SwaSan! Wajah Tum Ho!!

Hi guys tanu is here…hmmm i guess u know me …. writer of
1) swaragini is thz a love or hate (incomplete)
2)swasan bin tere
3)Swasan you r my life

This is a ss n the idea is gvn by my sis o if the comment are sufficient enough ill continue

So here is a small intro

Sanskar maheshwari:a cool n handsome hunk …a student at xyz clg.. he is knwn as bhai in clg coz of his rowdiesh act(sry guys fr ths wrd as i dnt knw wht to wrt in eng) son of ram prasad maeshwari n sujata maheshwari … all girls die on him bt he oly flirts with them on other wrds he is a flirter
Swara godadia:a cute simple yet intelligent girl with all moral frm rich famliy n has no attitude d/o shekar n sharmishtha godadia

———-Story begins———–********
A clg is shwn wth xyz name …sme students r chatting sme r raggng their juniors in all ths a grp is shwn whr 3boys r ragging thier junior
Boy1:hey u remove ur shirt
Junior:(scared) bt sir
Boy 2: ooye sir ke bacche v r ur seniors nt sirs saying ths bth started lauhghng
Boy3:yuvi n rithik stop it guys see hs scared
Yuvi:hey sahil thy r our juniors o v hv all rihts to rag thm (turning towards the boy)kyu sahi kaha na
Boy :(scared) sss
Rithik:k wts ur nme tingu
Yuvi: oooo shamlaal wt a nme sayng ths he gives hi-fi to rithik n sahil n thy laugh
Yuvi:k shamlal nw remove ur shirt v wnt to see ur muscles
Shamlal:stammmering ..o..k
Thn he removes his shirt n says
Shamlal : sh..all i ..g.go
Rithik:na na na not so soon nw u hv to entertain us more(smirk)
sahil:nw u remove ur pant
shamlal:bt hw cn i girls r here
Yuvi:ooh oh gettng shy haan thn dnt coz thy wnt wtch ur 6packs

Rithik :yup nw cm fast open ur pant
He removes his pant all ths while the trio kept laughing
Rithik : nw remove ur under garment
Shamlal :plz dnt do ths plz im already feelng embarrasment
Thn dnt remove a voice cam frm behind all of thm turn towards te direction n sw a handsme hunk ws standng with a imle on his face seeng him supportng shamlal runs towards him fr help
Shamlal:sir plz help me frm raggng
Boy:dnt remove ur undergarment …
Shamlal:tq sir sayng ths he ws abt to go when he heard smethng
Boy:bt remove evn ur panty saying ths he laughed givin hi fi to yuvi,rithik nsahil
Rithik:hahaha sanskar ur rht he shld remove evn his panty hahaha 
Sanskar:sham ki kiran n laal rang ka phool nikal varna deduga mai kaan ke neeche
Sham:(more scared) kk sying ths he removed his undergarment n stood oly with his panty covering himself with his hands
Yuvi:chal nw remove the last part
Sham’ 
Rihik:ur body us sam as yuvi hahaha
Yuvi:wht !!! Rithik ill kill u yak meri body is ji tarah no nvr
Riik:hahaha yuvi dnt act k i knw u like his body

Yuvi:just shut up k im nt a fool
Rithik:u knw wht u r a fool
Yuvi:abhey kaminey if im a fool thn ur joker…they keep quarrelng whn at last sanskar gt frustruted n shoted
Sanskar:stop it guys n dnt behave like jokers ur my frnds so act as intelligent evn though ur nt
Shamlal:plz leave me plzz ur hvng ur panties na thn y u wnt mine n if u wnt ill gt u gys tommorw bt plz leave me nw evn my panty is stinking
Sanky:hey u nw gt lost frm here or else ill remove ur panty n make u round whole campus saying ths he kicked on his butt shamlal took his cloths n disapperd as a fast as pissible seeing him runng like ths the four o thm started laughing like hell
Rithik:let see ab kus bakrai ki baari hai saying ths they started searchng sme studios junior nthy found one
Yuvi:hey u cme here
Boy:(doubtfully) me
Sahil:ya u chashmish
Boy :yes do u hv any wrk
Sanskar:yes a vry imp wrk whch is nt pissible without u
Boy:ooo so whts that
Sanky: ragging he said by stretchng
yuvi: wht,wht u dono raggng donkey

Sanky: dnt make ur face like ths im feelng like vomitting k nw tell me ur name
Yivi:hmm raghu nw u hv to do wht v say k
Ruthuk :nothng just kiss a girl
Raghu:bt hw cn i ki….(interupted)
yuvi:see whoevr enters the gate u hv to kiss tha girl at any cost
Sahil:n if u dnt thn u wll see wht v r(smiles evilly)
Raghu gts scared seeing ths n ust nods his head simply…..all sees towards the gate just thn a irl enters wearng beautiful neon pink chudidaar sanskar gets dumb seeng ths beauty n smiles slightly wich ws unnoticed by hus frnds
Rithik:hmm nw go n do ur wrk

Raghu nods n satarted to move but
Yuvi:nooooo u cnt kiss her
Sathik(sahil+tithik) ws shocked n rahgu ws surprised whrass our hero ws happy
Sahil:arey bt
Rithik:no he shl kiss
Yuvi:arey listen to me first he wnt kiss her bt she wll kiss him
Listening to ths sanky gt angry bt controlled
Rithik:bt y
Yuvi:coz if he kisses she will slap him so let her kiss him so he will slap her watsay guy
sathik:(unison) wow wt an idea
Saying ths they calld her towards thm

Rithik:u girl cme here
Girl seeng calling her mive towards thm
Yuvi:kiss ths fellow
Sanky:(immediately) no dnt kiss(all looks at him shockingly except the girl)bt u cn slap
Girl:neither ill kiss him nor ill slap did u all gt ths saying ths she moves towards her class
Sanky n grp wer hell angry to see her attitude n thought to take revenge fr refusng their orders
**After 15 mins***
Sanky ngrp were walkng in the corridor of clg they stopped at a clas whn thysaw that sam girl ws sittng in that lass who hrted their ego 15 mis

Sanskar thinks something and smirks evily

Sanskar:yuvi.. u guys go ….. (smirks evily)
yuvi:(understoods) okay bhai (smirks)
yvi,rithik,sahil leaves from there

Sanskar enters the class where the girl ws seated

Sanskar:excuse me sir

All girls were just lost in him … while bechare boy got scared seeing sanskar

Teacher:Sanskar u here….
Sanskar:(acts innocentely) sir u know… wat sir their no teacher intelligent than u in thz whole world …. u r maahan sir… ..so sir actually i wanted to hear ur bakwass vo i mean explanation .. so thought to sit in thz class if u dnt mind…. … waise y will u mind hai na sir…
Teacher:(smiles proudly) haan y not … come have a seat
Sanskar:oh god …. thank u sir thank u soo much … apne mere bachpan ka sapna pura kadiya … seriously sir u r soo intelligent (in mind ) a big fool) … and instead of having no hairs on ur head still u r handsome hunk of clg sir
Teacher:(smiles proudly)
All students :(chuckels)

While the girl glares him angrily.. he smirks seeing her… and goes … and sits behind her bench

The girl and her friend was seated in the same bench

Friend:wow .. yaar SWARA the handsome hunk of our clg is sitting behind us … oh god …he is soooo dashing yaar

Sanskar:(hears thz & smiles) SWARA HHHH Naam tho suroon jaise hai but attitude chudailoon jaisa …

(So the girl ws non-other than our beautifull swara)

Swara:(anger) KAVITHA ..dare u talk me about thz boy… u know he is such a …..
Kavitha:Super cool right.
Swara gives a irritiating look to her
(yes guys swara’s frnd is kavitha)

Sanskar smiles seeing thz

Sanskar:Ahem… Ahem…. sooo hi kavitha

Kavitha shock and suprised turns to him

Sanskar:(smiles) hiiii
Kavitha:(suprise) m….eee .. m…e
Sanskar:(smiles) haan i guess kavitha is ur name only right…
Kavitha:but… how do u know my name
Sanskar:arrey who will not know the most beautifull girl name(flirts)(winks)
Sanskar:ooh kavi darling don’t blush ..yaar
Kavitha:hmm …
He keeps on flirting with her … thz made swara iriked like hell … she unable to control

Swara:(anger tone) kavi u sit here .. i’m going front…….
Kavi: arrey swara
Swara:(angry tone) nono its totally ok .. sit with whom u want (looks at sanskar) .. i’m going …
Sanskar:.kavi leave na let her go…
Swara getsup angrily …. was about to leave but she feels like her dupptta .. is holded by someone… she thinks its sanskar and turns in anger
Swara:(anger & shouts) ..u… wat u think of urself haan.. . don’t u hav better work.. idiot…
Hearing her shout … whole class was confused … while the teacher

Teacher:wat going on her & y r u shouting swara
Swara:sir he (looks at her duptta ..& ws shocked to see tat it was stucked to a bench …. the teacher looks at her ?ly … she looks down)

Sanskar:(smirks in mind) … sir wt kind of student u have chi..chi..chi…. don’t have manners how to respect their seniors…
Teacher:(shouts) swara get out
Swara:(tears) sir i’m sorry…
Teacher: swara u r suspended for 2days ….get out
Swara:(shock in tears) sir… but….
Teacher:(shouts) i said get out of the class
Swara runs from there immideatly in tears
Sanskar also leaves …. he comes out of the and finds swara …crying …
He lil guilty & sad seeing thz…. but soon he brushes his thoughts …. walks towards her and sits beside her

Sanskar:Miss attitude hw can u blame me huh!
Swara:(in tears) i’m…i’m …sorry
Sanskar feels guilty..without replying he leaves from there

Later all leaves to there respective homes ..
So guys how ws it … it is nice plz do comment

Ignore the below lines
Kavitha: how do u know my name
Sanskar:arrey who will

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