swasan- i will always love you (Prologue)

hey loves….. this is lena.

i am a huge fan of swasan {swaragini} and i would like to write a fan fiction on swasan.but it wouldn’t be possible without your support and i promise that i will bring out my best…!!! i will be continuing with the current track of the serial but i’m gonna bring some new changes and interesting things in between…and plz plz plz if somewhere u dont feel comfortable with the story , plz not to forget to specify it in the comments…..so here we go…

A SMALL PRECAP:: swara lost her memory, she assumes sanskaar as a criminial who is responsible for her ailments, ragini acts as she is pregnant for the sake of sarmishti, so swara goes there to take care of her keeping aside sanskaar.

…well it is night … everybody in the maheshwari house is going to bed except sanskaar. he sits near the window holding swara’s picture in his hand…. he recollects all the sweet memories he spent with swara …. he looks up to the sky and smiles with tears in his eyes with a hope that one day swara would come to him…. and then he says to himself{monologue}: ” swara i loved u, love you and i will always love you … i know, i know you will not understand now or these words may taste bitter to you but hope never ends and faith never fails…..i will not give up swara , i have nothing prior that u and ur happiness …… i can do anything for you… no one can deny the fact that we could live for a thousand years together….we promised that we will never separate … i believe that u will never break that promise….we are inseparable souls swara … i love you swara , i love you”…… while few minutes before this monologue swara gets thirsty and she goes to the kitchen… while returning from the kitchen , she passes by the guest room, where, sanskaar begins his monologue….. swara listens the whole thing.. the every last word….. her heart throbs and tears came out of her eyes…. and then when sanskaar turns back swara rushes to sanskaar and hugs him warmly keeping aside that he is a criminal….ans sanskaar consoles her but swara suddenly turns against him … she says:-” tum,{you?}” …. and then she runs to her room and starts crying…. she says…” what has happened to me?? why am i crying now??? sanskaar,,,, he is a criminal right? why i rushed to him… whats wrong with me…. ” and she goes to bed…..while sahil rings up swara late night…..he says………………………………….{to be continued}

so this is the story which has to be continued…… please stay tuned and share your opinion in the below comments….!!

Credit to: lena


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