SwaSan! Wajah tum ho!!(Last Episode) (part-1)


********LAST EPISODE********


Swara was searching Sanskar like a mad every where …but didn’t find him ….she gets more worried …searching him for the long time she reached to a beach where she is used go when she is sad or happy to take some fresh air

Swara:?(worried & tears) I’m sorry Sanskar …it’s all coz me if I wouldn’t have told u abt my engagement tab yeh sab nahi hota

She was cursing herself for his missing …her heart wants to see him …if not a part of her life would die but y she is feeling so
She is soo much confused coz she never felt like thz to any other person ….Sanskar had made a special place in her life

Her eyes falls on the people gathered on the beach making a around ….don’t know y but her body automatically attracted to go there …and she goes towards there …

Man:This guy was drunken … Was walking towards the water …
Suddenly falled there …I guess he don’t know swimming or coz of alcohol effect he was unable to swim ….so I saved him ..

Swara immediately cleared the crowd and was shocked to see the sight it was Sanskar …in a unconscious state …tears rolled down from her beautiful eyes
She felt on her knees and took his head on her lap

Swara:(tears)? Sanskar .. Sanskar …get up(pats his cheeks)

She tried to wake him ….. But he was shivering due to cold …the man see’s thz

Man:do u know him ..
Swara:(looks at the man) yes daada he is …? he is my friend
Man:hmm he is shivering from cold …there is a hotel nearby y don’t u take him there ..
Swara:I think u r right ….can u plz help me to take him there
Man:haan sure

The man puts Sanskar in his car …swara sits beside Sanskar …takes his head in her lap …the man droves

Soon they reaches to a hotel …

Man :I will talk to receptionist for a room and will hand over u the keys and will give a clothes for ur friend he will catch flu as his clothes r drenched….u stay her

Swara nodes

After sometime the man comes and gives keys and clothes to swara …was abt to go

Swara:daada wo actually if u don’t mind …can u plz change my friend clothes …he is shivering from cold and I….

Man:haan it’s k

Swasan along with man goes to the room ….swara stays out the man changes Sanskar clothes ….

Swara:(smiles) thank u for helping us
Man:ur welcome ..take care of ur friend

Swara nodes and goes inside the room ….the man smirks evilly
And dails a number in his phone

*on call*

Man:haan uncle …don’t worry app ka plan kabi fail hone nahi dunga
(Other side):haan wo tho hai ram prasad maheswari ka plan kabi fail nahi Hoga …..sumi gadodia ? it will be a lesson for u to mess with me ….now everyone will raise a finger on ur daughter’s character (laughs evilly)

Man:haan uncle u r right
Ram:waise SAHIL …u said tat u will trap her daughter by a using a guy …but who is tat guy?????
Sahil:(fumbles) he….is….he
..is …..hmmm…haan ..my friend uncle k now bye uncle

He immediately cuts the uncle

Now u all came to its sahil and ram


Swara was taking care of sanskar
She was soo worried for him tat she frgt abt her engagement

In gadodia mansion all were trying her Mobile but it was showing switched off …as she left her mobile on the beach itself

Swara:(rubbing his palms) Sanskar plz wake up plzzz?

He was shivering from cold ….she covered him fully with the bedsheet and sat beside him rubbing his palms ..keeping her head on the headboard ….
“He drank coz of me” she thought
Thz thought was paining her …
Tears were just flowing from her eyes …..soon she dozes off

Flashback ends



Swara:(murmur) Sanskar

Yes it is our hero Sanskar who saved his princes from falling
His hands was on her waist holding her safely in his arms
Her heart stopped beating seeing him …he was just lost in her big doe eyes ….there was cute eyelock
But soon he comes to sense ….
Avoids eye contact and makes her stand
Swara gets happy seeing him and decides to ask for forgiveness


Before she could say …he left from there emotionlessly coz he doesn’t want to lose his heart yet again ….he knew if he stands there for a second his heart would betray him ….and will again fall for thz girl who was standing in front of him ….even though he knew tat he still loves her no matter how much he pretend

Swara:? he is angry with me …god I know he is right in his place but give me courage to face him ….(thinks abt Sanskar and smile) Mr prince is looking more handsome now than before

Sumi:swara wat r u doing there come here na beta
Swara:(smiles) haan maa

She goes from there

Sanskar comes to his room and bangs his hand on the table

Sanskar: damn it ….stop it Sanskar don’t think abt her

He again thinks abt her wat to do yeh dil hai ki mantha nahi??
“Is she is married” a sudden though came to his mind stabbing his heart for hundred times ….”no no she wasn’t wearing mangalsutar and vermilion then she isn’t married”
He thought thz and gets happy
“But I guess she is engaged ..will marry soon stop thinking abt her” he cursed himself and left from there


Rithik and yuvi was abt to enter the MM mansion …but stopped seeing a person who was also entering the mansion
Both gets angry to see the person

Rithik:(angry)? sahil ..kavitha
Wat r u both doing here
Sahil: rithik ….wo choti ki engagement hai na so
Yuvi:(holds his collar )? wah sahil …but who asked u to come here huh! ..sukoon nahi mila tujhai after taking bhai’s happiness away tat u came here again
Sahil:yuvi ….listen ….
Yuvi:(pushes him)? just get lost warna mujhe se bura koi nahi hoga

Just then ragini comes there

Ragini:yuvi bhaiyo clam Down …
Sahil bhai came here coz I called him here
Rithik:(suprised) but y choti don’t u know he is only the reasons behind ….whatever happened 5years back
Sahil:? I know I had done wrong but couldn’t u forgive me guys
Kavitha: (tears) yes plz forgive him ….he is really guilty for whatever he did
Rithik:kavitha if we forgive him ..
Will he return our old bhai

Kavitha downs her head …..

Sahil:? I’m sorry guys plz …

Yuvi gets angry was abt to beat but ragini stops him

Ragini:yuvi bhayo stop ….(turns to rithik) and rithu bhaiyo we will get our old bhai ….back
Rithik:but ….
Ragini: (cuts off) I have plan
(She says something)
Yuvi:no never ….tat swara….
Ragini :(interrupts) uffo bhaiyo I know u r angry on swara but is ur anger is imp than Sanskar bhai’s happiness

Yuvi keeps quite

Rithik & sahil: I’m with u choti
Ragini: (smiles) aur app yuvi bhai

Yuvi nodes with smile

Rithik:but we will not forgive him jab tak bhai doesn’t become our old bhai …..whom he erased by His deeds(points to sahil)

Sahil gets sad

Ragini; k fine


Hey guys its Sara ….Hope u liked thz part plz do comment guys
Bye take care ….and thank u

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