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Here I come Swara. Thinking this Sanskar got out of the car expecting to stand in front of head office of Karma Industries but instead he was standing in front of a huge bungalow. It was classy light yellow coloured bungalow with a nice lawn in front of it . It was much like sanskar’s taste but he was not paying attention to it. He instead frowned and said , “Mr. Roy where are we? Weren’t we supposed to go to The Karma Industries?” Mr. Roy seemed a little taken aback by the question but he quickly answered , “Sir I guess you have a little misunderstanding there. Mr. Mehta had asked us to meet him at his home.” Of course Mr. Mehta would do that Sanskar thought it was stupid of him to think that Mr. Mehta would call him in his office in front of all his employees before their deal got official . But still his heart crashed to think he would not be able to meet his swara. But nevertheless now sanskar just closed all the thoughts of swara and braced himself as he put on his businessman mood and walked with Mr. Roy to the front gate. A servant opened the door and led them in to a room which looked like a meeting room. The room had whitewashed walls and a big table with chairs placed on either side of it. It had a projection screen on one end. Mr. Mehta must be doing a lot of work from home thought sanskar. Just then Mr. Mehta entered the room.

Mr. Mehta – Mr. Maheshwari. Its good to see you.
He forwarded his hand
Sanskar (Shaking his hand) – Nice to meet you too Mr. Mehta.
Sanskar and Mr. Mehta then started negotiating about the various aspects. Sanskar found that Mr. Mehta was not a person who could be easily convinced but nevertheless Sanskar too was a good businessman and moreover his negotiations were fair so at last they were able to get on a conclusion and finalized the deal.
Mr. Mehta – Mr. Maheshwari I am glad to give my company in such fine hands or now I should say your company.
Sanskar – Mr. Mehta I am glad that we work out this deal. I am looking forward to working with Karma Industries and your staff which I have heard are quiet efficient.
Mr Mehta – Ahh yes! My staff. Yes they are very hardworking and dedicated towards their work. Especially my CEO Miss. Swara Gadodia, she is really a hardworking and talented young lady. I am really going to miss working with this lot.
Mr. Mehta smiled sadly and was so lost in his own emotions that he missed the flicker of pain on Sanskar’s face when he mentioned Swara’s name. But Sanskar didn’t allow himself to dwell upon swara’s thoughts. He immediately said, “So Mr. Mehta now that this deal is officially finalised when do you think we should release this news in the market?
Mr. Mehta – Mr. Maheshwari tonight I am going to have a small farewell party during which I will be telling my staff about this and then I think that tomorrow you should officially meet them and only after that I think we should release this news.
Sanskar’s heart sank listening to this. He had half decided to ask Mr. Mehta that could he possibly meet his staff during the party itself but then thought about how inappropriate it would be. So before he could do anything that he would regret later Sanskar quickly excused himself and left with Mr. Roy. Sitting in the car Sanskar just thought about how long the rest of the day is going to be before finally he could meet Swara the next day.

Swara’s POV
Tonight is Mr. Mehta’s farewell party and as always Ragini was super excited as she always is for any party. I was looking in the mirror giving a few final touches to my makeup when Ragini arrived. She had worn a dark blue coloured knee length dress and had left her hair open. She was looking really pretty.
Ragini – Wow swara! You are looking so pretty. I swear if would have been a boy I would have been totally smitten by you.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had worn wine red floor length gown with pearl accessories and had pulled my hair into a bun. I was indeed looking beautiful. Without meaning to I started thinking what would Sanskar’s reaction be if he would see me like this. But I quickly brushed off those thoughts I couldn’t dwell upon his thoughts so instead I said to ragini , “You don’t look too bad yourself” “I toh always look beautiful” Ragini mocked by flicking her hair over her shoulder. We both giggled and then left for the party.

The party was not too loud nor too plain just perfect according to the circumstances. I , Ragini and other important members of staff gave short speech about their experiences of working with Mr. Mehta and wished him good luck for his life ahead. Mr. Mehta also then spoke about his journey of transforming Karma industries from a local name to an international brand. After his speech Mr. Mehta came up to where all the members of the board were standing he also signalled me and Ragini to join him. As we joined them Mr. Gupta raised his glass and said, “Ladies and gentlemen lets raise a toast for Mr. Mehta and the blissful future that waits ahead for him.” We all raised a toast and then Mr. Mehta said, “Thank You all. Now as I know you all will be eager to know who the new owner is. I was purposefully being secretive about it as didn’t want to give any of you false hopes before everything was finalised. So ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce that the new owner of Karma Industries is Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari who is also the owner of Maheshwari Group of Industries.

My heart skipped a beat as I heard that. I heard a ‘clank’ and realised that the glass I was holding was lying on the floor broken into a hundred pieces. Just like my heart I thought. I looked around and saw that everybody was looking at me I just apologized and then asked a waiter to clear the mess and said, “I am so sorry Sir I was clumsy but yes you were saying about Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. But as far as I remember Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari is the owner of the Maheshwari Group of Industries.” Again everybody looked taken aback and Mr. Mehta said , “No my dear. Dp was the owner but after his demise 3 years earlier his son Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari is the owner and I must admit that he is really a talented businessman.” I flinched slightly hearing that I always had been the one who knew every smallest detail related to the business world so it was quiet a surprise to everybody that I didn’t knew this but not to me. All these years whenever I had come across the name Maheshwari in any newspaper or Tv I quickly changed the topic fearing. I also felt sad for sanskar I knew sanskar had been really close to his father and it must have been really hard for him. But I somehow composed myself and asked the question that had been lingering in my mind after hearing Sanskar’s name, “I am sorry Sir that information must have slipped through my mind. By the way you said that Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari has bought over our company but surely he won’t be leading our company. I mean he will probably send some other associate maybe his younger brother laksh maheshwari.” I despertely prayed that what I said come true but crashing all my hopes Mr. Mehta said, “ Well this is one thing which even I found surprising even I was thinking along the same lines as you Swara. But no Mr. Maheshwari himself came today to seal the deal and he made it quiet clear that he would be handling business in Mumbai only for sometime.” Mr. Mehta then began speaking about the details of the deal but I had stopped listening. Thousands bitter sweet memories started clouding my mind along with a million of horrifying thoughts I was so overwhelmed by all this that I suddenly lost my balance and clung on to Ragini for support. Everybody’s attention shifted towards me and ragini immediately said , “Swara are you alright?” Mr. Mehta too asked me if I was alright. I quickly composed myself and said , “Sir I am fine . I guess I have had a long day and that’s why I am feeling dizzy. Nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure. Would you mind if I ask your leave?” To this he said , “Oh sure Swara please take care of yourself. Would you be able to come to office tomorrow? I was really hoping to introduce you to Mr. Maheshwari.” “Oh yes sir I will surely come tomorrow.” I said and after reassuring Ragini that I was ok I quickly escaped from there before any of the tears spilled out.

As soon as I reached home I flung myself on the bed and began sobbing. All the memories of sanskar which I had buried somewhere deep in my heart all came crashing again and sobbed all the more. “ Why? Why God why? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you sending him to my life again after 5 years? You know how difficult it was for me to move on. It was the most painful thing I ever had to do and now again when sanskar was just a bad memory for me you put him in front of me again. God please don’t do this to me” I cried miserably for a long time. Then after a long time when all the tears had dried out a thought struck my mind and I quickly grabbed my phone I googled the name Sanskar Maheshwari, my hands shook as I opened his Wikipedia page. I had been avoiding this for so long that I couldn’t bring myself to face it. Every time I came across anything related to the Maheshwaris I had avoided it fearing it might contain some information about sanskar being linked to some other girl. But now I told myself that it would be highly inappropriate if sanskar was actually married and I didn’t know. I did not want to embarrassed as I was today but somewhere deep down I knew that I was saying this just to convince myself I actually wanted to know if sanskar had really moved on. The page opened and with trembling fingers I scrolled down to personal life section I slowly read it as mentioned tons of information about his father, mother and brother and then at last I read what I had been hoping that he was not married. I released a breath that I didn’t realise I had been holding. I kept my phone aside bit quickly grabbed it again intending to search some of the gossip magazine sites to see if he had been linked with any other girl but then I thought the better of it. I didn’t require to have this kind of knowledge officially and so I was not going to search for it. I quietly lied in my bed with a thousand thoughts buzzing through my mind. Would he still think about me? Does he know that I am the CEO of the company? If even after knowing this he chose to come here means that he has moved on? Why did come here himself? Was that because of me? All such thoughts were pestering my mind as lied there tossing and turning in my bed knowing very well that I would not be able to sleep. I dreaded for the next day to dawn, I dreaded to face him after 5 years 8 months and 22 days, I dreaded to face the person whom at one time I loved the most, I dreaded to face Sanskar.

So guys were you expecting swasan meeting ??. Sorry to disappoint you but I promise in the nxt Epi they will meet. Till then tell me what you think of this Epi and keep anticipating what will happen. I would also like to add one more thing if there are any silent readers of my ff then I would request them to please comment their views. Guys it is really disappointing to see the low no. of comments so guys please comment even if they are negative please do share your views.

Credit to: Aniya

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