SwaSan! Wajah tum ho!! (EPILOGUE) (part-1)


5years leap

It’s a beautiful morning ….filled with the fresh air ….of busy city
A huge mansion is shown …
Where there is name plate as ” Maheswari mansion ”
Inside the mansion a huge and a beautiful room is shown
With a large size bed ..on which a small boy of 4years old beside her our beautiful swara is sleeping peacefully holding him tightly

The sun rays on our swara
She slowly opens her eyes and looks at the small boy …smiles ..
Kisses his forehead

Swara:(smiles) good morning baccha

The small boy cuddles ….she smiles

Swara’s p.o.v

I’m sooo happy today …there is no limit for my happiness …
Y not today is the day which I consider as a most happiest and beautiful day of my life coz 5years back it was today …I got my love my prince ….SANSKAR MAHESWARI yeah today is our 5th Anniversary
Oh god I still remember how I convinced him (blushes)


Swara:yes Sanskar I love u … More than anything …I love u Sanskar

She gets up from him
Sanskar also sits

Sanskar: how can I trust u swara
Tat u love me
Swara:(suprised) Sanskar don’t u trust me I really love u ..

Sanskar chuckles ….he knows she loves him truly coz he can see the love for him in her eyes
But still thinks something and smiles teasingly

Sanskar: (mind) u made me wait swara …so now it’s ur turn but don’t worry princess I will not make u wait tat much …but thoda tho masti banthi hai ??

Swara:(tears) sanskar…
Sanskar: (turns) no swara I don’t ….I don’t trust u …how can I trust u tat ki u love me
If u really love me then prove it
Swara:(determine) k wat should I do ….to make u trust
Sanskar: I don’t know ….but prove me tat u love me

There was a complete silence now ….swara was lost in deep thoughts …thinking something deeply

Swara:(mind)(determine) yes swara u should do thz …to prove tat u really love him

She takes a sigh and looks towards Sanskar …with a fraction she pulls him by holding his collar and smashes her soft rosy red lips on his rough lips ….
He stood shock not expecting thz reaction from her
While she was kissing him Sanskar’s hand travelled to her waist …he pulled her by her waist and tightens her grip over there ….started reciprocating the sweet kiss change it to a wild one …he smiles…..was kissing her senselessly ..he bites her lower lip ….she gasp in pain
Taking it as an opportunity he enters into her mouth ….start exploring his tounge all over her mouth …tasting the sweet essence of her mouth ..soon both parted back due to lack of oxygen …

She blushes while he smiles

Swara:(blushes ) now …
Sanskar: hmm nah …still now I’m not convinced

She looked at him immediately
Her eyes filled with tears

Swara:(tears) Sanskar …I’m sorry ..for wat I did with u …but
I really love you Sanskar …(wipes her tears) k tell me wat should I do to convince you

Sanskar smiles and pulls her closer to him ….

Sanskar: (whisphers) Marry me swara

She looks at him immediately …
And came to know tat he already forgave her …and loves her still
….hugs him immediately

Swara:I love you sanskar’ …I love u..
Sanskar: I love you too my princess ..never leave me …or else I will….
Swara:(interrupt) ssh no never Sanskar ….I will never leave u ..coz I love u

He smiles

Both were feeling so happy coz finally they got the one …who is love of their life

Flashback ends

I was sooo happy tat day ….
Thank god ….the room door was Locked …and I got an opportunity to talk him …waise we came to know tat the door was locked by our friends …who did thz to unite us …..thank u for friends

Sanskar’s happiness was out of control I can see he was sooo happy …tat he immediately told our parents abt us ….he wanted our marriage to be done as soon as possible …coz he doesn’t wants to lose me …wanted to make me his forever ….our parents were happy and decided for our marriage …..in all thz Sanskar came to know abt sahil’s deeds ….sahil asked forgiveness from him …and he forgave him coz he thought he was friend
….really he is a very good and pious heart person …I’m very lucky to get him in my life as my life ….
And one more thing I got to know is the rose which odi gave me was his rose only …it is a rose with which he proposed me in clg …I was soo happy knowing tat it’s the same rose …then I’m already married to him coz the blood …yeah it’s was His blood on the rose …he told me …he was angry on me …so took his anger on the rose and throwed it away but I got it …and the blood touched my hairline filling it then I’m already married I was Soo happy …later we both got married and after a year the sign of our love was born …our 1st child ….SAMAR ….

Swara p.o.v ends

She looks at samar ….just then a feels a strong grip around her waist ….she smiles feeling the touch which soo warm for her

Swara:Sanskar …

She turns …and smiles to see her hubby her sanskar sleeping peacefully hugging her from back …she admrise her love …
Peck’s his lips …and slowly yet gently frees herself from his grip …gets up and leaves to washroom

After sometime

She comes out drying her hairs …
She looks at the bed and finds tat her hubby …and her baccha were still sleeping …she shakes her head …goes toward bed ….sits on it …caress samar’s face

Swara:baccha wake up …and get Ready for …..

Before she could say further …samar gets up …she looks on suprise coz he never gets up at once

Samar:good morning mumma (hugs her)
Swara:good morning baccha
…hmm good u gotup soon haa

Samar immediately looks at his dad …and jumps in happiness

Samar:ayyyy hullay …I won ..I Won….I won
Swara:(smiles ) wat happen baccha ..
Samar:(happy tone) Mumma I got up before Dad na so I won …u know dad challenged ..me for samar Sanskar maheswari ki he will wake up before me …will win and I will lose …but even I said ki I will only win …

He goes towards Sanskar and shakes him

Samar:(shakes him) Dad I won ….u r a loser ..hahaha u r a loser coz I won

Sanskar opens his eyes slightly and looks at his child

Sanskar: (smiles ) haan u won Sam …and now….
Samar:(interrupt) haan I know..
I know …and will go ….

Swara:(confused) what’s going b/w u both huh!
Samar: mumma dad told rules s also if I won then I should get ready for school taking dadi’s help …and should close the room before leaving …he will give lots of chocolates for me??

Swara widens her eye’s and gives a angry glare to Sanskar

Samar:hahahaha dad u r a loser???hahaha
Sanskar:hahaha I would like to become loser ..if u do thz everyday (half closed eyes with mischievous smiles) now go get ready sam

Samar nodes and leaves from there closing the door

Swara turns towards Sanskar …

Swar:(fake anger) Sanskar .. Wat is thz huh! Tumne samar ko…

Before she could complete …he pulls her …and she lands on his chest ….he smiles and wraps his hand around her waist

Sanskar: (closing eyes) mene Sam ko kya …I just challenged him ….
Swara:and y did u do so
Sanskar: so tat ur baccha give me sometime to spend with my princess

He puts his hand under her top and starts caressing her back sensuously and romantically
While she breaths heavily

Swara:s…a…n…s…k…a..r …Lea…v..e…m..e (low tone)
Sanskar: (opens his eyes & smiles naughtily) no Mrs Sanskar how can I leave u …

He pulls her closer and pins her beneath him ….places his head on her chest ….hugs her tightly and closes his eyes
Swara blushes and caresses his hairs lovingly

Swara:Sanskar ….baby …plzzz leave me …don’t u know today is ….
Sanskar: (cuts off) our anniversary princess …and u have to do many preparation for today’s party …but doesn’t have time for ur prince …right
(Rubbing his nose on her neck sensuously)
Swara:Sanskarrrrrrr plzzzzz
Sanskar: noooo princess
Swara: (sweetly) prince …plzzz
Sanskar: noooo

He said pecking her lips …she know’s now he wouldn’t leave her …but something strikes her mine and she smiles
He was abt to kiss her but…

Swara:baby …Samar
Sanskar: (widens his eyes) wat Sam ….(he turned to look)

Swara giggles …pushes him on the bed and gets up

Swara:(giggles) Sam is right u r a looser (laughs)
Sanskar:(got tat her trick) swaraaaaaa

He gets up from the bed …but Swara runs from there

Swara:(laughs) fresh up looser?
Sanskar: looser …huh! Let’s see who will be tat at the end (smiles)

He leaves to the washroom

Later Sanskar got busy in his work and Swara in preparation


The whole day passed …now it was the time for party as it was swasan’s 5th wedding Anniversary ….the MM was decorated Beautiful with red and white combo of roses and flowers guests r arrived ….all were eagerly waiting for Swara to come as Sanskar was already present there …desperately waiting for his lady love…staring
The stairs continuously …
Rithik, yuvi,sahil,laksh smiles seeing his eagerness

Rithik:bhai …sabar rakho bhabhi will come ….
Sanskar: sabar hi tho nai hai (staring the stairs)
They laughs …Sanskar realises wat he said …and blushes ..
Running fingers in his hairs

Yuvi: lo ur princess came ..

Hearing thz Sanskar immediately lifts his face …and was mesmerized to see his love his wife …swara Sanskar maheswari descending the stairs with kavitha and ragini she was looking breath taking in tat red saree and a deep back cut white blouse designed with pearls ….he was just spellbounded to see her
Was just staring her lovingly
Swara blushes feeling his gaze on her …she slowly lifts her head to see her prince who was looking damn hot in white shirt …black tuxedo …
He winks? …she blushes

He walks towards her … And stands in front of her …she downs her head in shy …Samar comes and holds both’s hand

Samar:(cutely) happy annivelsly mumma ..dadaa

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