjun shekar dada all smiles
Shekar:it wil go to my shona dream
Sahil:haa mama..her dream of helping poor….

Al leaves

At night

Maheswary reaches there and was shocked to see the beauty of mansion
Shekar greated them…
Arjun sahil adarsh shake hands with sanskar and adarsh
Ragini kavitha ap sujatha parineeta were warm welcome by janaki urvashi sumi

Kavitha goes to take water

In kitchen:

Servant:betaa…I think this have gas leakage..plz check naa…..
A girl makes it ready..her dress was full messy and dirt because if the dust..
Hr back was only visible to kavitha….
The girl turns
Kavitha:shocked. ..SWARA..
later start to smile
Kavitha:so she is servant..nice……
She goes happily and gives this news to ladies..
They were also shocked
Ap:so what…we dont have any problem in it…
Swara goes near dining table and is shocked to find sansar there with a smirking face
Swara understand tht no one hve noticed her.she silently moves to the guest room..and sleeps there…
After sometime
The song was playing in high voice
Swara:anyone plz stip that blo*dy song

Manu goes and off the music player

Shekar:dont feel bad…actully she doesn’t like loud musics..
Dp:who is that
Shekar:my brothers daughter…..

(I think many of u must have guessed it in beginning)
Rp:the only daughter of ur whole family
Adarsh:she don’t like this..I must say…such a big family business and still
Arjun:its not like that…
She is simple yet have modern thoughts
She thinks being simple can make everything perfect
She is an example for mad girl as well as a abidient daughter
She is a naughty sister as well as a caring frnd…
Sahil:she scolds everyone like father but cares like a mother…she irritates like a brother and teases like a sister…..bt she loves everyone morethan anything…

All were kneely hearing about their talks…
Where as ap and sujatha open their mouth in shock and looks at Sanskar…..

Sujata:what kind of a girl u want
Snsar:im not interested
Ap:jist say naa
Snskkar:kk fine…bt u cant find her..because she ia only one no no she will be the only ine who have tbat qualities
Sujata; kkk fine…now say
Sanskar:kk listen….
(He remember swara and their meetings)
She should be simple yet modern…
She should Scold me like father if im wrong…and should care like my mother…she should tease me irritate me bt more she should love me and trust….she is mend all broken relationship…

Flashback ends

Sujatha:whats her name

All were chat chatting….
Ragini felt bored so she called swara
Ragini hears the ring tone
Ragini:is swara presented here….or ehat kavitha said is ryt…lets see
Swara:haa ragini…I thoughy u forget me after ur engagement
Ragini:evnu didnt call me naa
Swara; haa whatever
Ragini:are u sleeping
Swara:how can u guess it ryt
Ragini:because u r my swara
Swara laughs
Ragini:where are u
Swara:at home(fumbles)
Ragini:im at some bunglow…u knw swara…its really amazing…u should be here
Swara:ohh best….
Ragini:what happened
Swara:nothing mere haan…is ur brother there with u
Ragini:shall i give it to him
Ragini gives phone to sanskar
Sanskar:hello…hoe was my surprise
Swara:why are u doing this
Sanskar:let them knw….
Swara:whata the need for that
Sanskar:keep calm…u should come out…
Sanskar gives the phone to ragini
Kavitha thinks that something is there between them decided to plot against swara…

Swara without anyone notice comes to kitchen…kavitha witjout her noticr drops her ring in her pocket and keeps some money in her bag…..

After sometime
Kavitha started to scream
Someone stoled my ring and money
Janaki:all servants are good here…maybe u r mistaken…betaa….dont worry we will find that..now dont make an issue…after this we can search kk
Kavitha nodes….

Kavitha climbs upstairs
And sees a very large door and written that shona
She was about to open that when a security comes there
Secu:mam…plz..only this family have ryt to go chotti malkin room
Kavitha was angry and she finds swara entering another room….
She goes and stand at the door and finds sahil there….
She was looking him sensuously…..
Secu:mam…plz leave
Kavitha:what the hell
Secu:in this house there is some rules…and in sahil sabs room only chotti malkin have the ryt to enter…evn his mother dont have tat ryt
Kavitha:so u r doing this business too…that sending ur servants to that room

Suddenly kavitha gets a slap
She looks back and finds swara….
Swara:how dare u say so…atleast give him some respect naa…he is as old as ur father…
Kavitha now dragged swara and pushed her down frm the stairs….she falls and her head its sofa and it starts bleeding

All where shocked to see that…….
Manu runs to her
Janaki:kavitha (screams)
Kavitha:she stole my ring and money else chech her..u will find…..
Kavitha takes ring frm swara pocket….
Kavitha:see..she is the blo*dy theif….
Before she can complete she gets a slap frm sahil
And he gies to swara abd holds her…meanwhile arjun brings water and gives it to her

Shekar:mr durga prasad .u said ur children have all sorts of respect..now see what she did……
Kavitha:she have stolen my ring and money and she is such a low class girl that even she borrowed money frm ragini….
Swara stands still….
Kavitha:now she is trying to get sahil
Swara was shocked to here that….
Swara cries and runs to guest room and closes the door

After sometime
Swara opens the door, she has weared a long gown with little make up…..
Kavitha opened her mouth in shock
Shekar:today..im going to introduce u my champ..my daughter..This house pride…swara gadodia..our shonaa
All maheswary were shocked to hear that…bt sanskar smiles….
Arjun goes and hold her hand followed by all gadodia. Now its like a humain chain
Swara:haa ragini….
Ragini:u didn’t say this naa
Swara:u havnt asked
Arjun:miss kavitha…when our shona can buy a whole shop how can she stole ur so called ring…
Kavitha stands silent
Swara:kavitha dont worry..tat day itself I have transferred money to ragini account…raginii.do u remember tat day while checking ur cash, u found it increased. .actually I was ging to say about that bt u were busy..tats why
She keeps a puppy face
Al laughs at it

All talked each other and evn kavitha realised her mistake and ask forgiveness….

Sanskar messages swara
Swara just smiled….

After some days raglakand swasn marriage was fixed


Panditji was reciting mantras and everyone was
showering flowers on the couple.
Panditji then asked couples to rise for 7
pheras. In every phera swasan promised each
other of their togetherness and trust and
After the pheras got over panditji asked the
groom to fill sindoor in their wives head and
make them wear mangalsutra.
Both couple get separate cars to go so they
can have privacy
Swasan sit in car whrn sanskar kisses swara on
her cheeks
Swara “ kitne desperate ho na tum ?”
Sanskar pretends to be angry hearing this “ oh
mai desperate hun. Fine I am not touching you
now. Celebrate your first nigt alone”
And saying this he goes and sits with driver
but laughs in his mind
In maheswary swara enter the mansion with all ritual..
At night
Sanskar was desperately waiting for swara..at last….
Swara came out of washroom and as usual sanakar
just could not stop looking.swara was shy of trh
way sanakar was lookin at her. Hia intense look
was making her feel more vulnerable. she
Sanskar came near to her “there can be no one
more beautiful than you. you are stunning and
gorgeous. And you are mine”
Sanakar then hold her from her waist. Hwr
silky smooth touch made sanaka forget world
for a while. But that is what he wanted. To
remember only one.
He leaned upon her smooth rosy lips and
touched its tip to taste its honey like
sweetness. And then they kissed…
They kissed until their last bretahe and when
sanakar stopped for a second, swara was
blushing so much. She ran.It was much more passionating one…
Sanskar came behind her and stopped at a
diatance. He then smiled at her. And before
swara could understand anything
Her wet hair spreads
over her shoulder and chest.sanskar pulls all
her hair from one side to another . the touch
of his fingers on her wet shoulders burns her
from inside. his breathe on her ahoulder and
his warm kisses make swara restless.
Sanskar then turns swara to front . swara was
biting her lips. Sanskar makes her look into his
His wet messy hairs were rounding his cute
little face. Swara could see immense love for
her in his eyes. And also the desire to love her

They consumated them marriage. ….abd lives happily for rest for their lives being there for each other in every situations…..

swara looks at her 5 year old daughter who was hearing their story
swasany:mama..what was that challenge
sanskat:to make her accept she is shonaa infront of ur maasi chachi dadi…and all
swasany burst out In laughing
trio hugs…..

how was it guys…….plz dont firget to comment

Credit to: salluzz

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