SwaSan! Wajah tum ho!!(episode-9)


Flash back

Next day

Sanskar was waiting for Swara …his eyes were glued to the clg get ..without blinking his eyes he was staring the gate continuously….yuvi and rithik see’s thz and smiles

Rithik:arrey bhai….don’t worry bhabhi will come …
Sanskar: (confused) Bhabhi??
Yuvi: (smiles) Swara bhabhi

Just then Swara comes …

Rithik:bhai…look at there ur princess and our bhabhi ki entry hogai …

Sanskar turns and gets happy to see swara …she was looking beautiful in yellow ton and white jeans ….hairs tied in bun ..
All boys mouths were widen to see swara …

Yuvi:bhai …look at thoz boys ..how they r staring bhabhi

Sanskar looks around and gets angry? ..by boys staring ..his swara …all were looking at her milky back as she tied her hairs in bun .. … Sanskar gives them a death glare? and goes towards Swara
…..removes clutch of her hairs and it falls on her back covering her back fully
Swara looks suprised …and turns …gets angry to find Sanskar

Swara:? u again …arggg wat the hell ..give my clutch …y did u removed it from my hairs huh!
Sanskar:?arrey princess clam down app ke Prince like ur open hairs …so ur prince removed it ?
Swara:shut up …idiot ..and wat is thz princess and prince huh!?
Sanskar: princess u r my princess …and I’m ur prince ?
Swara:who the hell said u tat?
Sanskar: wat
Swara:tat ki u r my prince …idiot ?
Sanskar: just now u only said ? ..now don’t talk much …go to ur class I don’t want u to miss any classes …coz in future u have to make our children learn na …(pulls her cheeks and winks)?

Sanskar leaves from there


Swara looks at him …bt he already left from there

Swara:oh god …thz kavi and ragu both r not coming for clg ….how can be alone today I’m sure thz Sanskar ..will irritate like hell plz save me god

She leaves from there …

After sometime

Sanskar comes to swara’s class …looks at her who was talking with some boys ..
He gets angry as they were the same boys who was staring Swara …in morning
He goes towards them ..

Sanskar :(smiles) hi princess
Swara:? don’t u have better work …and I’m not ur princess got tat
Sanskar:arrey princess … Har wakth gussa
Is not good for health….. Learn to love
And see u will feel so good
Swara:it is waste to talk to u?

She was abt to go …but stumbles and was abt to fall …but our hero cute sanskar holds her…..his one hand was on her waist ..other on her shoulder …both had a cute eyelock …

Kuch tho hai tere mere darmiyan …plays

Soon both comes to sense …he makes her stand …in thz process his fingers slightly touches her bare belly….both looks at eachother in shock …a spine ran through there body ..Sanskar immediately takes off his hand ….she looks at ….she was blushing yes blushing but hiding too …
The thick hairs strand’s was falling on her face …disturbing Sanskar’s gaze on her …
He smiles and takes the strands .. Tucks it back

Sanskar: waise princess how many kid’s do u want ?
Swara:(looks at him)? wat kid’s
Sanskar: haan kid’s ….our kid’s (looks into her eyes) I want more than a cricket team …???

Swara feels butterflies in her stomach ..coz of his reply …but

Swara: (mind) stop thinking abt him Swara …just stop it

She angrily looks at sanskar …and leaves from there

Sanskar smiles ..turns and looks at the boys …they were abt to go but

Sanskar: hey stop ?
Boys:(looks at him) yes bhai ..
Sanskar: wat were u doing with Swara huh!
Boys:talking ..
Sanskar: I will kill u all if u dare to talk with her …and 1more thing ..she is ur bhabhi ? got tat

Boys nodes in fear

Sanskar:who ..is she ..
Boy:Swara bhabhi …
Sanskar: good

He leaves from there

Next day

Swara comes to clg…a boy collides her …
…boy looks at her ..

Swara:I’m sorry
Boy:no no …swara bhabhi I’m sorry
Swara: Bhabhi?
Boy:haan Sanskar bhai asked us to call u tat

Swara gets angry

Swara:(shouts)? sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sanskar immediately comes there ..and closes her mouth

Sanskar: wat happen princess ….shouting
At morning ..is not a good thing (pulls her nose)
Swara:aahh leave ..it …and ? wat the hell u asked them …huh! To call me bhabhi
Sanskar: yes princess ..wat is wrong in thz
One day or other …u will become my wife ..na ..
Swara:can’t u understand ..I don’t love u?
I hate u ..then yeh wife kahan sai
Sanskar: sshh u don’t love me …don’t do it …but don’t hate me …..(keeps a hand on her cheek) coz I Love U

He leave’s from there …..swara’s heart started beating fastly …


Yuvi and rithik were sitting waiting for Sanskar …just then Sanskar comes with a pale face

Yuvi:wat happen bhai …y sad
Sanskar: she hates me …yuvi ?
Rithik:arrey bhai ..u r sad for tat …don’t u know …hate is the 1st step of love I’m sure indirectly she was u I love u

Sanskar gets happy and looks at them …

Sanskar’:r u serious

Just then sahil comes there

Sahil:yes bhai they r ..right

Sanskar turns …and smiles seeing sahil

Sanskar: hey hi..sahil …where were u …dnt came for clg yesterday ???
Sahil: wo actually bhai …I was busy ….so dnt came
Sanskar: oh accha …I thought u r angry on me
Sahil: wat r saying bhai …never in my life I could be angry on u …,(smiles & hugs Sanskar)
Sanskar:(hugs back) yeah right (smiles)
Rithik and yuvi smiles

Days passes ..Sanskar always used to confess his love to swara …which makes her irritate ..like hell

One day ..

Gadodia mansion

Swara was sitting in her room….thinking abt sanskar unknowingly a smile comes to her lips

Her thoughts was disturb by a knock on the door ..it is sumi knocking the door

Sumi: shona ..
Swara:(comes to sense ) haan maa

Sumi comes in……and smiles ….goes towards Swara…..sits beside her
Swara smiles

Sumi:shona…..wat do u think abt Harman ..
Swara:(smiles ) maa Harman is my best friend from childhood …he is nice guy …
(Confused ) but y r asking maa
Sumi:(smiles) wo actually shona …me and ur baba saw a match for u ….it is Harman

Swara gets shock …her heart stopped beating she don’t wanna marry Harman ..yes he is her friend …but she never saw him in a husband way ….she should be happy coz her parents had selected Harman for her coz it’s better to live ur life with a person who you know well rather than a unknown person ….but she herself don’t know ….y she don’t want Harman to be her life partner her soul mate ….may
Be her heart already decided her soulmate …but she isn’t realising it

Sumi:(shakes her) shona bolo
Swara:(looks at sumi) as u say maa
Sumi:(smiles & kisses her forehead) I knew it …Harman is perfect for u …shona
He will keep u happy always

Swara smiles sadly …she agreed …only coz she couldn’t deny her parents …she never did tat ….

Sumi:(smiles) and shona will also fixed the engagement date….it is after 3days ..as Harman is returning from London tat day

Swara looks on shock. ..but keeps quite seeing sumi’s happy face

Sumi leaves from there …
A tear drop escapes from swara’s eyes
She immediately wipes it

Next day

Maheswari mansion

Ram: wat the hell ..gupthaI lost my business ? i asked u to bribe tat new collector …wats her name …
Gupthal:(fears) sumi gadodia …sir
Ram:? haan Mrs gadodia …aur tum gadhai oh gadhai
Gupthal:sir ….we tried lot of things but she dnt agree with us sir (fears)
Ram:haan patha hai ? u can’t even handle a lady ….now I should only think something

He walks here and there in anger. …while gupthal looks at him in fear ….suddenly something strikes to rams mind …he turns

Ram: get me details …abt gadodia family

Gupthal nodes and leaves from there

Here in clg

Sanskar was waiting for Swara but she dnt came for clg …he gets worried ….he thought to ask kavitha …but even she was absent from clg ….he gets more worried

So he decided to go to gadodia mansion

He leaves …soon he was standing in front of the mansion ….he waits for swara …but he dnt find her …so he looks at a small puppy …inside mansion …calls it …puppy comes …he writes something in a paper and keeps it in a belt around the puppy’s neck ..shows swara’s pic ..to puppy which was in his mobile …and signals him to give it to her ….puppy runs inside …
Sanskar also leaves from there ….

Swara’s room

Swara was lost in deep thoughts ….puppy comes there and jumps into her lap …
She comes to sense ….smiles seeing puppy

Swara:odi (smiles)

Puppy bends …shows her the paper …she confusedly takes it …and reads

Swara:I Love U princess …

She leaves paper …a tear drop escapes from her eyes

Swara:Sanskar ….

Flash back ends


Ragini goes towards sanskar’s room ….
Knocks it …but there was no response so slightly opens it …and peeps in …doesn’t find sanskar anywhere …she enters the room

Ragini:bhai …kahaan hai ..(hears showers sound) ..oh getting fresh ..hmm will talk later

She was abt to go …but stops seeing a pic on the floor …she gets suspicious ..and takes …turns it …and

Ragini: (tears) swara …

She hears the door knob sound …immediately wipes her tears and leaves from there

After sometime

Sanskar was ready ….dressed in black tuxedo looking ravishing …

He goes towards study …enters …looks at ram who was busy doing some work

Sanskar: good morning dad
Ram:(looks at him & smiles) good morning my son …come have a seat …
Sanskar: (sits) I came here …to talk abt ragini
Ram:(confused) about ragini …par kya
Sanskar: yehi ki I have a perfect match for her …He is a nice guy ..
Ram:accha …but who is he …
Sanskar: Laksh ….laksh gadodia

Ram :(shock) gadodia …u mean u want ur sister to get marry in gadodia family
Sanskar: yes dad y not …u also know ki it is a good ..mannered family …it will be a perfect family for choti
Ram:but ….
Sanskar: (interrupts) I know dad …u had a rivalry from gadodia family …but don’t u think it’s high time ..plz end all thz …plz for me
Ram:(smiles) anything for u .my son
Sanskar: (smiles) thank u dad
Ram:sujatha ….

Sujatha:haan coming ji

She comes there …ram tells her everything …she gets happy


Gadodia mansion

Sumi: (suprised) wat …u love ..ragini ..Laksh
Laksh: yes maa
Sumi:(happy) I’m happy for u laksh …ragini is a nice girl…perfect for u ..
Laksh: r u happy maa
Sumi:(smiles) haan Laksh I’m happy
Shekar smiles ….just then there was a call on his mobile …he gets suprised seeing caller I’d ….sumi and laksh looks at him questionly

Shekar:ram maheswari ..ka call hai

Sumi and Laksh looks suprised …

While swara who was happy ..smiling for her brother …was suprised ..her heart started beating fastly
As shekar was talking at phone …

After sometime

Shekar:(happy) sumi ..they called to talk abt laksh and ragini’s marriage ….
Sumi:(happy) wat …really
Shekar:yes sumi (smiles) get ready fast we r going to maheswari mansion ….apne hone wali bahu ko dekhnai

Laksh smiles..
Swara’s was still beating fastly …

Sumi:(smiles) swara ..go get ready …have to leave na
Swara,:(happily) haan maa (she abt to go but something strikes her mind and her face turns pale)
Sumi:wat happen ..shona
Swara:maa ..I have some work ..so will not be able to come …
Sumi:but shona…
Swara: maa it’s important

Saying thz she leaves from there


Sanskar: (smiles) i said right u will marry laksh …see (to sujatha) mom …make my choti ready …she should look beautiful…
(Pats ragini’s face) .

Sujatha: (smiles) haan…haan chore …

Sanskar smiles and was abt to leave but ragini holds his wrist …he turns ..

Ragini: where r u going bhaiyo…
Sanskar: (smiles) I have some important work so have to go ….

Saying thz he leaves from there …while raging looks on with teary eyes …


Hope u all liked it guys …its a 3rd last part plz do comment guys …

And mica ….wajah tum ho
Means ” You r the reason ” dr

Thank u all..bye..tc
Love u ???????

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