SwaSan! wajah tum ho!! -episode-3



Sanskar:(happy tone) RAGINI!!!!!
(he hugs her )
yuvi,rithik and sahil were looking at them with happy face …

Ragini:(releases the hug) i missed u so mucha bhaiya ….so directly from airport i came to meet u …
Sanskar:(pulls her cheeks) i missed u too my choti…(smiles)
Yuvi:(pouts) awwee very bad choti u missed only bhai …not us haan ..
Rithik:haan haan very bad …. more than bhai we used to take care of u did u forget haan (dramatically) yeah zalim zamana kahan humri yaad kartha hai …hum hi hai jo unki yaad me fhoot fhoot kar roothe hai (fake tears)
Sanskar looks at him raising his eyebrows

Rithik: arrey bhai i was just kidding ……
Ragini:(laughs) hahahahahahaha my yuvi and Rithu bhaiyo ..i missed u both very much (pulls their cheeks)
Rithik:aaah choti stop pulling my cheeks (rubs his cheeks)
Yuvi: yeah choti y r u pulling his cheeks see 1st of all he is ded hadi aur uper se tum bhi na
Rithik:yuvi ke bacche tuje tho mai (start beating him)
Ragini & sanskar : smiles
Sahil: waise choti u missed ur 3 bhais not thz bhai haan …..
Ragini:(hugs him) haahaa i missed u too
Sanskar: ok choti come lets go home u might be feeling tierd …
Ragini: bhaiyo actually i want to meet my friend who is studing in thz clg only ….soo
Sanskar:okay u go meet her …..waise bhi from 2mro u should also join thz clg only
Ragini:(smiles) okay…..bye bhaiyoos
yuvi &rithik & sahil: byeee(smiles)

Ragini leaves from there

Sanskar:(anger) come lets search her …..
Rithik:(confused) whom to search bhai ..
yuvi:teri shadi ke liye ladki
Rithik:(happy tone) wat really ..bhai u g….
Sanskar looks at him in anger ..
Sahil:(hits his head) abbey bhai iz talking about to search Swara …don’t u remmber wat she did just now ..
Rithik:(remmbers swara slapping sanskar)
Rithik:haaan….yaa come lets go ..

they leaves from there


swara and kavitha were walking ….kavitha was continuesly speaking but swara was lost in her own thoughts …just then she felt a hand on her eyes …kavitha looks at the person with a happy face and wss about to tell her name but the person signals her to keep quite she does so

Swara touches the hand and smiles

Swara:(happy tone) OMG Ragini
(yes it is ragini)
she takes off her hand
Ragini:awwee swara u always find out (pouts)
Swara:(smiles &, hugs her) yes y not u r my bestiee …na
Ragini:(hugs her back) so tho hai (smiles)
kavitha:(pouts) awwwe u both r very bad …… u both forget me haan
Swaragini:(smiles & hugs her)
Ragini: how can we forget u …tum thodi bhulne wali cheez ho kya (smiles)

just then kavitha’s eyes falls on something

Kavitha:(shouts in happiness) Swaraaaaaa
Swara:(hits her) wt happen ..y r screaming …like stupid i’m here only na
kavitha:arrey swara look at notice board (points)
swara looks at the notice …reads it ….
happiness were clearly seen in her face reading the notice
Ragini confusedly also looks at the notice ..reads it and gets happy

Ragini:(happy tone) Dance Competation
Kavitha:Swara uuu….
Swara:(happy tone) yes offcourse i will participate ….jahan Dance ho aur waha Swara Gadodia na ho yeh kabhi howa hai kya ..
kavitha: (smiles) aur wahan swara gadodia hi jeete gi …
Ragini:yes ofcourse swara is gonna rock thz compitation also …
Swara smiles

all thz was heard by sanskar and gang but they were unable to see ragini as she was facing her back to them

Sanskar thinks something and smirks evily

Sanskar:Sahil give our names also for Dance competation
Rithik: wat….r we gonna dance bhai
Rithik:wat…really…. u know bhai i love to dance.. wait i will show u
dances like a mad
yuvi & sahil laughs
Sanskar:stop there…
Sanskar: u just keep ur mouth shut
Rithik pouts
Sanskar:now listen we all r gonna participate in dance ..but (tells something & Smriks evily)
Yuvi:woww wat a plan bhai ..
Sanskar: now she will get to know wat can thz sanskar maheswari do (smirks evily)
Sahil:but bhai how can we dance ..we don’t know Dance of D only …
Sanskar smiles and keeps his hand on Rithik’s shoulder
Sanskar:don’t worry …Rithik is there na he will teach us to dance waise bhi he danced very well …hai na rithik ..
Rithik nodes happily
While Yuvi & Sahil gives “r u serious look”
Sanskar: and we wil only win the award u better know me so chill ..

screen freezes on his smirking face

hope u liked thz episode …plz do comment guys

Credit to: tanu

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