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It had been two weeks since Sanskar had started working in Mumbai. He had bonded really well with Ragini. Also the staff had been really impressed with Sanskar’s charismatic personality. Work had been very smooth but the thing that was bothering him was except for the first day when Swara had smiled, she hadn’t shown any kind of emotion. It was as if after that day she had retreated back into her shell. All of Sanskar’s efforts to irritate her or talk to her had been failed. He was anxious as he knew how determined Swara could be and if couldn’t do anything in a couple of days then he might never be able to bring her back.
That day as Sanskar was getting ready that morning to go to office a parcel arrived at his home. The parcel was gift wrapped. He was completely clueless about the parcel. But he was pleasantly surprised as he opened it. A wave of nostalgia hit him as he looked at the things inside the box . He removed a toy gun and some photos from the box. The photos were of his and Laksh’s childhood. They were very varied. There was one photo of both of them hugging each other, then one in which both were fighting, there was also a photo of Sanskar holding a baby Laksh in his arms. He smiled as he looked at the gun, he remembered how he and Laksh used to fight with each other to play with that gun. The next thing to come out of the box was a pen. Seeing it Sanskar knew it was old but he couldn’t pinpoint the significance of the pen. Next thing was a dairy. Sanskar was puzzled seeing it as all the other things in the box were old but the dairy was brand new. He kept it aside to see what else was there in his Pandora’s box. He then removed a steel tiffin and opened its lid only to find his favourite moti chur ke laddo in it. He took out one and tasted it and immediately knew that it was made by his mother. Now there was only one thing piece of paper left in the box, he unfolded the paper and found that it was a letter.
(The letter)
Dear bhai,
“Confused aren’t you bhai? Don’t be because its your birthday present. Yes now don’t hit your head because you forgot your birthday. I know that this is the first time that you are spending your birthday alone without your family or friends so I thought that I should give you a special gift. I couldn’t think of anything expensive which could be special for The Sanskar Maheshwari, so I gave you these things which I thought would be something you would cherish.

First are the photos and gun. These are the things which would remind you of our childhood. Our childhood, filled with laughter, fights , pranks and with your care. If anybody would have told me back then that one day I would be giving you that gun willingly I would have laughed on his face. (Sanskar chuckled) Then comes the pen. Acha ab yaad karo yeh pen ko. Jane do jyada mehnat mat karo I know you don’t remember. You gave me this pen when I was hell sacred to give my boards paper. You had asked me to write with this pen and remember that you have full faith in me. Today I am giving you this pen because I want you to know bhai that you may be miles away from me but whenever you need me bas ek phone aur aapka lucky aapke samne. And last but not the least the dairy. I know that you might be confused that what is this new thing doing in all these old memories but don’t be as I will give you the explanation. People say that books are a person’s best friend. I know bhai that you don’t open up easily in front of everybody and that there’s a lot more to The businessman Sanskar Maheshwari that the world sees, I know that you have many emotions built up inside you. I hope that you consider this dairy as your friend and open up in front of it. That was all I could give you bhai. So once again many many happy returns of the day bhai.
Your loving bro, Lucky.
P.S. The laddos are a gift from ma.”
Sanskar was in tears as he finished reading the letter. He couldn’t imagine when his little naughty lucky had grown so mature. He had just folded the letter when his phone rang.
“Many many happy returns of the day bhai” Laksh’s voice boomed from the other side as Sanskar picked up the phone.
“Thanks lucky.” Sanskar said his voice heavy due to tears.
“Kya bhai aap ko khush karne ke liye itne mehnat ke aur aap toh senti ho gaye.” Laksh said.
“Arey lucky yeh anso toh issliye aa rahe hai kyuki mere bhai ne phele baar aklamandi ka kaam kiya hai.” Sanskar said in a mischievous voice.
“Kya bhai aap bhi jao mein aapse baat nahi karta.” Laksh said with mock anger.
“Ok now enough of your drama and give the phone to ma.” Sanskar said.
(Laksh gave the phone to ap)
“Sanskar many many happy returns of the day beta.” Ap said.
“Thanks ma. And yes the laddos are very tasty.” Sanskar said.
“I know you love them and I don’t know if you even have your food there properly. Bhagwan jane kitna kamzor ho gaya ho ga.” Ap said
“Ma ma relax please. I take my food properly and I am absolutely fit and fine. Please don’t worry about me and take care of your health.” Sanskar said.
Sanskar then went on and assured her mother that he was perfectly alright and then when she was completely satisfied, he asked her to give the phone to Laksh.
“Laksh I hope that you are not having any problems in the office.” Sanskar said.
“Ha bhai everything is fine, actually more than fine.” Laksh said cheerfully.
“Hmm Lucky why do I get a feeling that this is related to some girl.” Sanskar said.
“Woh bhai actually you know the H. R manager Priya, she is the one. Bhai I really like her and I even think that I have found my true love.” Laksh said hesistantly.
Sanskar laughed hearing his brother. “Kya bhai mein aap se itne important aur serious baat kar raha hu and you are laughing. Huhn this is not fair.”
“Arey lucky I am not laughing at you, I am laughing at your childishness lucky. True love happens at the most unexpected time and you will not even realise that you are in love. It is never so easy. It is the most inconvenient type.” Sanskar said.

“Ohho bhai kya baat hai. I guess you have found your inconvenient love in Mumbai. Hai na bhai” Laksh said teasingly.
Sanskar’s heart clenched hearing that he completely ignored the topic and said, “Chal lucky I will talk to you later now I have to go.” He cut the phone saying this.
Sanskar sighed as he sat in his car to go to the office. He thought about the gifts Laksh had given him. He was still in awe as to how he had thought so deeply and had so beautifully connected him to his past. And then suddenly the idea struck him. “Past yeah that’s it. Something in the past which could make Swara happy.” Sanskar thought. “But what can it be?” he thought for some more time and then it hit him suddenly, “Guitar!!”. He was so lost in these thoughts that he didn’t saw that he was entering the office. He was suddenly brought back with people yelling,
Sanskar looked around and saw that all the staff members had gathered there. He had just stepped his foot inside and people were flooding to congratulate him. He thanked all of them and at last Ragini came up.
“Many many happy returns of the day Sanskar.” Ragini said cheerfully.
“I should have expected something like this from you.” Sanskar said overwhelmed by the gesture.
“And now you have to take this.” Ragini said pulling out a big gift wrapped box, “This is from all of us.”
“Arey Ragini please I cant take this please. I really appreciate the gesture behind it but I cant accept a gift from you. Thank You everyone for this but I cant take it.” Sanskar said.
“Please Sir we request you please” said one of the staff and then the entire started to persuade Sanskar with their chants of ‘please’.
“Swara tum hi bolo ab Sanskar ko.” Ragini said.
“Mr. Maheshwari please I insist that you accept it.” Swara said.
“Dekho Sanskar ab toh Swara ne bhi bola please le lo.” Ragini said pleading like a child.
“Ok ok if you all wish so I will take it.” Sanskar said to which everyone erupted in cheers.
“Yeah good”, an ecstatic Ragini said, “but you also have to give us all a return gift.”
“Kaisa return gift?” Sanskar asked.
“You have to give us all a party tonight and you also have to give a special performance in it.” Ragini said.
“Yaar Ragini party is ok but what is this special performance, I really cant perform please.” Sanskar said.
“ Arey you are The Sanskar Maheshwari and you say you don’t even have a single talent. Just sing, dance, act do anything yaar.” Ragini said.
Hearing this suddenly an idea occurred to Sanskar and he said, “Ok. Ok considering how much love and respect you all have shown through this gesture of yours I will sing tonight as per your request…” everyone started cheering and clapping happily after hearing that without letting Sanskar complete his sentence.
“But but” Sanskar said raising his voice, “I would do this if someone from you all would assist me in it.” Swara became stiff hearing this. She could sense something fishy in Sanskar’s voice.
“How are we supposed to assist you?” Ragini asked.
“Hmmm , see you can…” Sanskar said acting as if he is thinking something, “Ah yes one of you can play some instrument along with me. Arey Miss. Gadodia can play guitar, she really plays it wonderfully.”
“Guitar!!!!” Ragini exclaimed, “Swara you play guitar.
Hearing Sanskar mention guitar Swara immediately became more alert of herself. All the past memories flooded her mind clogging her senses and forming a lump in her throat. She somehow composed herself and said, “ Oh that was a really long time ago Mr. Maheshwari. I really haven’t touched guitar since a very long time. I don’t think I would be able to.”
“Come on Miss. Gadodia be a sport and its not a thing that one forgets. You were greatly appreciated for it during college and I would feel privileged to perform with you.” Sanskar said and then added ‘once more’ in his mind.
“But Swara how come you never told me about this.” Ragini said looking straight into her eyes demanding an answer.
“As I said it was really a long time ago Ragini and I am really sorry Mr. Maheshwari I wont be able to play tonight. Now if you all will please excuse me.” Swara said leaving from there.
“Don’t worry Sanskar aaj toh Swara guitar bajayegi yeh mera promise hai.” Ragini said determinately.

Hello guys remember me? ? I don’t think sorry is enough to say when I haven’t posted in over a week. But please if guys would understand that this is my first ff and I am still learning how manage between my college and this. So coming to the chap, hope I have not disappointed you guys as there was no swasan but I promise next Epi is full of swasan. Also do you think Ragini would be able to convince Swara? And why is Swara so against playing guitar? What importance does it have in her life?. To know these ans you will have to bear with my irregular updates and please tell me your positive/negative opinions through your comments.

Credit to: Aniya

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