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Swara woke up as usual before the alarm that morning too. But as she woke up she felt lighter like a heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She hated to admit it but it was because she had finally had the confrontation she needed. She sighed as she thought about Sanskar . “He might have even left until now.” She thought. She didn’t know why but her heartache grew ten times as she thought about him leaving.
Swara reached office and straightaway went to her cabin greeting everyone she met on her way. Swara didn’t know what she had been expecting but she was definitely not expecting to see Sanskar in her cabin that too sitting comfortably on the chair. As soon as Sanskar saw Swara he smiled widely, stood up and said, “Good morning Miss. Gadodia” Swara wondered what had happened that Sanskar was in such a good mood. But her confusion was soon cleared as she gave a look to her cabin. She gasped as she saw that none of her things in her cabin were the same. Almost all her belongings had been moved. She was still in shock when Sanskar spoke, “Oh I see that you noticed the cabin Miss. Gadodia. I had actually come a bit early and wanted to talk to you but you were not in your cabin and your cabin looked a bit untidy so I thought I would ‘clean’ it up a bit.” He said as a matter of fact.
Swara was pissed off hearing this and she knew this was exactly what he wanted to happen. But she wasn’t going to give in so easily. She gathered up all the remaining will power in her body as she said, “What did you want to talk about Mr. Maheshwari?” Sanskar could hear the anger in her voice and knew that her mask was just about to fall and all she needed was just a slight push. “Well, I thought that you would want to thank me first Miss. Gadodia.” He said with a smirk. This was it for Swara. “Urrrggg” she shouted, banging her fist on the table, making the pen stand fall scattering the pens on the floor. Sanskar beamed at this and did a happy dance in his mind as he knew he had finally won. She took a step towards him as she shouted, “San… arrhhh” she couldn’t complete her sentence as she stepped on a pen and slipped and was about to fall but her fall was broken as Sanskar put an arm around her waist to break her fall. It was after such a long time that Sanskar had touched her that both of them were numb for a second. They both locked gazes and could almost see all the beautiful moments they had spent together in each other’s eyes.
“SWARA” came Ragini’s voice from outside of the cabin, bringing both of them to their senses. They quickly composed themselves before Ragini came inside.
“Swara actually I had to ask you about the fil….” Ragini stopped in between as took in her surroundings. “Oh I am sorry Mr. Maheshwari I came here by mistake. I thought that this is Swara’s cabin.”
Sanskar smiled and said, “First of all Miss. Khanna please call me Sanskar an…” Ragini stopped him and said, “Please if you want me call you Sanskar then you will have to call me Ragini.”
“Ok Ragini” Sanskar said, “and no need to say sorry as this is swara’s cabin only.”

Really Swara tabiyat toh thek hai na” Ragini exclaimed, “ You know Sanskar Swara always keeps her files and other belongings on her desk only. She thinks that its just a waste of time to keep everything inside then pull it out again and now seeing her cabin so prim and proper I wonder kya hua.”
“Oh my god! Miss. Gadodia I am so sorry.” Sanskar said, not sounding sorry at all. “I really had no idea about this otherwise I would not have cleaned your desk.”
Swara was about to end this conversation but Ragini quickly gasped and said, “ Oh sweet lord! Sanskar you did this!! I guess you are the one and only person who is standing alive even after moving Swara’s things without her permission.” Sanskar chuckled and Ragini continued, “I cant believe how you are so calm till now Swara if I would have done such a thing I swear till now smoke would have been coming through your ears .” Both Sanskar and Ragini burst out laughing at this. Seeing both of them like that Swara couldn’t help but smile and not just her fake smile but her genuine smile which reached her eyes. Both Ragini and Sanskar noticed Swara smiling widely and they both couldn’t have been happier about that. Ragini had not seen Swara smile so genuinely in a long while and she knew that this was because of Sanskar. She had a feeling from the first day itself that there was something more to Sanskar than just the eyes met, she just couldn’t pinpoint it. She had been completely taken aback when the reporter mentioned about Swara and Sanskar being batch mates. Swara had always avoided talking about her college life and in front of the reporter too Swara had completely refused to acknowledge Sanskar but seeing Swara smile today a small hope instilled in Ragini’s heart that she would be able to get her old Swara back.
“Ragini that’s pure exaggeration, I do not react like that.” Swara said.
“Its ok Miss. Gadodia. I am sorry for what I did and I will not do it again. Now if you ladies will please excuse me, I cant sit and chat on my first day itself.” Sanskar said smilingly and then left.
That afternoon during the lunch time Swara and Ragini were sitting in the canteen, having their lunch when suddenly Sanskar came there with his own food.
“Hi” he said, “Actually Ragini I don’t like eating alone and I don’t actually know anybody here. So if you guys don’t mind can I join you?”
“Of course Sanskar please have a seat. Please don’t feel isolated you can always count upon me. And waise bhi you are Swara’s batch mate, so you can tell me about all her activities during your college days.” Ragini said winking at Sanskar.
They began having their lunch. Ragini and Sanskar were chatting about all sorts of things while Swara just managed to smile. Seeing Sanskar smile and chatter and behave so if everything was just so normal made her heartache. How she wished she too could talk to Sanskar that freely and behave as if nothing had happened. Having lunch with Sanskar made her mind wander to the beautiful memories of past which now seemed like a fairy tale.
The last paper of the term had ended and as a celebration Randhir, Sanyukta, Swara and Sanskar had gone out for lunch. Randhir had been all praises about a restaurant since ages and so they all had decided to give it a shot. But on arriving their they all were disappointed as the place had been deserted and their was no one in the restaurant except them.
“Oh God Randhir. This is your five star restaurant where you dying to eat. Huh!!. Seems like they have made special arrangements for you so that you can have your food in silence.” Sanyukta complained.
“Oh come on Sanyu don’t judge it without even tasting their food. I agree that the place is a bit deserted but the food here tastes really good. Believe me.” Randhir said.
“Yeah believe you. Once we all believed you and see you where you have landed us all. In this old rusty place where you cant even sit and order because they self service over here . Huh. Such a bad place.” Sanyukta said.

“Toh aise bolo na miss.lazy that you don’t want to take the effort of going over ordering then taking your food. Hai na?” Randhir said in an irritated tone.
“Hey don’t you dare call me lazy”
“And you..”
Swara sighed and looked at Sanskar. He shook his head and gestured for her to come with him to place their order. This wasn’t new for them. In fact both Swara and Sanskar were now so familiar with this that whenever they saw Randhir and Sanyukta fighting they didn’t even bother to ask them the matter. They simply left them alone knowing very well that in just a matter of few minutes both of them would patch up.
“ I cant believe how these two ever got together.” Sanskar said as he and Swara were waiting for their order at the counter, “I cant imagine how two people who fight so much can love each other so much.”
“Sanskar their fights too display their love. Aur mujhe pata hai chahe yeh donno kitna bhi lade they will have their happily ever after.” Swara said smiling brightly.
“What!! Happily ever after?” Sanskar asked.
“Umm yeah. As in fairy tales the prince meets the princess they fall in love, then marry and then happily ever after.” Swara said grinning like a child.
Sanskar laughed seeing her like this. “What?” Swara asked seeing him laughing.
“Nothing its just I cant believe that a girl like you who is practical and so ambitious about her dreams how can she be so childish, I mean you believe in fairy tales.” Sanskar said amused.
“No I don’t believe in fairy tales” Swara defended herself. “Its just that I know that everybody has a perfect partner” then she looked at Sanskar in the eye and added, “and I know that I have one too and that I will have my happily ever after with him.” Both of them were lost in each others eyes for a moment and were brought to the world by a voice telling them that their order is ready.
They took their respective trays and turned around to go to their table but just as they were about to step forward they saw that Sanyukta and Randhir were leaning very close to each other and their lips were just about to meet. Swara quickly turned around and stepped in front of Sanskar.
“What” Sanskar snapped.
“Hey they are kissing.” Swara said
Yeah I know and that’s why I am going there to remind them that this is a public place.” Sanskar said.
“But then you will see them kissing and you will spoil the moment. Its really a very beautiful moment which you just need to feel and not see.” Swara said this which such a strong belief and emotion that Sanskar couldn’t help but agree with her.
“You know Swara” Sanskar said, “Till now I used to think that you are just passionate and thoughtful about your dream but today I discovered that you are very much passionate about love too.” Swara blushed hearing that but Sanskar didn’t get time to notice it as at the same time Randhir called out to them asking them to come over.
“Wah tum donno bhi kamal ho one moment you are fighting and the next you are kissing. So fast guys.” Sanskar teased them as they all started to eat.
Sanyukta blushed hard at that and then Swara too started pulling her leg, “ Well Randhir, Sanyukta I think you both don’t need any deserts. Because they say na that makeups are the sweetest things and seeing the amount of fights and makeups you have in one day I guess you both have enough sweet in your life.”
“Swara jitna majak udana hai uda lo. Kuch hi dino baad meri bari hogi.” Randhir said winking at Sanskar.
“Kya matlab?” Swara asked.
“Arey who bahut jald h.. arrggghhh” Randhir shouted as Sanskar stamp on his foot.
“What are you saying?” Swara asked oblivious of what Sanskar did.
“Nothing Swara. Randhir aise hi bak bak kar raha hai.” Sanskar said.

Swara sighed as she opening her file. She was so lost in the reliving the moments of past that she didn’t even remember finishing her lunch and coming back to her cabin. She closed her eyes and took deep breath. “Swara” she said to herself, “this is your life now. Okay. Sanskar isn’t going anywhere and you will now have to learn to work with him. You are strong Swara and no one can control you not even Sanskar . So from tomorrow you are not gonna let his presence affect you and only then will you be able to move on.”

First of all thank you so much guys for all your love and support and then I am sorry for posting late and so to make up for that I wrote a long epi . I know this is not very long but it is the longest among all my Epi. This Epi is kind of cheesy and I really hope that you guys will like it and if don’t then please let me. Also I want to ask you guys whether you want to see some emotional moments in the upcoming Epi or do you want me to write some romantic past or any other specific request is also welcome. Just keep commenting and supporting me. It really means a lot.??

Credit to: Aniya

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