SwaSan! wajah tum ho!! -episode-2




AS usuall sanskar and gang were seated …were ragging the juniors ….
just then swara enters

yuvi: bhai vo dekho ..
sanskar looks at the gate ..and finds swara coming …
sanskar remmbers her tears ..feels guilty to make her cry

rSahil: waise bhai..yesterday apne isse sabak sikha hai na …
Rithik:offcourse…sahil u know right bhai doesn’t leave the person who dare to say No to him
Sahil:haan i know….but look at her she is still happy … i don’t think so bhai ..had……
Sanskar:(interupted) I think we should leave from here …
Sahil:but bhai if u dont teach a lesson to her for measing with u ..then yesterday she said No to u ..2mro other juniors also will do the same …
thz huterd his ego…

Sanskar:(anger) no thz shouldn’t happen i should show her…who is sanskar maheswari..come.

sanskar leaves from their ……….the trio nodes and follows sanskar

they see’s swara going to library …..sanskar thinks something and smirks evily……yuvirithil see’s,,his evil smirk

yuvi:bhai kya chal raha hai aapke dimag mai
Sanskar:(smirks evily & tells something )
the trio also smirks listening his evil plan
Rithik:wah..wah bhai wah kya plan banaya hai i salute (salutes him)
Sanskar: i guess u want kick from me …
Rithik ..pouts
Sanskar:and u both stop showing ur teeth ..and do as i said …
yuvi sahi: okay bhai


swara was sitting in the library reading the books .all alone as she was supended for 2days…………. just then she heared a sound but she ignores it ……

in meantime

sanskar and gang enter the library slowly without making any noise …

Sanskar:Rithik ..
Rithik: haan bhai..i know wat i have to do next ……

he keeps his hand on the book shell.. as he kept a book falls …

sanskar gives him a death glare ..

Rithink:(fumbles) ..bhai…vo….i’m sorry
yuvi sahil: chuckles
while he gives them a angry look

Sanskar :get lost…
Rithik:par bhai
Sanskar:(anger) i said u to get lost..
rithik immedeatly runs from their seeing sanskar’s anger
yuvi sahi chuckles sanskar glarsz them angrily they keeps quite
yuvi:haan haan bhai i will do it ..
sahil come..


Sanskar:everthing is going as per the plan right …
yuvi:yes bhai..
sahil:ab sirf door lock karna hi baki hai
Sanskar:hmmm then come lets go (smirks evily)

trio leavez from there ….just then

Sanskar:(checks his pocket) my mobile
sahil: wat happen bhai
Sanskar:i guess i forget my mobile in library ……u guys leave ..i will take it and will join u
yuvi &sahil:nodes and leavez from their

Sanskar enters the library….just then he heared the sound of the door he turns and was shocked to see tat someone had lock the door from outside …..

outside the library

Rithik:yes i locked the door …now bhai will appereciate me….tat two dumbos left the library without locking it failing bhai’s plan..hhnnnn but i made it successfull

Inside the library

Sanskar:oh god …which idiot did lock thz door …
just then …

swara:(confused) uuuu..
Sanskar:(turns) haan me….
Swara:nothing …

she walks towardz the door ..and tries to open it but ..no use

Swara:wat happen to thz door y isn’t it opening…
Sanskar:i guess someone locked it outside
Swara:(shocked) wat….
Swara:(searches some one)
Sanskar:wat r u doing
Swara:library teacher..i mean where is she
Sanskar:(in mind) library teacher isn’t here coz of me i asked sahi & yuvi to make her invovled in some work … (to swara) i don’t know…
swara:now wat should we do …haan idea i will call kavitha (takes her mobile)
Sanskar:no use of tat coz the networ (swara looks at him) i mean there is no network here….even i tried to do a call
Swara:ohh god(sits on the chair with thud)
Sanskar:(in mind) arrry yaar kahanp pass gaya mai….

swara :(gets up) no no we should do something ….

she was about to go…but her leg twist ..


when her leg twists she holds sanskar
and both falls on the ground such tat sanskar was top of swara ….his lips brushed to her neck above her chest both felt current passing through their body … looks at eachother in shock ….while he was lost in her fragnance …they both had a cute eye lock which was broken by a door sounds ….both looks at the door…and realizes tat someone is opening the door they immedeatly pats away and standz …there was a awkard silence which wss look broken by

Sanskar:voo…i’m…voo i’m sorry
Swara:hmmmm it… .

just then the door opens ….teacher was standing there…..both ignores and runs from there…


yuvi,sahil,rithik were having fun

sahil:aarrrey where is bhai..yaar

just then sanskar comes there

yuvi:see came (to sanskar) bhai where were u….
Rithik:arrey leave thz we should think about swara bichari…library pass gayi …
yuvi & sahil:(laughs)
sahil:now she will be not dare to mess with us …
Rithik:hahahahaha right ….but the credit goes to…..
Sanskar:(shouts in anger) shut up u duffers ……….just shut up
yuvi:wat happen bhai
Sanskar:arrey when i went to take my mobile from library some stupid dumbo duffer locked the door….oooh once i come to know who is the person locked the door i will surely kill him/ her
Rithik gupls in fear :guys i will be back
he runs from there…

yuvi:isse kya hoa
Sahil:who knowz

all their talks were heared by Person …who was fuming in anger….the person walks towards sanskar taps his shoulder sanskar turns and wss shocked to see the person

sanskar:(shock) swara
(yes it is swara)
swara gives a tight slap for him all were shocked… seeing a girl slaping sanskar

Swara:(anger) chi wat kind person u r .wanted to lock a girl in a library…i thought u r good ..but no … i just hate u

saying thz she runs from there …

Sanskar was standing numb he ws not understanding really did a girl slap him

yuvi :(shakes him) bhai…
Sanskar comes to sense and fumes in anger realizing tat a girl slapped him

Sanskar:(anger) how dare she slapped me ..sanskar maheswari … she should pay for it i will not leave her ….

he wss about to go behind her .
but stops seeing a girl coming towards him with a happy face …
the girl comes to him and hugs him….he hugs her back …

Sanskar:(happy tone) RAGINI


so guys how was the episode hope u all liked it
1) wat will sanskar do to swara for slapping ..hurting his ego
2) who is ragini here

guys plz help me yaar i’m unable to register to tellyupdate …when ever i register it is showing as to comfirm tat u r not robot ….wt should i do yaar

Credit to: tanu

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