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A tear rolled down Swara’s check as she looked at her guitar. A thick layer of dust had formed upon it due to lack of use. After hearing Sanskar’s request Swara had quickly excused herself and came back home before Ragini could catch her. She had always cherished her guitar but now even looking at it just brought pain. Swara closed her eyes and remembered how she had learned to play guitar, how always her music teacher had praised her, how many times she had played it during her school and college functions and then how she had played her guitar on the happiest day of her life…
Swara’s POV
“Ma Ohho where is my brush? Oh god ma mere train miss ho jayege. Kal se new year start ho jayega I don’t want to miss the first day of my 3rd year. Ohho ma now my sandals are also missing.” I shouted.
“Shona don’t shout look properly beta wahe pe hoga.” Ma said.
“Arey your train is after an hour Swara beta how do you think you will miss it?” baba joked.
“Arey baba raste pe traffic ho sakta hai aur..um.. anything can happen I cant afford to miss my train.”
I had really missed my friends a lot during these vacations. I had missed attending classes with them, hanging out with them, getting punished with them. I had just missed each and every moment spent with them. When I had first joined the college I had never known that I would be so blessed as to get such good friends.
“ Ohho now stop panicking and here take your brush.” Ma said.
“Thanks ma I love you so much.” I said wrapping my arms around her.
“I love you too beta.” Ma said in a heavy voice.
“Come on ma now don’t be senti I am going back to my college and not to some war. I am going to be fine.” I said to cheer her up. “Chalo now give me big smile.” (Sharmishtha smiles) “yes that’s like my ma.”
“Arey ma beti ka emotional scene ho gaya toh chale.” Baba said.
“Ok ma don’t take too much tension. I will be fine and take care of yourself and Bye I love You.” I said picking up my backpack.
“Bye Shona take care.” Ma shouted one more time as i waved at her from the rickshaw
As I sat on my birth, I looked at scenes passing through the train window. It had just been a few minutes when I had bid goodbye to baba at the station and to ma at home but there was a part of me that had already started to miss them. But then there was this other part of me which was excited meet my friends. I had really missed my friends a lot during these vacations. I had missed attending classes with them, hanging out with them, getting punished with them. I had just missed each and every moment spent with them. When I had first joined the college I had never known that I would be so blessed as to get such good friends. When I had 1st met Sanyukta, a year ago I had instantly developed a liking for her. She always reminded me of my childhood friend Ragini. Sanyukta had always been a supportive and understanding with whom I can share all my secrets without worrying about her judging me. Then there was Randhir, the genius. But always late in submitting assignments due to his over confidence. Randhir was never a perfect gentleman but always an honest and brave person always ready to stand up for the truth. I guess Sanyukta loves him so much because of this only. Nahi toh both are just poles apart. I smiled remembering how both used to fight at little things. And then there was Sanskar. I sighed just thinking about him. Although I had missed everything related to my college very much but Sanskar…his is just a different case. I don’t even know how anyone can become such an important part of my life in such a short time span. I had been so busy in coping up with all the studies in the 2nd year that I hadn’t even realised when I started giving Sanskar so much importance in my life. But just when he wasn’t present anymore I had realised that he means so much to me. Maybe he is important to me as something…more than a friend. No I quickly pushed that thought away I cant afford to think like that. I sighed sadly. He is so popular, rich he wouldn’t ever even think of me. Giving myself false hopes is just going to lead to heartbreaks. I should just be happy that he is at least my friend. And I am not even sure of my own feelings, maybe he’s just attraction. It would be the best if I think about him just as a friend.
“SANYUKTA!!!” I shouted. It was late evening, I had got down from my train and took a cab to college. I had just finished calling ma when I saw Sanyukta in the lobby. “Sanyuktaaa” I shouted again and she turned. “Swaraaa” she shouted in my ears giving me a bone crushing hug.
“Oh God!! I am so happy to see you again.” Sanyukta said childishly and we both giggled.
“I missed you sooo much.” I said.
“Awww I missed you too.” She said putting her arms around me again.
“Madam sara pyaar abhi khatam karoge ya pure saal ke liye kuch baca ke rakhoge?” I teased.
“Arey my love for you is never ending dear.” Sanyukta said pouting.
“Nautanki” I said and playfully hit her, “Ab chale room mein. I am very tired.”
Ohh I missed this so much I said to myself as we stepped into our room. It was just the way we had left. I realised that this was the first time I was just plainly looking at our room. I smiled as all the bitter-sweet moments played before my eyes.
Sanyukta – Swara you know till this moment I hadn’t even realised how many memories we have shared in this room.
Swara- Yeah, true.
Sanyukta – Swara do you remember how we used to put on loud music and then dance on the bed?
We both burst out laughing remembering that.
Swara – And you remember how once I spilled my Maggie on your bed. God you were hell angry that day. I cant imagine how can one get angry on such small things?
Sanyukta – Look who’s talking. Don’t you remember how you grilled Sanskar when he had cleaned this tabl…Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Suddenly Sanyukta screamed and jumped on the bed.
Swara – What happened?
I shouted over her screaming.
Sanyukta ( pointing towards the table) – Waha pe saap hai. Swara get on the bed fast.
I looked at towards my table and hell there was a black cobra near one of its legs.
“Ahhhhh” I screamed jumping on the bed. Sanyukta had gone crazy till now. She had always been scared of even insects and this toh was really scary snake. She had clung on to me and was repeatedly saying that she doesn’t want to die. I tried to calm her down, I looked at the snake, thinking of a way out…. But wait why the hell has this snake not moved even an inch in the last 5 minutes. I sat down on my bed and craned my neck to look at the snake carefully, when suddenly two men burst out of the cup…wait what its Randhir and Sanskar coming out of the cupboard!!
Both of then were laughing uncontrollably. I realised what was happening, I lifted up the snake or I should say I lifted up the plastic snake and waved it in front of Sanyukta, to make her understand. She jumped as she understood what was happening. Both Sanskar and Randhir were in hysterics, I threw the snake on their face in order to make them normal but that just added fuel to their laughter. After a while both of them somehow stopped0p00 and Randhir said.
Randhir – Oh God Sanyukta your reaction was epic.(in a mocking voice) Oh I don’t want die Swara. Please god I don’t want to die.
Again both idiots started laughing.
For a split second there was utter silence in the room and just as I thought that both of them were again back to normal, they both again started laughing, this time even louder. This was it for me. These two maniacs who are supposedly my friends scare the hell out of me and now are laughing like some mentally retarded persons. I had really lost it, but before I could do anything Sanyukta lifted a heavy book and threw it at Randhir and started blabbering, “You stupid, idiot, dumbo what the hell do you think of himself. You gave me snake right, now take this.” Saying this Sanyukta started picking up things and throwing them at Randhir.
“Arey woh paper weight hai Sanyukta. Dekho lag jayega. Apne boyfriend ka khoon karogi kya.” Randhir said while dodging the objects Sanyukta was throwing at him.
“Acha tumhe kuch ho gaya toh?? N mujhe jo heart attack aane wala tha woh. Today I not going to leave you.” Sanyukta shouted.
“First catch me baby.” Saying this Randhir ran towards the door, then just as he was at the threshold, he said, “But the prank was really worth it.” He giggled and ran away. Sanyukta too ran behind him shouting something like I am gonna kill him.
I shook my head seeing them, I turned around and suddenly realised I was alone with Sanskar and just at that moment I forgot all about Randhir-Sanyukta, the prank I just remembered all my moments with Sanskar, about how much I had missed him and just how much happy I was to see him again. NO!!! I stopped my trail of thoughts. He is just your friend. And I am supposed to be angry with him not go and hug him. I completely ignored him and went on to unpack my bag.
“Hi Swara. How are you?” Sanskar said coming towards me.
“How do you think I would be?” I replied coldly.
“Kya yaar Swara it was just a prank, don’t be so angry.” He protested.
“Ohh so you can keep a fake snake in my room and scare the life out of me and on the top of it hide yourselves in my cupboard and then laugh like a maniac and I don’t even have the right to be angry. Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair.” I retorted.
“Hey everything is fair in love and war.” He shot back.
My heart skipped a beat at that but I was proved wrong as he added “ and friendship. And you are bessssttttt friend” he said. “and I missed you sooo much.”
“But I didn’t miss you and I hate you” I lied turning away.
“Will you say that even after seeing this.” He said.
“I not going to change my mind.” I said not even looking at what he was pointing.
“Ok so that’s good for me because I gonna finish it up on my own.” I craned my neck a bit and peeked at what he was going to eat and …. “Ohhh!!! Chocolates. Wow!!” I ran and grabbed it from him. I quickly unwrapped it and started eating. Chocolates have always been my weak point. “Ummm the…these chocolates are really yummm. Thank you thank you thank you soo much Sanskar. I just love…um..these chocolates.”
“Mujhe pata tha chocolates toh tumhe mana hi lenge.” Sanskar teased.
“Ohh hello!! Is galat fami mein mat raehna Mr. Maheshwari. This is the first and last time that I am forgiving you. Age se aisa kuch kiya toh..yaad rakhna” I warned.
“Acha …acha aage se no more masti. Cool. By the way umm… Swara.. woh…actually.” He hesitated.
“Bolo na kya hua??” I pushed him to say further.
“Umm..Can you do me a favour?? Can you…can you play the guitar for me?”
FLASHBACK to be cont…
Hey guys how are you alll?? Do you remember will love blossom again?? Well I am back. First of all don’t kill me because I promised this will be Swasan but there wasn’t . Actually I thought I could fit the entire Flashback in this Epi but I couldn’t but the next part is full of Swasan. Till then keep guessing why Sanskar wants Swara to play the guitar….and miss me ??
P.S. – I want you guys to know that I might post the Epi once in week or even less but I would definitely not stop writing this ff. So I want the support of all my readers. ??

Credit to: Aniya

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