SwaSan! Wajah tum ho!!(Last Episode) (part-2)

*******LAST EPISODE*******



Next day

Xyz hotel room

Swara was sleeping on sanskar’s chest giving him the warmth of her body ….Sanskar’s hand was on her waist holding her in his arms safely

The sun rays falls on both swasan …disturbing their sleep
They opens their eyes ….
Sanskar was suprised to see Swara ….whereas she was just staring him …they had cute-romantic eyelock but soon they came to sense ….realised their position and parted back
There was a awkward silence between them …many questions were running in Sanskar’s mind
She knew it but she herself don’t know it’s answers ….
Sanskar looked at her who was avoiding eye contact ….he shakes his head with a curve on his lips and scanned the room ….
And gave a shocked expression

Sanskar: swara wat r we doing in thz hotel
Swara:wo yesterday (she tells everything)
Sanskar: (worried) but Swara u shouldn’t have come here it’s not……

Before he could say there was knock on the door and they can hear police ?? ring sound
Sanskar looked tensed …Swara was abt to get up and open the door …but sanskar holds her wrist …to stop her

Sanskar: swara don’t open and come with me

He drags her towards the window

Swara: (confused) but y???
Sanskar: see swara I will explain u later ..

Saying thz he goes outside from the window and asks her to give her hand …she does so ..he pulls her …she lands on his chest ..
She was just staring him with mixed feelings …but look like he was very tensed …and dragged her from there immediately

They comes towards the gate of hotel …swara was shocked and suprised to see police over there
…..boy and girls were covering their faces …Sanskar tensedly dragged her but some people came running ..they pushed swasan and their hands got spearted

Sanskar: swara (looked here and there)

There was soo many people it was a huge crowd …he wasn’t able to see swara …
Here who was fallen on the ground ….slowly got up


She looked Here and there ….she was sooo confused of thz scenario …just then she heard something which turned her life upside down

A man:(on call) haan Sanskar sir everything is done as per ur plan
U wanted to punish Swara so u acted as ur were unconscious
….made me to convince her to take u to thz hotel ….which does illegal business ….so tat morning when police make a raid here put the people behind bars and she should be one among them

Swara was shocked to here thz
And was more shock to see the man he was the same man (sahil)who helped them yesterday …
She heard police calling the girls as sl*t …..she was lost in deep thoughts ….tears started brimming from her beautiful eyes …..she came to the sense by someone shaking her ….she looked up to see the person … Her eyes were showing hatred to the person ….it is Sanskar

Sanskar: swara come

He holds her wrist and was abt to drag her …..but swara turned him and gave a tight slap ??
He looked on shock

Sanskar: s…w…a…r…a
Swara:? stop it Mr Sanskar stop it ….enough is enough ….wat do u think of urself … Wat do u want to prove me huh! …
Sanskar:(holds her shoulder) Swara wat r talking …r u in sense
Wat do u mean
Swara:sahi tho kehrahi hon Mr sanskar ?? wah wat a trap just for the sake of revenge u stooped so low chi…I hate u …
Sanskar: (confused) revenge ???
Swara:? don’t act innocent …I know everything ..u wanted to punish me right so tat u made a trap for me ..show me as a sl*t in front of thz world .and how mad I’m didn’t understand anything
Sanskar:(shouts) Swara r u mad …..(clams)swara …I know I know u don’t love me ….but I love you swara ..plzz don’t talk thz rubish …it hurts …it hurts here (points to heart)

Swara:?stop it …stop ur nonsense …and never show ur face to me …I hate u I hate u got tat

She jerks and leaves from there

Sanskar stands there without any emotions ….his heart broked into billions of piece’s ….he just went from there lifelessly

Sahil who was viewing all this felt bad for Sanskar …and left from there

Gadodia mansion

All were waiting for swara …just then Swara comes there …they asked many questions but

Swara:maa plzz I don’t wanna talk about anything
Sumi:par shona ..ur engagement
Swara:maa plzz

She leaves to her room …

Next day

Xyz clg

Swara comes to the clg but she was soo sad …she lost her smile
She was abt to enter the clg gate but stops by tap on her shoulder
She turns

Swara:kavitha …
Kavitha:swara I wanna say u something its important come herr

She drags her to a corner

Swara:(confused) wat happen kavi
Kavitha: Swara wo Sanskar ….
Swara:(cuts off)? kavi plzzz I don’t wanna listen his name …u don’t know wat he did …..
Kavitha: (interrupts) swara it wasn’t done by him…ur misunderstanding him. ..
Swara:(confused) wat do u mean kavi
Kavitha; Swara kal Jo bi howa wo sab is done by sahil …swara sahil is my cousin ….he did all thz coz of me …for my happiness he thought tat ki u were coming in b/w me and Sanskar ….coz he knew ki I loved Sanskar from the very 1st day of clg
Swara:(shocked) wat
Kavitha: yes I loved sanskar …but trust me when I came to know tat sanskar loves u …the day he proposed u ….I decided not to love him ….so I didn’t came to clg also but by all sahil thought ki u were coming b/w Sanskar and me
So he create misunderstanding b/w u and sanskar ….and wo jo man who helped u to take Sanskar to hotel …and whz conversation u heard was sahil he changed his getup and came there(tears)

Swara’s eyes filled with tears …she remembers her words to Sanskar ….she immediately ran from there …..to the place where sanskar’s gang usually sits
Yuvi and Rithik was sitting there with a sad face?? …sahil was also there with guilty in his eyes
But she doesn’t find Sanskar

Swara: yuvi …rithik

She comes forward ….yuvi and rithik looks at her …turns their faces ??

Swara:?rithik where is sanskar I wanna talk to him

Yuvi and Rithik gets angry

Yuvi:? y do u want to talk him …wasn’t it enough which u did with him abbi kuch baki rehgaya hai kya

Swara:? yuvi plzzz I know I was wrong but ….
Yuvi:(cuts off) ? oh so mahan Swara ji ko apne galthi ehsaas hogaya hai huh!
Swara:?yuvi ..plzzz tell me where is sanskar …
Rithik:?y swara …isn’t was enough u broked his heart tat u want to meet him again …waise
(Smiles sadly) bhi Jo tum chathi thi wahi howa …u don’t wanna see him right …so he left he left from here forever ….

Swara looked on shock ….tears started flowing from her eyes

Yuvi: ? now enough stop ur drama and leave from here ….
And u know wat u r not wroth to get my bhai’s love

Swara ran from there …
Kavitha felt sad for her ..and told everything to yuvi and rithik abt sahil
Yuvi and Rithik looked at sahil

Yuvi:is she saying truth
Sahil:(guilty) yes yuvi …and I took ram uncles help In all thz
As I know tat gadodia’s were his rivals
Rithik: and ram uncle helped u knowing tat swara was bhai’s love (suprised)
Sahil:(guilty) no uncle didn’t knew it …he just wanted to spoil the image of gadodia family so..I

Before he could complete ..he got a punch from yuvi

Sahil:yuvi I’m sorry….

He kicked him without listening his words

Yuvi:u betrayed …tat bhai who used to love u like a brother …

He beated him black ..blue

They had a fight

Here gadodia’s came to know abt Ram’s plan but they kept quite
Where as ram was feeling guilty after knowing tat the girl who he wanted to prove as characterless was love of his son

Flashback ends

After planning abt something …
Ragini, kavitha, sahil, yuvi and rithik enters MM ….but ragini enters from the back door of the mansion

After sometime

Swara:(mind) where is thz Mr prince ….sirf ek baar dekha …
Oh god my eyes r waiting to see him again …plzzz snd him

Just then her eyes falls on Sanskar who was descending the stairs along with ragini like a good brother …she smiles and was lost in him yet again but he made sure tat his eyes shouldn’t fall on her …or else he would surely lose the control over him
Soon Swara comes to sense by sumi asking her to give the ring
She does soo

The engagement completes all thz while her eyes was fixed on only Sanskar …she smiles thinking tat she is gone mad
Sanskar leaves from there as he gets a call
Swara smiles and looks at ragini and hugs her

Swara:congratulations ragu ..oops bhabhi ?
Ragini laughs

Kavitha comes there

Kavitha:(hugs ragini) Cong ragu ..
Ragini: thank u kavi
Kavitha: (release the hug and looks at swara) hi swara …hw r u
Swara:(smiles & hugs her) I’m fine kavi

She releases the hug as she see’s yuvi and Rithik ….she was abt to talk them …but they gives her a angry glare and goes towards ragini …..she gets sad ?

Kavitha:(shakes her) swara kya howa
Swara:(looks at her) hmmm nothing
Kavitha: k comes let’s have a cool drink
Swara smiles

Kavitha calls a waiter and takes two glass of drinks …..turns to give a glass to Swara …but in thz process it falls on swara’s dress

Kavitha: oh swaru …I’m sorry wo…
Swara:it’s k kavi no need be sorry
(To ragini) ragu washroom khaan hai
Ragini: swara tum upar jao there is room at right side ….u can use washroom of tat room

Swara nodes and leaves to room

She enters the room without looking at the room ….she straight away goes towards washroom

Sanskar also enters the same room and closes the door

Rithik ,ragini, yuvi,sahil, kavitha who was viewing all thz …smiles winningly

Ragini: next step guys

All looks at rithik …

Rithik:(fumbles) hey…wat…y..r u.. Looking at me ….I’m not gonna do tat
Yuvi:(smiles) u should rithik …waise bhi u r expret in all thz …don’t u remember how once in clg u locked Sanskar bhai and Swara in a library
Sahil:and how bhai scolded the person who locked it …hahahaha lol
Yuvi:? hahahaha …right sahil (they was abt share HiFi but stops …yuvi turns)

Ragini and rithik smiles …

Ragini: rithu bhaiyo….plzzz go naa.
Rithik: haa k ..k

He goes towards the room and locks the door from outside ….and smiles

Rithik: (smile) done??



Sanskar takes his shirt from wardrobe ….
Removes his coat ….was unbuttoning his shirt …just then Swara comes out of the washroom ….and was shocked to see Sanskar …his shirt buttons were open now …she was just lost in him with widen mouth and eyes ….just then Sanskar’s eyes also falls on her …he was shocked too ..seeing
Her coz it’s his room …he absorbed tat she was staring him like anything …so looked at himself …finds tat his buttons open ..immediately he buttons His shirt … Leaving 1st to buttons open

Swara:(mind) omg he is soo hot?

Sanskar: (looks at her) ahem… Ahem…
Ms gadodia …wat r u doing here in my room
Swara:(comes to sense) wo actually I…
Sanskar: (cut’s off) for whatever purpose u came here I don’t want to know it …
So plzz leave from here

She gets sad seeing his cold treatment towards her …nodes and goes towards the door …tries to open it but Wasn’t not able to do it …so she bangs the door …Sanskar hears it and looks towards her in annoyingly

Sanskar: wat the hell ..y r u banging the door…
Swara:(looks at him) wo actually it’s not opening …I guess someone locked it from out ..
Sanskar: wat …

He goes towards the door …tries to open but couldn’t …she bangs again

Sanskar: no use of tat …coz thz room is sound proof …so no one wouldn’t be able to hear it
Swara:wat …then wat should we do

He goes towards the bed …takes his mobile he was abt to dial a number but the mobile switches off …as his battery was dead

Sanskar: oh shit …(he looks at Swara).
Give me ur mobile
Swara:it’s not there …I left it with kavitha
Sanskar: (annoy) wat the hell…u girls can carry ur makeup kit every where but can’t a single mobile with u
Swara: oh hello I’m not tat type girl k ..
Sanskar: yeah I know ? ..

Swara:(in mind) swara thz is right time talk to him …ask forgiveness from him
(To Sanskar) ..wo… Sans…..

Before she could say ..the light goes off …
She gets scared

Swara:Sanskar …(moves forward)
..where …r u….I’m scared of thz darkness …

She stumbles …and was abt to fall …but Sanskar holds her …and on the troche
A romantic and a cute eyelock takes place b/w them …both were lost in eachother eyes …but soon comes to sense

Sanskar: r ..u k…
Swara:(blushes) hmmm
Sanskar: come here …

He holds her hand …goes towards the bed ..makes her sit and sits beside her
She keeps on staring him lovingly …he feels her gaze on him and

Sanskar: wat happen …
Swara:nothing was thinking abt the names of our kids …waise if it is a girl then smaira and if boy then samrath will be nice right
Sanskar: (mind) y the hell she is saying thz …names of her kid huh! Doesn’t she care abt my feeling …how I feel to see her a mother of other person

Swara chuckles seeing his angry + jealousy face ….

Swara: wat happen …
Sanskar: (comes to sense )ahem …nothing
Swara:hmm waise u want kids more than a cricket team right …but I’m unable to select the names for soo many kids
Sanskar:? just shut…. (Realised wat she said and was suprised) wat….wat..do
U mean …by tat …

Swara giggles ..comes closer to him

Swara:(whisphers) yahi ki Mr Sanskar …
App ke I mean …humare bacche kai names kaise lage app ko …it’s my choice (huskliy)

The lights comes …she giggles seeing him staring her …gets up and pushes him on the bed ….and was abt to go …but Sanskar holds her wrist …she turns ..he pulls her she falls on him

Sanskar: (huskily) wat do u mean …swara

She gets happy listening ..her name from his voice ….gets teary eyes and hugs him tightly ..

Swara:I’m sorry …Sanskar ..I’m sorry
Sanskar: (releases the hug) I don’t want ur sorry …just say me wat do u mean by ur talks ..just before

Swara:(blushes) wo …I Love you …
Sanskar: (suprised) wat …
Swara:(looks at him) I love u…. I love u Mr sanskar maheswari

His heart started beating fastly by her confession ….he looks at her

Sanskar: s..w..a..r..a….r u serious
Swara:yes …Sanskar I love u …plzz mujhe maaf kardo …Jo kuch bhi 5years phele howa …I was wrong ….abb meri jeenai ki


Hey guys it’s Sara again ….hope u all liked the last episode ..and the epilogue will be next …

Bye guys tc …thank u all

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