SwaSan! Wajah tum ho!!(episode-10)


Next day at xyz clg

As usual Sanskar was waiting for swara to come sitting with his gang …but today he was desperately waiting to see her as she wasn’t present yesterday at clg and he didn’t saw her
Yuvi and rithik see’s thz

Yuvi:arrey bhai clam down bhabhi will come …app tho aise goor rahe hai WO gate and waiting for bhabhi to come jaise u didn’t saw bhabhi for years

Sanskar:?? u don’t know yuvi how I’m feeling …yesterday I didn’t saw her ..1day mai all 1hours was like a 1year for me without her

Rithik: arrey mere romeo bhai ..
Seriously u madly love bhabhi

Sanskar: WO tho hai??(blushes)

Yuvi:? haan …aur now see ur princess also came

Sanskar immediately looks at the gate and gets happy seeing swara ….he had a bright smile on his face seeing the love of his life his princess his swara ….
But her face was pale …look like something was bothering her and she herself don’t know wat

Sanskar goes towards her

Sanskar:? good morning my princess ..

Swara heared it but without looking at him ..was abt to go but he helds her wrist

Sanskar:? answer me back ..princess

Her heart was beating heavily …
She wants to talk to him …yes she wants tat but herself don’t know y …she was confused but at last she made up her mind to make distance from him coz she thinks it would be better not only for her but for him also
And angrily tried to withdraw her hand from his hold ….but is the anger was real or she was just faking to be anger ???

Swara:? leave me ..(without looking at him)
Sanskar: (smiles)? oh god at last I heard ur melodious voice … I love u my princess

She gets angry and jerks her hand..

Swara:? y can’t u understand I don’t love u …so plzz plzzz stop all thz (joins her hand) …plzz let me live peacefully ..
Sanskar: (smiles) ok na princess we both will get married and will live peacefully ??

She gets more angry and shouts

Swara:? can’t u understand my words …there is no future for us together ….and listen I’m getting engaged 2mro ..and soon will get married also ….so it’s better u stay away from me

His heart broken into million of pieces …hearing the word tat she is gonna get engaged soon and married also …his heart beat stopped imaging her with any other person …

Sanskar:(cups her face) hey princess plzz tell me it’s lie …see it’s k if u don’t love me but (tears)
But …plzz don’t ….

Before he could complete …she shows off her hand and runs from there immediately
Leaving him behind …taking his life away from him ….he stumbles with tears in his eyes and pain in his heart ….rithik and yuvi who heard their all …holded Sanskar and was looking at him sadly …..but he leaves from there
Without any emotiona on his face


He tried to go after him but rithik stops him and signals him to leave him alone

Where as sahil who was also viewing all thz ….stood there cooking something in his brain

Flashback ends

Maheswari mansion

All gadodia’s and maheswari’s were seated ..discussing abt the marriage of raglak

Shekar: (smiles) bhai Hume tho ladki bahut pasand hai ….and we want to make her our daughter as soon as possible

Sujatha: (confused) daughter
Sumi:haan she will be our daughter …(caress ragini’s face lovingly)

Sujatha and ram gets happy coz they were sure tat their daughter will be happy in such a good family …..ram thinks something …the guilt was shown on his face remincing something

Ram:(guilty) WO past mai Jo …..
Shekar: (cuts off) ram ji leave all tat now …let not talk abt tat

Ram nodes with smile

Sumi:(smiles)so I think 2mro’s date would be best for engagement ….wat all u say ?

Sujatha:(smiles) haan it would best
Ram:k then 2mro is engagement

Shekar nodes with smile …

Both the families spends some time together later gadodia’s leaves from there


Karma company

Sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar was busy in doing some work on his laptop ….
Just then there was a knock on the door

Sanskar: (looking at lappy) come in

The persons comes …he lifts his head to see them …..smiles seeing them

Sanskar: (smiles) hi …..yuvi .. Rithik
Yuvi:stop faking tat smile bhai it isn’t looking real at all
Sanskar: (ignores it and again transfer his gaze on lappy) how come u both here …
Rithik: bhai ….tat gadodia’s came to fix their son marriage with choti and …..
Sanskar: and 2mro is engagement
Yuvi:u knew it bhai
Sanskar: (looks at them) yes
Yuvi ?:then y the hell u didn’t stopped it …how can u let choti marry to their son
Sanskar:yuvi choti loves him …and nothing is imp than her happiness for me …in fact I myself convinced dad for thz marriage
Sanskar:(interrupts) and I’m happy
Yuvi:oh so u r happy ..then wat r u doing her ….u should be in mm
Celebrating ur happiness with ur family right
Sanskar: (transfers his gaze on lappy) WO I’m busy so….
Yuvi:u r busy or making urself busy to avoid …..
Sanskar: (interrupts )stop it …yuvi stop it
Rithik: (cuts off)yuvi (signals him to be quite)

Sanskar looks at them and leaves from there


Precap:swasan face off

Hi guys again its Sara ….
And if u want to give credit or praises then give it to Tanu not me coz I just type thz and posted

Thank u guys …bye tc

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