Swasan- Will love blossom again? Epi 4

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Swara’s POV

Why does my life has to be this complicated ? I thought as I was applying makeup to hide my red puffy eyes. I sighed as I finished getting ready. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was looking good. Now that wear formals everyday I feel like they are a part of my life. But back then during our college days whenever I had to wear formals I just used to feel so awkward but Sanskar would always praise me, I remember he always used to say, “Swara tum bhi na aise hi darr rahe ho. You look so great in formals that I think you should wear it everyday. Say it my imagination or something but you really look complete in these clothes and it gives a different kind of glow to your face.” I sighed thinking about him. No swara no this is not right. Sanskar is your past. Past swara past. This is not right, you cant keep thinking about him swara. Today you will meet him and he will only be the owner of the company where you work and nothing else. I took a deep breath as I tried hard to keep the tears from spilling away. I am brave, I can do this. Yes I can do this, I will not go weak after seeing him. Yes I can and I will do it. I said to myself fully determined.
Sanskar’s POV

Till yesterday I was super excited to meet Swara. But today I was hell nervous. Yesterday didn’t seemed to be fruitful as I had done nothing but think about swara and how her life might have changed in these past 5 years. I knew she was not married as everyone seemed to refer to her as Miss and not Mrs. But that does not mean she didn’t even have a boyfriend I thought and then groaned in frustration as I threw another shirt on the bed. I looked at my bed, almost all shirts and ties that I owned were lying there. I just couldn’t decide what I should wear and my nerves and all these horrifying thoughts weren’t making the job any easier. At last I ended up wearing a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie and grey with black coloured blazer and pants. As I sat in the car I started taking deep breaths in order to clam myself. I focused on all our happy memories. After what seemed like hours we finally arrived at the Karma Industries head office. As I entered the office a women with a bouquet greeted me and I barely managed to nod in response. I noticed that the entire staff had come to meet but my eyes only wanted to see one person whom I couldn’t find. Mr. Mehta then came to greet me.

“Ah! Mr. Maheshwari nice to see you. All my staff has been eager to meet you. First of all I would like to introduce you the CEO Miss. Swara Gadodia.” He said and then at last she came and stood before me. My heart skipped a beat as I saw her. She was a white shirt with grey trousers and a matching blazer, she had tied her hair in a high pony tail. I had always believed that she had looked just stunning in formal clothes and today I felt my belief going all the more strong. I noticed that she still had that piercing look in her eyes as she locked gaze with me but over the years something in those eyes had changed. It no longer contained the mirth and innocence that I was familiar with. These eyes had a cold, distant look in them. Its said that eyes are the window to one’s soul but I felt like swara had placed a wall between her eyes and the soul so that when anybody looked into those eyes he could just see emptiness.

I couldn’t help but wonder if her soul would be just as empty as her eyes were. But whatever she might be feeling she stood tall as always. I was not at all surprised at that, swara was the kind of woman who had always had an air of confidence. It was one of her qualities which I admired the most. But something had changed about her aura, it no longer just had the air of confidence but also contained an air of authority and command which I knew she had attained because of the great heights that she had attained in these years. After what seemed like infinity, she said “Its pleasure meeting you Mr. Maheshwari.” It took all the will power in my body to not flinch when she referred to me using title and it was not just the title that she used but also her voice which seemed so formal, so ….distant. And then with all the remaining power that I had I said, “its nice meeting you too Miss. Swara Gadodia.”
Swara’s POV

“It’s a pleasure meeting you Mr. Maheshwari.” I said trying to keep my voice as formal as I could. He seemed to stiffen a bit when I referred him with a title. I was never more proud of myself to have mastered the ability to hide my emotions. “Its nice meeting you too Miss. Swara Gadodia” He said and smiled. It was the kind of smile which reached one’s eyes and make them twinkle in pleasure. It was more like gesture in which you just move your lips to form a curve. I was familiar with that smile it was the one which I kept plastered on my face whenever I was at work. As I locked my eyes with his I realised that those beautiful hazel orbs seemed different, they no longer contained the boyish charm nor those mischiefs instead they seemed very….old. Though his body and face didn’t seem to have aged even one day, his eyes seemed to have aged years. I realised that matureness in his eyes didn’t come from the passing of five years instead they came from the innumerable experiences that he had had in those years. I remembered about his father’s death and realised how much responsibility would have been placed on his shoulders overnight.
Third person’s POV

After Mr. Mehta introduced Sanskar to Swara he began introducing him to other people. When he introduced him to Ragini, Sanskar thought that he had heard the name somewhere. “Ragini Khanna, Raaginii Khanna” Sanskar repeated the word in his mind but couldn’t recollect exactly where he had heard the name. He eventually let it go and made a mental note to think about it later. Mr. Mehta noticed that everyone was really happy meeting Sanskar and hoped that this atmosphere remained permanent. After sanskar had been introduced to everyone he turned towards everybody and said, “Good morning Ladies and Gentleman. I believe that now each one of you at least know that my name is Sanskar Maheshwari .” There were a few chuckles across the room, after which he continued, “But I think that you all are now a part of my family and I think as family members you all ought to know me better.

I am the owner of The Maheshwari Group of Industries and now also the proud owner of Karma Industries. My father Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari had started the former company some 30 years back and after his demise 3 years earlier I have been leading it. My mother Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari stays in Kolkata along with my younger brother Laksh Maheshwari and just as an extra piece of information I would also like to add that I am single.” He said this and winked. More giggles filled the room and Sanskar moved his eyes towards swara to see her reaction at this but to his disappointment Swara had maintained an unreadable expression and looked anywhere but at Sanskar. “So this was all about me and I hope to know you all better in future . I hope you all will show the same amount of love and trust as you have with Mr. Mehta and hope that you all will co operate with me for making our company achieve new heights by working with the same zeal and enthusiasm as you have been till now. Thank You.” The crowd burst in applause as Sanskar finished his little speech and Sanskar beamed as he knew he had won the hearts of all of them. Well all of them except one and he was determined to win that heart soon too.

So guys swasan finally met ??. Guys according to the story they had loved each other deeply and so when after 5 years they met I thought it was necessary to show how they analyse the changes in each other. I hope you didn’t find the long descriptions boring. I promise that the next Epi will be more exciting. Till then tell me your views about this Epi.

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