SwaSan! Wajah tum ho!!(episode-11)



Next day at xyz clg

Yuvi: rithik …sahil…bhai ki baath hoye Kya tum dono sai
Rithik: nai yaar he is not picking the call also (worried) aur I asked choti abt bhai …yesterday but???
Yuvi:but kya …rithik
Rithik:choti said ki …bhai didn’t came to mm from clg
Yuvi;wat then where did he went
Rithik:yuvi wo yesterday swara …u know na ???
Yuvi:hmmm …k leave it let’s go and search bhai

Yuvi and rithik leaves from there but sahil was standing still

After sometime

It was almost night ….

Yuvi :(worried) rithik aab kya kare we searched everywhere but bhai ….bhai kaa patha nahi chala ….bhai where r u
Rithik:(worried) calm down yuvi we will find him soon ….(thinks
Something) hmmm yuvi shall we call swara and tell her abt thz
Yuvi:hmm k

Rithik calls swara

*on call*

Rithik: hello bhabhi ..it’s rithik
Swara:(she was abt cut ..)
Rithik: suno …suno swara bhabhi plz cut math karo …I wanna tell u something important plzzz
Swara:hmm Jo bhi bolna hai ..tell it fast ….and it’s swara not ur bhabhi got tat
Rithik: swara …bhai ??(tells everything)

After hearing abt sanskar’s missing ….tears rolled down from her beautiful cheeks …

Rithik: wo swara …did bhai talked u …or called u ???
Swara:(tears)?? no rithik he didn’t ….

Before she completes

Rithik:k (cuts the call)

Swara: (tears) hello rithik ….rithik …r u there ….

She looks at mobile …call was disconnected ….she again called him but it was showing busy
She gets worried

Swara:??? it’s all coz of u swara …kya zarurathi tat u told him abt the engagement …now see ….god plzzz Sanskar should be save god ….just once I wanna see him ….see him in front my eyes plzzz god (looks upwards)

She looks at the time …its 8pm

Swara: there is still time for engagement ….I will go and see

She slowly goes out of gm . ….without anyone’s notice
…..starts her scooty and leaves from there

Flashback ends


Next day

It’s a engagement day of raglak …
The MM was beautiful decorated with red and white roses

Ragini’s room

Sanskar: (kiss her forehead) congratulations my lil sis
Ragini:thank u bhai (smiles)
Sanskar: (smile) k bye …now I have to leave

He was abt to go but ragini stops him holding his wrist …
He turns and looks at her ????

Ragini: (in mind) not today bhai ..
Bahut bhag liya apne …but not today (to Sanskar) bhaiyo where r u going ….today is ur sis engagement
Sanskar :(avoids eye contact) wo choti actually …I have an imp work so have to go
Ragini:(tears) is tat work is imp more than me ….if it so then (to sujatha ) mom I don’t wanna get married or engaged ..
Sanskar: choti….
Ragini: (cuts off) no bhai …i don’t wanna do thz engagement …when bhai is not present

She sits on the bed …with a sad face ????
Sanskar tried to make her understand but she wasn’t ready to listen him ….so finally he gave up …coz no bro could be win over his sis

Sanskar: k fine …I’m not going anywhere ….I will be here only
Ragini:(gets happy & hug him) really bhai
Sanskar: (smiles) haan …nothing is more than ur happiness my sis …
Ragini: thank u sooo much bhaiyo
Sanskar: (smile) ur welcome
K u gett ready now

Ragini nods with smile
He smiles and was abt to leave but stops hearing sujatha and ragini’s conversion

Ragini: arrey sumi anuty is sooo sweet na
Sujatha:(smiles) haan chori

Both were talking abt yesterday’s arrival of gadodia family and their talks ….

“Didn’t she came” thought Sanskar who was eagerly waiting to listen abt only one person …but nither sujatha and nor ragini talked abt her “don’t lose Sanskar” said himself and left from there

Ragini smiles seeing him leaving


Gadodia mansion

Swara’s room

Swara:(closing her eyes) plzzzz god give me courage to face Sanskar plzzzz ….today I’m gonna meet him after 5years…I will ask him for forgiveness but will he forgive me??????

Just then sumi calls her

Sumi:shona come fast
Swara :haan ma coming

Soon gadodia’s leaves from there


Maheswari mansion

Sujatha: (joining her hands)aaye aaaye samdan ji aaye

Sumi,shekar, Laksh smiles and enters ……

Swara’s heartbeat was raising as she entered MM …

She was descending the stairs but her leg got twisted …..and she was abt to fall ….she closed her eyes tightly in fear falling ….but felt a strong arm around her waist protecting her from the fall …..she immediately opened her eyes feeling the touch

Swara:(murmur) Sanskar


Hi guys it’s tanu ….hope u liked thz episode …plz do comment

Thank u all guys ….bye tc …
Love u all??????

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