Swasan…a VAMPIRE story..Intro

Sanskar Maheshwari:25 year old handsome boy  of Nottingham Trent university studying business management..a rude and arrogant boy..don’t like to talk with girls and always stay away from girls..literally an introvert. And loves his brothers.he is in 3rd year

Laksh maheshwari:23 year old handsome boy .totally opposite to sanskar.he is a flirty and naughty boy .loves his elder brothers..all girls are ready to die for him and he always seem to make new girlfriends day by day..studying in Nottingham Trent university for business management..(he is junior to sanskar..he is in 2nd year

Adarsh maheshwari:29 year old business man..he is a sweet and good man..always obey his parents.and love his wife parineeta very much.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari:father of adsanlak.. a business man..is equally strict and friendly ..he got the best business man award..and is a millionaire..

Annapoorna maheshwari: a sweet lady always saving her children from their father’s anger..care for her children a lot  and love them for eternity..❤️


Swara Gadodia-a 21 year old  bubbly cheerful girl..loves her parents and her bestie Ragini A lot..they Areias soul sisters..they never keep any secrets between them..she has just joined Nottingham Trent university to study business management to handle her father’s business ..she is the only child of her parents and lives luxury life still has good values in her..?

Shekhar Gadodia:father of Swara ..a loving papa who can even give his life for his daughter ..a business man.will give anything Swara ask him and also love ragini as his daughter .

Sharmishta Gadodia:a house wife and a sweet mother but strict as well..care for swaragini a lot and her strictness and shekhar’s love made her a really perfect girl..

Ragini Mehta:20 year old girl..is an orphan .and lives in an apartment alone and goes to college with Swara with a part time job’s money..she never told Swara that she is doing a part time job as she was sure Swara won’t allow her for that and she will make her go to college with shekhar’s money which she don’t want she told Swara that she was using her father’s savings ..cares and loves Swara a lot..an introvert.who is only open to Swara and her family..

So done with intro..if there are anyone left I will introduce in coming chapters..? so please support and vote and comment for this story.and one more thing..the story will be full of mysteries and secrets..?so enough of my bak bak ..please comment

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  1. Rosey

    wow yar its damn intresting
    please try to upload to next faster

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thanks..and will try to upload soon

  2. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

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  4. Seebu_s

    vampire story on swasan…yippee…waiting eagerly…

  5. Sounds promising

  6. Aashi


  7. Arshaanya

    Continue soon

  8. Twinklingjasmine

    Friends..I can’t assure u to be regular bcuz of Telly update..?I posted the story’s intro in wattpad one month ago and I tried to post it in TU but all the time it showed “413 request entity too large”I tried to upload it a lot of times from different devices..but couldn’t do it and so I also didn’t upload the new chapters in wattpad..I really hate TU for this inconvenience.and today I just thought of trying one more time and it got posted..I was dancing in happiness and also thought to upload my 1st chapter and I typed it in notepad ,posted it in wattpad then tried to post in TU but it showed the same message.i am frustrated like hell and so I decided to post regularly in wattpad and I won’t be able to post in TU..but I will definitely try and my wattpad account name is”Cute__Princess”.. so please follow me there..and so I will be late to post in TU..anyone pls give solutions to solve this problem also..?

  9. Simi


  10. interesting..tc..

  11. Nice dear..I loved it very much..waiting for next dear..do u have whats up??if u have then do one thing..go to whats up type ur episode their nd snd it any one u know may be ur relations or friends..then copy it to telly updates submit article then post it..u will get it..all the best dear..take care

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..?And thank you again for the solution..will definitely try it..

  12. Niku

    I m just thinking who is vampire….hehe ….kya kru …story k intro m hi suspense m chod diya….pata nhi ku aaj sb suspense day ku bna rhe h….

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Hehe..?Thanks for commenting and reading..?

  13. interesting…!!

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