Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 19 (further continued)

~~~~~~~Episode 19~~~~~~

Maya: Why the hell are you so bothered about her Sanskar?!

Sanskar(angrily?): Cause I LOVE HER! I LOVE SWARA Dammit!

(Swara gasped.. She was shocked..Sanskar realises what he said and looks at Swara who was numb.. His fear starts engulfing his mind.. What if she goes away from him.. Swayam and Rags were smiling as Sanskar finally confessed but everyone else was shocked)

Maya(still shocked): Wh.a..at?????

Rohan: Are you in your senses?!?

Maya: What the hell are you even speaking Sanskar! Do you even know?! ?

Sanskar: I know Maya.. But its true

Maya(shouts): You are lying!

Sanskar(slowly): Am.. Am not lying..?

Swara: Wh..at??

(Maya just went silently..Sanskar closes his eyes tightly and opens after few seconds and looks at Swara who was still standing without any emotion or movement)

Swara(slowly): You.. Ho..w? Yo..u.. lie.. No.. no.. this cant happen

Sanskar(teary eyes & choking): Lo..ok Swa.raa.. I.. I.. c..can exp.l..ain

(Swara looks at him and a tear fell from her eye.. Sanskar felt someone pinched his heart looking at her teary eyes)

Swayam(goes towards Swara and held her hand and shakes her a bit): Maasi? Maasi?

Sanskar: Swaraaa…

Rags(felt bad to see her bro crying): Swara.. Look-

Swara(interrupts and looks at Sanskar without any emotion): Are you saying Truth?

Sanskar(?): Swara.. Its just-

Swara: Yes or No?

Sanskar: I didn’t-

Swara(shouts): Yes Or No?!!

Sanskar(closes his eyes tightly): Yes…I do love you

Swara(looks at him and whispers): You.. You lied.. Yo..u.. chea..ted!

Sanskar(immediately looks at her and steps forward): No Swara! I-

Swara(moves backward and cuts him off): Please! (shows her hand) Not a word more Sanskar! (cries) I thought.. You.. Ho..w c..ould y.ou.. do.. t..hi.s?! ?

(Sanskar again moves forward but Swara steps backwards)

Sqnskar(helpless look): Swara.. You are misunderstanding me.. Please.. Give me a chance to-

Swara(emotionless): Swayam! Come we should go home!

Rags: Swara.. Atleast-

Swara(looks at her): Did you knew?

Rags(bows her head): Hmm..

(Rohan looks at Sanskar who was weeping silently)

Rohan: Princess.. Atleast let him explain..

(Swara looks at Sanskar.. They both share a teary eye-lock)

Swara(cries silently): I didn’t expected this from you Sanskar! I thought we were friends!

Sanskar(tears): We are still friends Swara.. It doesn’t mean-

Swara(cries): It means.. Everything was fake! ?

Sanskar(immediately shouts): No! No Swara! I was-

Swara: You were all the time faking friendship!

Sanskar(cries):No! You are misunderstanding me Swara..

Swara(shouts): How could you do this Sanskar!!

Rags: Swara.. Love just happens.. Its not-

Swara: You all are betrayers!!?

Rags(trying to make her calm): Swara.. Lets just sit and talk

Swara(snaps at her): Talk? Whats left to talk? Everything is Over!

Sanskar(gasps): Over?! ?

Rags(shocked?): What do you mean Swara-

Rohan: Princess..

Swara: Yes! Everything is Over! Our friendship is Over Sanskar!!

Sanskar(immediately goes to her and kneels down and hold her hand): Please Swara.. Dont do this.. I wont be able to live (cries)

Swara(jerks his hand): You left me with no choice Sanskar!

Sanskar: Trust me Swara.. I-

Swara(interrupts): Trust you? I should TRUST you?! That’s what i did!

Sanskar(cries): Please.. Swara.. Just give me a chance..??

(Swara cries looking away.. Swayam lookes at Sanskar who was crying bitterly)

Swayam: Maasi.. Listen to him na..

Swara(held Swayam’s hand): Thank you everyone for coming at the party.. Now we will leave ( and started dragging Swayam out)

(Sanskar who saw this was hell shocked.. He immediately stood up, ran to her and blocked her way)

Sanskar(pants): Sw..ara… Ple..ea..se.. Dont.. Don’t do this

Swara: Move Sanskar!

Sanskar(immediately hugs her and starts crying): No no no! I wont go! I wont leave you Swara! Please don’t misunderstand me! (Swara tries to push him but he tightens his grip) I know you are angry.. Take your time but dont say its Over! (Breaks hug and looks at her) I.. (chokes) Its.. fin..e if you don’t love me.. Atl..east.. lets be friends like before please.. Dont break our friendship..

Sqara(emotionless): Nothing can be like before Mr Maheshwari.. Please..

(She held Swayam’s hand and started moving.. Sanskar and even Rags and Rohan tried to stop her but she sat in Taxi and went.. Swayam looked at Sanskar and cried)

(Sanskar kneels on road and cries bitterly ?Rags sat on her knees and hugs him and cries seeing her brother like this Sanskar hugs her back )

Sanskar: Rags, tell her to listen to me

Rags: Bhai

Sanskar : Please Rags.. Tell her to come back

Rags(tries to console him): Shh bhai.. Dont cry.. Give her sometime

Sanskar(?): She Left Me Rags! She left me??

Rags(cups his face): Bhai.. Shh (wipes his tears) Please dont cry.. She will accept.. It was a shock for her.. Give her some space..

Sanskar(still cries): She wont come Rags.. She said Its Over!?

Rohan(comes from behind and places hand on Sanskar’s shoulder): Sanskar.. Just let her be alone for sometime..she said all this as she was hurt and angry..

Sanskar(looks at him): Please Rohan (holds his hands) Tell her.. Make her understand I love her alot.. I dont know why, how, when.. But i do.. I love her with all my heart!

Rohan(consoles): I know.. I can see it.. But for now just go and take rest.. She will be fine till tomorrow.. you see she will come and again start her nautanki and irritate you

Sanskar(smiles with teary eyes and looks down): I hope.. I hope Rohan.. ?

Rohan(pats his shoulder): And waise bhi dude, Agr nai maani toh utha kr le jayen gy, kyun (winks?)

Sanskar(tears and looks at the sky): I.. I.. Love You Swara.. I love You Alot.. (whispers) Please don’t misunderstand me..

(Rags was helplessly looking at Sanskar.. He was weeping silently looking as if he lost his life, his most precious thing, his everything.. She was also crying.. Rohan felt bad for both of them .. But he knew Swara needs time)

Rohan(prays in mind): God! Please Make everything fine..

Episode ends..

Okay okay, So let me make things clear.. All the previous episodes are written by Tara.. From this epi, I am continuing this story further.. Am her friend btw.. But will post from her account..

Please people! Comment and show some response. only your comments can boost writers to write further.. So please dont be a silent reader and comment??

Should i continue btw?

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