SwaSan! wajah tum ho!! -episode-6



Recap:swara to win the award and sanskar to realise his love for her


Next day


As usual sanskar and friends were involved in their daily job i.e ragging but today sanskar was least interested in all thz …..his eyes were glued to the clg gate ….searching his love swara. ….yes swara is his love now …..he was desperately waiting for her to come …..
Just then his eyes falls on a beautiful Angel who just entered the gate …..he was awestruck and mesmerized to see her beauty his lips curved into a sweet smile seeing her
But something hitted to his mind …he immediately looked at his friends who were still ragging

Yuvi:(to junior) hey naam kya hai tera
Junior:(fears and fumbles) s….u…r…a…j
Yuvi:tho (mimics) s…s….u…r..a…j remove ur clothes and make six round of the clg
Junior:(fears) sir …plz sir leave me
Rithik:arrey do as we said u to do then we will leave u ….
Sahil:haan waise bhi we want to see ur six packs ….
Rithik:hahahahaha lol ….six packs …..
Yuvi:hahaha sahil ….u r right hahahaha
Suraj:(fears) sir plz sir ….
Yuvi:hey shut ur mouth ….and do it fast

Sanskar: (in mind) oh god if swara see’s all thz tab tho meri love story shuru hone se phele khatam hojayegi and thz duffers will be reasons for tat …..( worried) kuch souch sanskar kuch souch (looks at swara) swara is coming here only …..sanskar do something(Just then something strikes to sanskar’s ) yes it be better ….

He looks at his friends …..

Sanskar:(loudly so tat swara can hear) stop it yuvi …..is thz a way to behave with ur juniors …

Yuvi,sahil,rithik mouth’s were widen coz of super duper electric shock. …they were unable to believe their owns hears …
Wat just sanskar said
While sanskar was looking at swara from the corner of his eyes

Rithik:bhai r u okay …..yeh Jo apne abhi kahan hai na yeh Sab aap kai muh sai shuba nahi detha coz u r…..
Sanskar: (interrupts) Just shut ur mouth and leave from here or else u Will face the worst me ..(gives him a death glare)

He pouts and leaves from there

Yuvi:but bhai…..
Sanskar:yuvi ….from taday onwards u r not gonna rag any of our juniors got tat …
Sanskar:sahil they r juniors they should learn from us if we do all thz things would it be nice …

He was saying all thz looking at swara from the corner of his who was having a cute and sweet smile on her face seeing and hearing all thz

Swara:(in mind) hmm he is not tat bad as I thought …

She smiles and leaves from there

Sanskar: (in mind) hyyy thz smile one day I’m surely gonna die for her smiles (smiles)

Shail shakes him

Sahil:bhai …were r u lost
Sanskar: (comes to sense)haan….haan.. nothing …I mean nowhere
Suraj:bhai thank u bhai ….

He was abt to go but

Sanskar:hey rukh
Suraj turns with the confused look
Sanskar:itni jaldi kya hai. ..
Suraj:bhai classes would start so have to go
Sanskar:oh classes ..hmm it’s like u don’t like to miss any classes right …
Suraj:yes bhai ….
Sanskar: hmmm good …(to yuvi and sahil) yuvi …sahil …take him to the storeroom and lock him there …I don’t want him to attain any classes for today
Sahil & yuvi:(smirks) okay bhai
Suraj:but bhai my classes……….
Sanskar: u r not gonna attain it ….and(to yuvi) yuvi give him some notes late him complete for us
Yuvi nodes
Suraj:(tears) bhai plz don’t do thz …
Sanskar raises his eyebrows …he downs his head in fear
Sanskar:take him
Sahil and yuvi nodes and takes him from there ….

Sanskar also leaves from there…….he stops near swara’s class room …was looking at her through window …he sits lil distance away and was continuously looking at her …he was just lost in her ….
Her drak big eyes ….cute nose …and her sweet pink lips he was just adoring her ..admiring each and every action for her’s which was making him to go crazy for her
The bell rings which made him to come his sense he himself don’t know how the time
passed soo soon …..it is a magic of love
He thinks and smiles ……he leaves from there


Kavitha:swaru I’m so scared of thz exams yaar
Swara:uffo kavi u again started
Kavitha:wat can I do ….our exams will start from next week and I don’t even know a word (pouts)
Just then ragini comes (guys ragini’s class is in another block)
Ragini:same here kavi
Kavitha & swara:hi ragu
Ragini:hi guys. …..swaru even I’m so tensed abt the exams

Swara:arrey okay don’t be sad. …..we will do group studies at clg itself ..is it fine
Kavitha & ragini:super fine(smiles)
Kavitha:now chalo let’s go to canteen I’m soo hungry
Swara:bhukad …..chal(smiles)
Ragini laughs kavitha makes faces …later .trio leaves

Days passed like thz sanskar always used to look at swara through window …..his eyes wasn’t getting tiered looking at her continuously instead his love for her was increasing day by day


One day …..

Sahil and yuvi were sitting with a tensed face …….sanskar comes there

Sanskar: hi guys ..
Sahil and yuvi:(sad face) Hi bhai …
Sanskar:hey wat happen …
Sahil:bhai today is our exams and we came to know just now …
Yuvi:dad warned me …..if I fail thz exams he will surely not leave me bhai ….I’m just gone ……(tensed)
Sanskar:arrey chill na sirf exam hi tho hai
Sahil:we don’t wanna fail thz time ….
Sanskar:hey ……..(just then his eyes fell on someone) Rithik ….

Yuvi and sahil looks back only to see rithik they brust into seeing him ….
He was dressed in a gentleman like clothes or in other words champu like. ….his tie was glued to his collar with a oil on his head … He gives them a angry look

Sanskar: hahahaha lol …..wat is thz rithik hahahaha …..
Rithik:stop laughing at me …..and (to yuvi &sahil) u both leave my way ….have to go write exam
Yuvi:oh someone is prepared for exam ha
Rithik:yes any problem …..thz time I’m not gonna fail u duffers …coz of u last time maa ……
Sahil:hahaha how we frgt tat last time u failed u got nice beating from anuty tat too in front of whole clg by broomstick hahahaha
Yuvi:tat day was soo memorable hahaha lol
Rithik:it was all coz of u …..
Sanskar:okay .. Okay leave all thz …..aur baata tune apna holya aisai kyon banakar rakha hai …
Rithik:credit goes to maa ….she made me ready like thz (makes faces)
Yuvi:hahahaha lol
Rithik:stop laughing …u monkey …..leave my way I have to go to write exam …..u know whole night I was studying coz maa ……thz time I don’t wanna fail …..
Sanskar:but we will not leave u to do tat (raises his eyebrows)

He was abt to hold him but he runs from there ….

Rithik:not thz time bhai ……

He runs from there

Sanskar:(shakes his head &smiles) chalo let’s go …for exam

The trio goes towards notice board …to see there rollno and classes for exams …and left to there respective classes …..

Sanskar enters a class to his love was also in the same class

Sanskar:(in mind) thank u soo much god …..my princess we r in class ….I love u my princess …..

He looks at her …smiles. . goes and sits in his seat and was looking at her lovingly ….the exam started all students eyes were glued to their respective papers ….while our cute hero’s eyes were glued to swara his princess ……..he was just looking at her but thinks always doesn’t come as we think
A girl sat beside ….which made a barrier to him for seeing her

Sanskar:oh god …….can’t thz girl sit in some other place ……

He looks at his paper and was playing with the pen …….just then something strikes to his mind ….and he started doing something on the paper with the pen
After sometime there was a bright smile on his face. … ……..

Sanskar:wat happen if I’m unable to see u …..(looks at paper) now I can easily see u tat too from soo close my princess

He careses paper in which he made a sketch of swara …..kisses the paper lovingly …..he was just staring tat
But soon he came to sense hearing a loud voice like someone is shouting …..
He looked at the direction and found tat the teacher was shouting swara

Teacher:thz is exam miss swara how dare u to keep thz chits (showing a small paper or u can say chits)
Swara: (tears)sir trust me sir ….it’s not mine ….if it was near my leg it doesn’t mean ki it’s mine
Teacher:stop giving ur lame excuses .u r not gonna write any exams (takes the paper) now u may leave from here
Swara:(tears) sir don’t do thz Sir I have work hard just for thz exam ..sir plz
Teacher: I don’t like to repeat my words so leave from here

Sanskar who ws seeing all thz was unable to bear tears in his love’s eyes …..

Sanskar:(interrupts) excuse me sir
Teacher:(looks at him) yes sanskar
Sanskar:actually sir …tat chit is mine not hers
Sanskar:yyes sir it is mine …….I wanted throw tat from window ….in thz process it falled near her
Teacher:Sanskar u r not gonna write exam …..(takes his paper) leave

Sanskar just nodes and leaves from there


Precap:sanskar to propose swara ….and swara to slap him …….

It is one side love …..will it be always remain 1sided ……..or will it became 2sided
One day …….and is it necessary tat love should be always complete

How was episode my friends hope u all liked it

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