Swasan- Will love blossom again? (By Aniya) Epi 1

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Prologue 2

Swara was sitting in on the dinning table having breakfast when suddenly someone came from behind and closed her eyes.
Swara- Ragini!
Ragini- Ohh swara phirse mujhe pechan liya tumne. How do you always come to know that its me? Saying this she made a pout face. Swara smiled seeing her expression but the smile did not reached her eyes. This didn’t go unnoticed by Ragini. She too smiled and sat beside swara and said,”Swara what is this you call this toast and black coffee breakfast. I cant believe you are the same swara jiske parathe dekhke samaj nahi aata tha ke parathe mein ghee lagaya hai ya ghee mein paratha.
Swara smiled sadly at this. Ragini and swara were besties till 5th standard but then Ragini’s father got transferred and Ragini had to move out of the city. But fate gave ragini to swara when she needed a friend the most. After her breakup with sanskar she joined the Karma industries and found Ragini who also worked there. When Ragini met swara 5 years earlier she immediately knew that something had changed, she knew that this was not her bubbly, innocent Swara. She tried talking to her on many occasions but swara always brushed it off. Eventually Ragini stopped asking swara about what happened in her life when she was not there but she always tried to bring back her original swara.
“Waise swara”, ragini said while munching her toast “I will miss Mr. Mehta. You know he was always so kind to us and he taught me so much.”

Mr. Mehta was the owner of Karma industries where swara and ragini worked. He had only one son who was a neurosurgeon and was settled in the USA. Mr. Mehta had raised the Karma industries from a scratch and now it was one of the most reputed companies in Mumbai. But now he wished to spend his life in peace with his son and so he had decided to merge his company into some other company by selling his stakes so that he no longer remained the owner of the company.
“You know Ragini I always look up to Mr. Mehta. I am always in awe at how efficiently he handles the company. I feel honoured that the considered me capable of being the CEO of his company. Working with him I learned something new everyday. I don’t even know how will I handle the company when he is not there.” At this Ragini said, “ Swara you know why Mr. Mehta made you the CEO because you have it you and this is not only now you had this leadership quality in you since childhood. I always knew that you could do this. Anyways enough of this senti talks. Do you know who the new owner is?”
Swara – No I believe Mr. Mehta will tell us day after tomorrow during the farewell party.
Ragini (With a dreamy expression on her face) – I just hope the owner is some young handsome gentleman. Ohh imagine how romantic it could get.
Swara- No young man can have enough money to buy over such a big company unless of course he is born with a silver spoon and let me assure you Ragini such rahesshzade are no gentleman.
Swara remembered all the bitter memories and closed her eyes in pain. Ragini sensed that she had hit the wrong nerve and immediately changed the topic and said,”Swara tum bhi na baatein hi karte rahoge kya? Come on we are getting late for the office. Swara just nodded and got up to go to the office.

“Ma I am done I going to office. Ok bye.”
Ap – Sanskar wait sabse phele toh tim thek se nashta karo aur dosare baat aaj meine laksh se baat kar le hai who office sambhal lega.
Laksh- Ma mujhese kab baat ke aap…
Ap ( cutting laksh in between)- Laksh you forgot I had told you na that today sanskar will remain at home and you will manage office.
Ap was signalling something to laksh through her eyes, laksh caught her expression and realization dawned upon him and he said, “ Oh yes ma I surely remember bhai you don’t worry I will handle office today you spend one day with ma.” Sanskar understood that something was going on so he said in a strong voice, “ Ma laksh whats going on? You both are hiding something from me. What is the matter?” Ap began to say that nothing is wrong but sanskar stopped her and said, “Ma I only want truth.” Ap looked down and said, “ Whoh …. Whoh actually sanskar I have actually invited …” “Oh god ma I know where this is going you have again called some family with their daughter to meet me right” Seeing that her mother was not meeting her gaze sanskar continued, “Ma how many times do I have to tell you I don’t want to get married. Please stop looking for brides.” “But why sanskar” Ap asked , “why don’t you want to marry tell me I want to know the reason. You keep saying that you want to build your career but I know that is lie. Sanskar Maheshwari Group of Companies is one of biggest companies of India. Your father earned great reputation through this company in entire Kolkata but after him” she said with teary eyes “but after him you have managed to expand the company in all over India. Sanskar but now its time that you settle down in your life. Sanskar till your father was alive you atleast talked to him but after him you have just retreated in a shell, you just immerse yourself in more and more work day by day I just want to see you happy.” Saying this ap broke and down laksh consoled her but sanskar just turned and left away feeling guilty for making her mother cry.

@ office
Sanskar- Mr. Das have you got all the information about Karma industries and their merger propsal.
Mr. Das briefs Sanskar about the reasons for the merger proposals.
Sanskar – By what you say it looks like investing in this Karma industries is going to be beneficial not to mention that they have got an excellent staff and team working for him. I think its time that laksh handle some big project like this. Mr. Das brief laksh about this deal and ask him to be ready to go to Mumbai.
Mr. Das – Excellent sir. This deal will be a great benefit for us and as you said that the team of Karma Industries is very efficient especially their CEO who is a young lady Swara Gadodia.
Sanskar – WHAT!!!!! Swara Gadodia?

So guys this was basically an introduction chapter as I had not written one. So now Sanskar has come to know that Swara is the CEO of Karma industries what will he do? What was the reason behind swara and sanskar’s breakup? And most importantly will their love blossom again? Let me know your views in comment section below.

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