Swasan – We are enough for each other (Season -3)

A beautifully bride walking to the edge of the mountain …fear is clearly visible on her face but determination is also there ..after reaching at the end she place her one leg above the air
Voice -hey Swara
Swara turn and shock to see a girl who looks exactly like her
Swara-who are you
Voice -ur soul or your devotion or angel of goodness inside u
Girl -leave about me …tell me why u want to die
Swara -how u know
Girl-stupid lady who will comes to edge and try to jump
Swara-ohhh don’t call me stupid. .who are you
Girl turned to be lord krishna
Krishna-tell me ur problem
Swara-u know everything
Krishna -i want to her from u
Swara-u know my problem is love
Krishna -love how love become problem. ..it’s the solution of every problem
Swara-if I accept my love my parents will be disrespected
Krishna -smiles love is pure which break every walls
Swara-then why love is seen as crime? ? If  love is devine then why lovers are seen sarcastically? ?
Krishna -what you think about love

Krishna smiles
Krishna -love is sarcastic. ….it’s only said by the one who don’t understand it
Swara-no krishna love is barrier which makes a person blind which is only think of one only …..my parents who bought me up from childhood don’t they have dream …there respect
Krishna -then what’s the problem go and marry laksh
Swara-then what about sanskar. ..he loves me madly …he is a nice guy ….I can’t betray him
Krishna -then where is the problem
Swara- krishna I can’t hurt my parents nor sanskar it’s because of love …I am living my life it’s boring but peacefull
Krishna -swara u are telling it too me or yourself. ….u are not living u are compromising. …it was love which change ur view about living it’s love which bring happiness its love which brought courage to u
Swara-yes the same love which made me lier …I can’t meet my parents eyes
…because of this love i am standing here
Krishna -yes the love which your parents given u is stopping u from cheating u and same love which sanskar given u is calling u
Krishna -think is it fault of love or your. ..it’s u who don’t trust your parents that they can understand ur love…it’s u who predecided everything. ….if u really believed in ur parents and there love  u never had to take support of lie…..when u urself
Don’t consider ur love is pure then how u accept from others

Krishna  – where fear disrespected lie distrust exiting there love doesn’t stay

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