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Reporter- Miss. Gadodia how do feel like after reuniting with Mr. Maheshwari after five years?
Both Swara and Sanskar were baffled hearing this . Swara was dumbstruck and lost her voice for some time. After some time she managed to say , “What do you mean by that?”
Reporter – Miss. Gadodia both of you had been batch mates in C.O.E.K. college, so meeting after 5 years must be kind of reunion for both of you. So how do you feel about it?

Both swara and sanskar breathed a sigh of relief hearing that. Sanskar was about to say something but Swara was faster and she answered, “Yes it is true that Mr. Maheshwari and I had been batch mates but I personally believe that one mustn’t mix his/her personal and professional life and so now here in this office we just have a professional relationship and I don’t think of it as any kind of reunion.

Though his face was devoid of any emotion, Sanskar’s heart clenched hearing Swara’s words. He hadn’t been foolish enough to think that Swara would acknowledge their relationship in public but he had at least expected her to say of him as a friend. But Swara’s words just reminded Sanskar that this is not going to be an easy battle to win.

After the conference everyone decided to call it off for the day. Swara decided to quickly move out before she had to answer anybody’s question especially Ragini’s but Sanskar was quicker, he followed Swara out to the parking lot. There was nobody there and taking opportunity of the situation Sanskar grabbed Swara and dragged her to a corner.

Swara – What the hell!!!!
Sanskar – Well I think that should be my line
Swara – Really? I don’t think that. Anyways I have to go.
Swara tries to go but Sanskar pushes her towards a car and pins her there.
Swara – Just let me go otherwise I will shout.
Sanskar chuckled in a mocking way and said – Really? Acha go ahead and shout let everyone gather here but wait a minute what will say to everyone when they ask that why did Mr. Maheshwari drag Miss. Gadodia here. Huh? What is our relationship? We just have a professional relationship here right? Seeing Swara silent sanskar continued, “ Ab kya hua abhi toh tum chilaane wali thi na. Huh …. Toh ab kyu chup ho?

Swara – So what did you expect me to say? That how during the college days the great Sanskar Maheshwari had dated an ordinary girl Swara Gadodia.
Sanskar was about to speak up but swara cut him and said, “Or did you want me to say that how that ordinary girl broke up with him.”
Sanskar – Swara 5 saal pure 5 saal ho gaye hai uss baat ko aur tabse aisa ek din bhi nahi gujara jab meine tumse sorry kahana na chaya ho. Everyday I have felt guilty about it swara. You say what should I do that you can forgive that one mistake of mine.

Swara – You feel guilty about what you did every single day right? But you know what I feel that I had taken the right decision every single day because I know that it would have never worked out. After all that happened it would never have been the same.

Sanskar looked into her eyes and he knew that she was telling truth. He knew that despite of being miserable, swara still thought that her decision was right.
Sanskar – Swara do you think that a decision that has given you so much pain was the right decision? Swara opened her mouth to say something but sanskar continued, “No don’t you dare say that you are happy because I know that you are not. We both can be this professional CEO and the famous businessman around each other but I know and deep inside your heart you too know that we both are still acting just like we used to do back in college and that nothing has changed neither our personalities nor our feelings.

Swara couldn’t take it anymore. She closed her eyes to drink back her tears that were threating to spill out. She couldn’t figure out whether she should be happy that Sanskar had still not forgotten their little moments together or should be sad because it could not take back whatever he did. Sanskar sensed Swara opening up which was exactly what he wanted, to know what was going on within her, and he continued, “Swara this thing is making us both miserable. I can see the hollowness in your eyes and I hate myself for it because I know that I am the reason for it, I know that because of me we are not together anymore. But I have realised my mistake and don’t you think I have been punished enough for that swara? I have missed you I really have and I know that you have too. Swara you know that this walking alone is giving both of us misery so why don’t you give me a second chance Swara? Why don’t you give us a second chance?
Swara – Enough enough Mr. Maheshwari. You want me to not be miserable right? Then there is this one thing you can do. Just go back Mr. Maheshwari just go away from my life. What do you think that all these years I have been crying about our breakup but let me remind you that in these 5 years I have worked hard and achieved this position on which I am today. I might have been in pain but my life has never been on a standstill instead I have grown from the innocent, naïve girl to smart and confident CEO. And don’t even think about a second chance Mr. Maheshwari. I know where this will eventually go . We will be together again, we will again have a good time together and then again there will be lack of trust and then again….” Swara took a deep breath and then continued, “I have gone through all this once and as people say once bitten twice shy. I cant fall in the same pit again. There will be no such thing as a second chance so I think it will be better for both you and I that you go away Mr. Maheshwari”

Saying this Swara went away and this time Sanskar didn’t stop her. He just saw her going away as he realized something.
Sanskar (to himself) – I won’t back off so easily Swara, at least now I know that talking to you is not going to help. I should have realised earlier that you are too stubborn for that but I am more stubborn than you Swara I will take my second chance because I know that no matter what you say we are meant to be together but before that I have to repair what I broke and that’s you Swara. I will first bring back the old Swara. that bubbly , young girl with eyes full of hope, the girl with whom I fell in love and only after that will I have my second chance. So get ready to shed this mask swara kyuki kal se mera har ek kadam purani swara ko wapas lane ke liye hoga.

So guys how was the epi? And sorry because I promised that I would post yesterday but I didn’t. I needed to build up my ideas to write. Also guys from nxt week my college is going to start so I will be able to post on alternate days only. So I will post the next Epi day after tomorrow. Till then tell me what you would like to see ahead in the story. I have some ideas but I also want you guys to share your thoughts with me. So guys if you want to see something particular to happen in the story then please fell free to tell me your ideas and I will try my best to put them in the story.

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