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After yesterday’s confrontation Sanskar knew that talking to Swara is not going to help so instead he had some other things in his mind. He smirked as he thought about his plan. That morning the watchman at Karma industries was woken up rudely from his morning slumber by an angry Sanskar who gave him last warning. Sanskar entered the deserted office and straightaway went to Swara’s cabin. He smiled as he gave a look to the cabin. It was just the way he had expected. He went towards the desk and sighed seeing it, “When will you grow up Swara.” He exclaimed shaking his head , “When will you understand that the desk is not the place for the files and that these pens should be inside this pen stand. Still too much work left .” sanskar said as he saw the rest of the cabin, “But this work is gonna be worth it.” Sanskar smiled deviously as he remembered his college days.

A couple of months had passed and the initial fun period of the college was over and everybody was focusing on their studies. Till now Sanskar and Swara had not only grown to like each other’s company but also feel the need for it. Both of them hadn’t realised their feelings for each other. One evening Sanskar was trying to finish a project but was spectacularly failing to do so. At last he gave up, “Enough, I cant do it” he said throwing up his hands. “I need help but who will help me. Randhir and Sanyukta have not finished their own project and I can’t ask Swara. Not after how I scoffed yesterday saying that I can do this on my own. Hell Sanskar you are such idiot.” Sanskar paced around his room thinking about which was more dreadful – not submitting the project on time and risking failure or begging to Swara to help him . He eventually decided that the second option was better. He looked at the clock it was 6 p.m. swara would be in her room sanskar thought , “Now all I have to do is sneak into the girls hostel, then go to Swara’s room without getting caught and then beg her to help me out. Phew”

Sanskar somehow managed to sneak into Swara’s room without being caught but to his dismay there was no one in the room. He looked around the room inspecting it. This was the first time he had entered their room, he thanked his stars that he had at least remembered the room no. The room was very much like his own with two beds and two study tables and a small cupboard. He noticed that one of the beds and table was neat while the other one looked like the person to whom it belonged had left in hurry. Curiosity took the better of him and he went near the table which was neat. He was surprised to find Sanyukta and Randhir’s photo on the table with one more photo of Sanyukta’s with two other people who seemed to be her parents. “Whoa if this neat one is Sanyukta’s then it means that this untidy one is Swara’s.” sanskar exclaimed pointing towards the respective tables.

“She really doesn’t seem the kind of girl to have her things messed up. She must have left in a hurry. Wait what if I cleaned her table for her. Yes!! Then she would be happy and then maybe I wouldn’t have to persuade her that much to help me out. Good one Sanskar.” Sanskar started arranging her things. He closed her books and placed them neatly, kept her pens, pencils and other stationary in their proper place. Then proceeded to make up her bed. At last after half an hour everything in that room seemed neat. Swara’s side of the room now seemed veey much like Sanyukta’s now that Sanskar had cleaned it. Just as Sanskar thought that everything seemed perfect did Sanyukta and Swara entered the room.

“Arey Sanskar tum yaha….” Swara started but stopped in between as she took in the view of her room.
“Oh my God!!!” Sanyukta exclaimed.
Sanskar looked at her quizzically because she seemed shocked and was looking at Swara with fear. Sanskar glanced at Swara and instinctively took a step back . He had expected to see her at least happy if not grateful that he had cleaned her room but instead she seemed downright furious. Swara looked at Sanyukta the question obvious in her eyes. Sanyukta shook her head and Swara looked at Sanskar and then in a dangerously low voice said, “Sanskar Maheshwari did you move my things from my table without my permission.” She said adding emphasis to the word ‘my’
“I actually… I thought that you left your room in a hurry so I cleaned it for you.” Sanskar said timidly.
“You are gone dude.”Sanyukta whispered in his ear.

“Clean!!!” Swara shouted, “Whatever do you mean by that? Why do you think that the room was messed up.”
“Shh swara calm down.” Sanskar tried to placate Swara down, “woh ….woh the books were lying open and your clothes were on the bed so…so I thought to tidy it down. You know.”
Sanskar looked at Sanyukta for help but she just shook her head and gave him a look that said ‘it was the worst thing you could say.’

“What kind of logic is that. The books were on the table with the pens and pencils because I was going to work once I come back. The clothes were on the bed because I was going to wear them tomorrow . Why to put all these inside only to remove it back. And what do you mean by it was not clean. It was not as if I had thrown garbage over here.” Swara said as if it was the most obvious thing. Sanskar stood there bewildered listening to all this. He was sure that Swara had gone nuts but knew better than to speak in between.
But being oblivious to what was going on in Sanskar’s head Swara continued, “Just because you couldn’t get this simple logic in your head Sanskar you went ahead and moved my personal things without my permission, hell permission toh door ke baat you moved my things without my knowledge. Do even have one bit of manners? Do you even know that you shouldn’t touch a girls’ possessions without her permission.” Swara’s pitch increased frightening Sanskar even more.
“Swara I promise I didn’t even see any of your personal stuff, its just that….” Sanskar tried to defend himself.

“Urrgggg Sanskar Maheshwari.” Swara shouted banging her fist on the table.
Sanskar jumped hearing the anger in her voice, he was ready to sprint through the door now fully convinced that Swara had lost it. “swara calm down” sanyukta said coming to rescue sanskar, “swara you na how idiotic these boys can be. Just leave him. Let him go.”
Sanskar glared at Sanyukta wanting to question her that on what basis was she insulting the entire men race when it was her female friend who was behaving insanely but one look at Swara and he knew it was better to keep mum. He slowly started to move towards the door when Swara stopped him.
“Ruko” swara said, “why did you even come here in the first place?”
“Woh … woh actually I needed your help with that project.” Sanskar said in a low voice looking at his shoes refusing to meet Swara’s eyes.

“Oh wow” swara said smirking, “Sanyukta did somebody just said that he needs my help. I think that I heard wrong because as far as I remember somebody had said very proudly yesterday that he doesn’t need anybody’s help and can do his work on his own. I am right na sanskar.” Swara said raising an eyebrow.
“Swara…swara actually I am..umm I am sorry about that. Please” sanskar said pulling the most apologetic expression as he could. He looked at Sanyukta for help but she seemed to be making a really hard effort to control her laughter.

“I already knew this was going to happen and so I was going to help you after helping Sanyukta and Randhir” sanskar’s face turned hopeful listening to swara’s words but before he could say something Swara continued, “I said I ‘was’ going to help you Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari but after this pathetic deed of yours you really need to be punished and your punishment is that I am not going to help you with this project not today not tomorrow not ever.” Swara said in a no argument voice.
“Le beta Sanksar kaha tum Swara ko khush karne chale the aur kaha usse aur gussa dila deya” sanskar said to himself, then said to Swara in pleading voice, “Swara please atlea…”
“Get lost!!!” swara shouted and it was all that it took for Sanskar to run out of the room.

Sanskar grinned as he remembered the dozens of sorrys and chocolates he had required to make Swara talk to him again. Back then he would have done anything to ensure that she would never be that angry on him again but now he would do anything to make her angry upon him. He smiled at his own realization. Now that Swara was acting as if he was a stranger Sanskar just wanted to show her any emotion towards him and did not care even if that emotion was anger. He sighed as he looked around the cabin. It was neat actual neat and not what Swara would call neat. He smiled as he just thought about Swara’s reaction after seeing the room. “Let’s see how would you still maintain that fake mask of yours after seeing this Swara.”

So guys how was it? As some of you had asked for cute flashback scenes between swasan I showed it in this Epi. Hope you guys would like it. Till now I had just shown swara as prim and proper so thought that for a change I will show fussy side of her. So now what do you think will swara get angry on Sanskar? Or will she be able to maintain her calm personality? I will show more cute swasan scenes both in fb and present time. Tell me do you like this idea or not.??

Credit to: Aniya

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  7. Beautiful part dear..? I think she’ll get angry but will maintain her calm personality infront of sanky.. This is just my guess.. ?
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