SwaSan! wajah tum ho!! -episode-5


A huge stage is shown the Audience r seated enjoy the moment and cherishing with their huge applus ….there the host comes

Host:The next performance is by R Rowdies …u guessed right guys .. Sanskar and team give them a huge aplus

all claps for our hero’s entry yaar

The screen opens ….there our handsome hunk the great Sanskar Maheswari standing with his team in a styly way …

The song plays …..They start dancing it was a dance cum dadagiri steps they were showing all their rowdism in the dance on Howa Chokara Jaware Song …it was going well 1st but later when Rithik came to the center stage ….he began to dance like a mad it wasn’t a dance it was like any monkey is scartching his body …
Sanskar,yuvi & sahil looked at him “uff phir shuru hogaya ” look ….he continues his dance opps monkey dance …all started laughing at him like anything …..
at last the song complete he stopped dancing …

Rithik:Thank u..guys Thank u uffff (wipes his sweat)
host comes.
Host: wow! wt a performance (in mind) wat a monkeys now i should praise them or else thz (fears) Sanskar will not leave me ….
Sanskar raised his eyebrows singnalling him ” wat”

Host:haan ….guys plz ek huge claps tho bantha hai iss damdar performance keliye
all claps unwillingly

Rithik:hooooohh thank u thank u….
Yuvi:(hits his head) aab bas bandkar …..
Host:now u can leave the stage ..
Sanskar looks at him ..

Soon Sanskar & gang leaves the stage …

Rithik:uff bhai now don’t ask autograph from me for my damdaar performance i’m tierd now…
Sanskar looks at him angrily while yuvi & Sahil chuckles ….

Sanskar:autograph huh!
Rithik: haan (smiles)
Sanskar:oooohhh (keeps his hands on his shoulder) autograph tho i want ….(to yuvi) Yuvi take autograph from him forcily coz of tierdness he is not able to give na k…
still i will back have do some imp work now (Smirk) okay (pushes rithik & leaves from there)

Rithik:aah arrey bhai ….
he turns and finds Yuvi with a evil smirk coming forward to him by folding his sleeves …seeing thz Rithik gulps in fear and immedeatly runs from there
where as yuvi and sahil bursts in laughs

Sahil:(laughs) hahahahahaha lol yuvi (gives hi-fi)
Yuvi:(laughs) hahahahaha

screen shifts to sanskar ….
who was standing behind judges keeping his hands on their shoulder in a bhai type or bossy manner …

Sanskar:So howz gonna win thz competation ..
Judge: (gupls in fear) Sanskar and team …
Sanskar:(pats his cheeks) good boy .. or else u know me right …wat i can do to u
Judges nodes in fear …
he smiles and about to leave from there but turns …

Sanskar: don’t worry u will be give a amt for it….
judges smiles greedily …..

Sanskar was again about to go but stops hearing the annonucement he was shocked to hear the name

Host:The next permance is by Miss Swara Gadodia ….

Sanskar:(shock) how its possible .

he looks at the direction ….the screen opnes …there she was standing like a divine creature ….the lights falls on her …he was just spellbounded to see her …she was dressed in a white Anarkali …with a duppta tied from her shoulder to the waist ….applied a minmal make….her cheeks were soooo pink like a pinky pinky
he was just awesturck to see her …not able to take his eyes off from her …. but his mind was asking only one question

Sanskar:How it is possible

He scaned her face nicely …..then realises tat yes the rashes was there on her cheeks which she smartly coverd with the pink makeup ….. but she was looking like an angle for him

The song plays ….Deewani …Dewani ….
She began to dance ….he ws just lost in her each and every move … a smile appears to his face…..

she completed her dance… all clapped for her full heartdely …he does so with a bright and a proud smile …but y he is soo happy and proud …he himself dnt understand ….just then something stucked to his mind and ….

Sanskar:(to judges) hey listen thz girl (points her) should only win thz compitation okay
Judges:but sir ….
Sanskar:(dangerous tone) don’t dare to argue with me do as i told to u got tat (pats his cheeks) warna…..
Judge:(gupls in fear) okay i will do it ..
Sanskar:(smiles) good ..
he leaves from there ……

Host:all the contestents of the dance competation ..plz come to the stage ….

All comes…

Rithik:oh god thank u for giving me thz award …
Yuvi:abbey still we dnt got the award …and u started thanking god before itself …
Rithik:arrey yuvi when bhai is with us…tho socho the award is also with us …
Sahil:so tho hai ……

Host:And the winner is (looks at the card given by judge and was shock ….looks at sanskar in fear …he raises his eyebrows …. then the host looks at the judges they noded in yes)

Host:The awards goes to Miss Swara Gadodia …
Rithik: thank u thank u…
Sahil & yuvi looks at sanskar with a shock face while he just smiles ..
Rithik:give me the award ( goes forward but yuvi pulls him) abbey tu…
Yuvi:shut up the award is not for us ….see there (points) it is for swara
Rithik:wat!!!! (looks at sanskar with a shock expression)

Where as sanskar was smiling …seeing swara recieving the award he felt soo happy seeing her happiness …….

soon she leaves from there …he scartches his head and smiles …

Here …

Ragini and kavitha comes and hugs swara ..
Ragini:we knew it u will only win …(smiles)
Swara: its all coz of u both nahi tho seeing tat rashes on my face i already left the hope to perform but u and kavitha encourage me …and kavi thank u soo much for doing thz (shows her cheeks)
Kavitha:arrey friendship me …
swarainitha: No thank u No sorry (laughs)
Kavitha:waise i was damn sure tat u will only win the award ….

a voice comes from back ..

voice:Akhir behen kiski hai
trio turns with a smile
Swara:(smiles) laksh bhai (hugs him)
Laksh:(smiles) Hi kavi …
Kavitha: hi bhaiya (hugs him)
Laksh:hi ragini
Ragini:(shy) Hi (smiles) Swara…..kavi ..will u both 2moro bye …
Swara:but raguu…
Ragini:Swara …… bhaiyo might be waiting for me…
Swara : hmmm okay bye …
Kavitha: bye ragu …

Ragini leaves from there ….

screen shits to sanskar and gang …

Yuvi:bhai how its possible ….swara performed …and won also …
Sahil:how dare tat judges dnt …..
Sanskar:Sahil ….yuvi ….i don’t wanna talk abt thz so …shut ur mouth …
Sahil and yuvi keeps mum …

Rithik:(crying) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want the award aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sanskar:iss ki tho mai ….
just then ragini comes there

Ragini:arrey rithu bhaiyo don’t cry na hotha hai kabhi kabhi …
Rithik:no…oooooo aaaaaaaaa
Sanskar:choti leave him …..ek no. ka dramebaaz hai ye ……… come lets leave
Ragini:but bhaiyo ….
Ragini:hmm okay bye yuvi, sahil ,rithu bhaiyoos
Yuvi & sahil :(smiles) bye choti …
Rithik:(crying) aaaaaaa bye aaaaaaa choti …
Sanskar:yuvi iska moh bandkar
Yuvi:haan bhai me iss dektha hoon aap jayiye …

soon sanskar and ragini leaves from there …

Sanskar was driving the bike …ragini was sitting at the back……..
Sanskar was smiling like a mad remmbering swara innocent angry face …
Ragini observes thz

Ragini: How is she ….
Sanskar:(lost & whispheres) Beautifull …
Ragini:(suprised) really bhai ..
Sanskar:(comes to his sense) w…a…t…
Ragini:u were thinking abt the girl (suprised tone)
Sanskar:no..no…not at all
Ragini:don’t lie me bhai u know u can’t ..so tell me whoz is she
Sanskar:(smiles) yes i was thinking abt a girl i won’t say who is she …
Ragini:do u love her
Sanskar:wat ..love!!!!
Ragini:yes see it is clearly written on ur face
sanskar:no choti i …
Ragini:okay .if not close ur eyes and tell me who u see haan ..
Sanskar closes his eyes see’s swara’s laugh ,talks,smile,angry face ..he had smile on his face thinking abt her
Ragini:tell me who did u saw..
Sanskar:(opens his and smiles) yes u r right choti i’m in love …i love her …
Ragini:and who is the lucky girl haan
Sanskar:hmmm i’m not gonna tell u her name
Ragini:(pouts) bhaiyo u r soo bad
Sanskar:haahaahaaa yes i am
he feels soooo happy knowing tat he loves swara ..yes he loves swara …


so guys how was the episode hope u all liked it …….

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