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Sanskar’s POV
After my little speech Mr. Mehta asked me to come to his cabin or I should now say my cabin. As I entered the cabin I saw that Swara was also present there. I suddenly stood a bit more straight. “What the hell!” I mentally shouted at myself. I put all my effort to refrain from frowning. “Why am I more aware of myself when she is around me? Urgghh this is so not done.” I mentally face palmed myself to calm down.
Then Mr. Mehta said, “Mr. Maheshwari I and Swara were discussing about how we should disclose this news of our companies’ merger to the press. What would you say in this matter?”
I slightly rubbed my chin as I analysed the situation and then said, “ Mr. Mehta I think that a press conference would be the best. It may sound a little extravagant but if this news is released on a bigger platform it is just going to be beneficial for the company. No offence but the Maheshwari industries is a bigger brand than the Karma Industries and so I think that this news will have a positive boost in our stocks.”
I was confused to see Mr. Mehta’s reaction. He appeared to be surprised and…amused! My confusion was cleared when said, “Wow, Mr. Maheshwari I must say I am amused to hear you say that. Not because I disagree with it but because swara here said the same thing to me before you came. Seeing how similar your opinions are I must say that you both would really do well together.” I smiled brightly at that and my smiled grew even wider after seeing swara’s reaction. She seemed to be trying hard to not roll her eyes. I somehow managed not to smirk at that.
Swara’s POV
As soon as we had agreed upon a time for the press conference I excused myself and quickly went to my cabin. I sat down and sighed deeply. “Oh god I cant go on working like this. I cant let Sanskar affect me this much.” I placed my head between my palms and rested it on my desk, trying to collect my thoughts and get ready for the conference. I didn’t even here the door opening, I looked up when I heard Sanskar’s voice.
“Swara” he said his voice barely above a whisper.
I didn’t know from when Sanksar had been standing there watching me. I quickly composed myself, stood up and said, “Mr. Maheshwari. I am sorry I didn’t hear you coming. Do you need something?”
He closed his eyes in pain as if my words had stung him.“Swara please…” He began to say but I cut him in between, “I would appreciate if you would refer to me as Miss. Gadodia”
Even I was surprised with the amount of bitterness in my voice. I thought that this would be the end of the conversation but I was wrong. Sanskar banged his fist loudly on my desk, making me jump. He then quickly moved towards me and held me by my shoulder, he looked angry, hurt , sad and frustrated all at the same time. He was about to say something but he was cut by a loud knock on the door. He let go off my shoulder and I moved aside. I quickly composed myself and asked the person to come in. The peon came in and said that Mr. Mehta had called me and Sanskar for the press conference. I nodded at him and then without glancing at sanskar went outside.
Soon I found myself sitting in front of the reporters along with Mr Mehta and Sanskar. Mr Mehta had announced the deal between the Karma industries and the Maheshwari Group of Industries and now we were answering the questions of the reporters. I glanced at Sanskar as he was answering the questions ,he was sitting upright with a stern look on his face ,his voice was calm but commanding at the same time. Seeing him in this business man mood I remembered an incident from the past.
It had been 2 months since I had moved to Kolkata to my new college. I remember at first I was very afraid of the idea of joining a new college in the second year . I had known nobody in Kolkata and was afraid that I would not make any friends but all my worries vanished after I met Sanyuktha she was my roommate and a very bubbly girl. She introduced me to her friends Sanskaar and Randhir. I soon bonded with them and started spending most of my time with them. As Randhir and Sanyukta were in a relationship I and Sanskar usually ended up together. I soon came to know that Sanskar was very famous in the college especially among the girls as he was The Sanskaar Maheshwari son of the famous businessman Durga Prasad Maheshwari but he was not quite like the person had expected him to be. He was not a spoilt brat, instead he was very cool . One day as I was going towards the library I heard someone calling my name , “Swara” the voice said again I turned around to find Sanskar standing with kavita our classmate. Seeing him with Kavita I felt my heart clench but I ignored it.
“Swara” Sanskar said and came towards me, “at last I found you where have you been I’ve been searching for you. You only said that you need my help with the project but now when I am free you were nowhere to be found.”
I looked at him confused but he was pleading me with his eyes to continue with his lie , “ oh yes I completely forgot about it.”I said
“OK kavita bye I will meet you later” he said to kavita and then practically dragged me from there
“hello what’s going on” I said as we sat down the study space
“I am so sorry Swara” Sanskar said “ actually that Kavita was bothering me and I was desperate to get away from her and so I had to lie like that.”
I tried to supress my laughter as I saw Sansakr irritated at kavita . “You think this is funny” sanskar said sarcastically
This was it for me, I burst out laughing “what?” Sanskar said now angry
“Nothing it’s just you look so cute when you are irritated” I said pulling his cheek.
He smiled at that. “But seriously yaar this kavita is so chipku. Why doesn’t she ever leave me alone.” He complained.
“Well Mr. Maheshwari there are some negative points of being the son of The Durga Prasad Maheshwari .” I said.
“Tell me what are the perks?” he said.
Well there are many. First of all you get to see the corporate world without actually entering it. You get to have first hand experiences on ‘ how to handle your business’ from your own father also” I added in a lighter tone, “You get to be the most famous boy of the college”
He rolled his eyes and said, “Oh please. I sometimes feel you should have been born in my family instead of me. You anyways have this die heart dream of leading a company. It would suite you better than me.”
“Nah, its not like that. Yes I want to lead a company but I don’t want to jump onto that position. I want to start from the scratch, I want to be at the top but I also want experience the life as a mere employee of the company, I want to lead not because of some heritage but because I made myself capable of becoming that by learning from my mistakes.” My eyes shone and my voice boomed as I spoke about my dream, my passion. It was the first time I was sharing my thoughts in such depth with anyone.
“You really live for your dream right?” Sanskar said.
I nodded my head. Then to make the atmosphere light I said, “Aur waise bhi I am glad that I am not at your place because when I will be the CEO of some company I would like to meet you in some business meeting and say something like this” I sat up straight and extended my hand and said in a stern voice, “It is nice to meet you Mr. Maheshwari”
“Well the pleasure is mine Miss. Gadodia” he said in the same tone shaking my hand.
“Wow Sanskar you really sounded like a businessman” I said.
“Really?” he asked. I nodded and then continued with the drama, “So what do you think about this deal Mr. Maheshwari?”
“I think that the deal is on Miss. Gadodia until you promise to save me from Kavita Everytime I ask” he said and we both burst into laughter.
I smiled sadly as I remembered how carefree we had been. Little did I know back then that one day we would really be meeting each other professionally in the same way, addressing each other with titles.
“Miss. Gadodia” a reporter said breaking my trail of thoughts. “My next question is for you.” She said. I nodded my head as sign for her to go on.
“Miss. Gadodia” she said , “how do you feel like reuniting with Mr. Maheshwari after five years.”
WHAT!!!!! I was baffled. Reuniting with Mr. Maheshwari. How come she knows about us. I looked at Sanskar and he looked equally shocked. I opened my mouth to speak but my voice betrayed me. For the first time in my life I was at a loss for words.
So guys how was the chapter. I am so sorry I was busy so I couldn’t post yesterday. In this chapter I tried to show how Swasan bonded in the past and also about Swara’s dream. And coming back to the present what do you think Swara will do now? Comment and tell me your views about what Swara should do in this situation.??

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