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Sanskar- What!!!! Swara Gadodia?
Sanskar’s head started spinning as a million memories triggered in his head listening to the name Swara Gadodia
Mr. Das- What happened sir? Do you possibly know Miss. Gadodia? Is there any problem with her?
Sanskar’s heart started beating faster and panic captured him. He had to take a decision, a big one and that too fast. After 5 years he had come know about Swara’s whereabouts, his heart craved for her, he wanted to rush out to meet her but but he had his work… his commitments he couldn’t just leave all behind. “Oh God! I cant take a decision. Swara is my life and this might be the only chance for me to win over her but the company I cant leave all this behind. Oh god this is so frustrating.” Sanskar closed his eyes and took deep breath and calmed himself down. He cleared his thoughts, made a decision and then said in a firm voice “ Mr. Das ask Laksh to get ready.”
Mr. Das – Yes sir I …
Sanskar (cutting him ) – I am not done yet. I said ask laksh to get ready to handle the company. I will myself will go and handle this Karma Industries project also I will be able to have a look at our Mumbai branch.
Mr. Das – But sir I don’t think this is a good….
But Sanskar made him quiet with just one look and in voice that said ‘no more arguments’ he added, “I think I have made myself clear Mr. Das. Ask Mr. Roy (his assistant) to get ready. We will leave tomorrow morning.

Mr.Das – Ok sir.
Saying this he left leaving sanskar alone with his thoughts. As soon as he left Sanskar opened his drawer and removed a picture of swara and said “So Miss. Swara Gadodia you are in Mumbai huh, the city of dreams no wonder you chose it for fulfilling your dream. I still cant believe that tomorrow I am going to meet you darling. I still wonder how I survived these 5 years without you. Anyways for now I will have to say you good bye darling. Tonight is going to be a tough one. I have to finish tons of work before leaving tomorrow.
The next day Sanskar got ready early. For the first time in five years he actually gave a thought to what he should wear. He was humming a tune while dressing up when laksh arrived there and he was about to say something but before he could say anything sanskar said, “ Arey acha hua tu aa gaya lucky. Tell me yeh shirt ke saath I should wear this blue tie or this red one.” Laksh was completely amazed he couldn’t believe his ears and said in a playful tone, “ Bhai aaj suraj paschem se toh nahi nikala tha na. The Sanskar Maheshwari is confused about what he should wear . Oh my God! Bhai baat kya hai? Kya chakkar hai yeh Mumbai ka ?
Sanskar – Laksh ke bache koi baat nahi hai. This project is very important for us and I don’t want to lose it. And proper dressing is very important if you want to have a good impression. Samjah. Ok so now tell me are you perfectly clear with all the things that you are going to handle from today? Laksh solemnly nodded his head and Sanskar continued , “ I hope you understand that this is a very big responsibility that I have given you and I know that you are capable of fulfilling this responsibility you just need to focus all your energy in doing work.” And then in a lighter tone he added, “ This means that you have to give your heart a little break, otherwise it might get too tired by falling in for a new girl every week.” He winked at laksh and left. “Kuch toh baat jaror hai bhai par jo bhi hai I am happy seeing my sanskar bhai smile, I just hope that this smile never fades away.
After saying goodbye to laksh and ap sanskar boarded the plane. He was over looking the clouds lost in his thoughts about Swara. Just then an air hostess arrived with a variety of cocktails and asked him if he would like something. Sanksar just shook his head and smiled as he remembered his first meeting with Swara.

Sanksar POV
It was the first day of the second year of college and I was extremely ecstatic as i had managed to sneak two beer bottles without getting caught. I was grinning like an idiot as I was walking through the corridor. Everything was perfect I thought. My roommate Randhir would be arriving in the evening and I knew he too would get excited after knowing about the beer. I was entering my room with these happy thoughts when suddenly , “Whhooooo” Someone screamed and then , “Smashhhh” the bag containing beer bottles was on the floor. I heard a woman scream and my mind reached to the worst possible conclusion that the warden was there in my room for inspection and had caught me with the beer. I closed my eyes not wanting to face her and started blabbering whatever came to my mind , “I am sorry mam extremely sorry actually this” I could still her the woman screaming and thought that I might have given her the biggest shock of her life but I continued with my apology , “ mam please galti toh bachoon se hi hote hai bacha sama….”. But I was stopped by a firm hand pressing on my mouth. I realised that the screaming had also stopped I slowly opened my eyes expecting to see an angry warden ready to expel me from college but as my eyes opened I saw a pretty young girl with beautiful curls standing in front of me with one of her hands pressed on my mouth and the other hand pressed against sany…wait what Sanyukta. Her other hand was pressed against Sanyukta’s mouth!!!! Sanyukta was my classmate and a good friend not to mention Randhir’s girlfriend . But what is Sanyukta doing here? And who is this girl? She looked too young to be a warden. “Shhhhh”, the beautiful girl hissed ending my trail of thoughts, “Stop it both of you. You will get us caught. Ok so I am going to remove my hand sanyukta stop screaming and randhir you” she said nodding her towards me , “ you stop blabbering. Ok?” Sanyukta and I nodded our heads agreeing to her condition and she removed her hands from our mouths . As soon as she removed her hand Sanyukta jumped on the bed shivering. “What?” the girl asked irritated and Sanyukta merely pointed towards the desk. I craned my neck to see what she was pointing at but couldn’t see it but the girl seemed to have spotted it because she placed her palm on her forehead and exclaimed, “Oh God!!” .Saying this she slowly went towards the desk being careful so that she wouldn’t step on any of the glass strewn on the floor. She then bent down and picked up a cockroach between her thumb and forefinger and shooo with flick of her wrist threw it out of the window. “Whoa nice shot!” I said to myself. “Seriously Sanyukta cockroach. You were screaming because of a cockroach. What you are a 5 year old girl.”The girl complained. But before Sanyukta could answer I spoke in between to bring attention to myself, “Sanyukta what is this? Who is she? What are you doing here? And why is she calling me Randhir?.” I said all this in one go. Then sanyukta, “Calm down Mr. Maheshwari so many questions at the same time. She is swara , she is my new roommate and our new classmate and we were here to scare Randhir but you instead gave us a shock. What is all this huh?” She said pointing towards the glass strewn on the floor. Now it was my turn to be at a loss for words, “ Woh …..woh Sanyukta chod na yaar jane de na”. I quikly turned towards Swara before Sanyukta could say anything else and forwarded my hand and said, “Hi I am sanskar Maheshwari.” “Hi I am Swara Gadodia” she said shaking my hand. I noticed that she had firm shake. Now that the confusion was clear I noticed that Swara was indeed beautiful and the way she held herself had an air of confidence. She also…..
(Flashback ends)

Sir sirrr” I was brought back to the present by Mr.Roy’s voice, “Sir we have reached” he said. I was so busy in my thoughts that I didn’t notice when we got down from the plane and entered the car and now we were at the Karma industries. I was finally here, finally I was going to meet my swara. Finally I had my second chance at love. And this time I promise our love would blossom again.

So guys what do think will sanskar get his second chance? Why did Sanskar need a second chance? What was his mistake? Will swara forgive him? Will their love blossom again? Stay tuned to know the answers and till then don’t forget to comment your views.

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