Swasan…a VAMPIRE story..(Chapter 1)

Hello friends.. I am back with my first chapter..thank you for the comments and please avoid the grammatical errors..

And here is the link to my intro for those who didn’t read..

Introduction here

A girl is standing in front of a mirror wearing a crop top and jeans with open hair having curls at end with a light makeup and light pink lipstick..

Suddenly a lady of 40s enter the room..

Lady:haye..am I dreaming??someone pinch me please..?

Girl:what happened mamma??what are u saying??

Lady:arey!!is there a day my kumbkarna(sleepy head)daughter woke up early in the morning??

Girl:Mamma please..I am not a kumbkarna..

Lady:yeah yeah..that is why u don’t wake up in the morning of vacations or even schools without pouring water on your head..?

Girl:Mamma u r too much..?now stop ur drama and what is there for breakfast???

Lady:haye Bhukkad.. I have made your favorite roti and butter chicken for breakfast..

Girl:Wow mamma..thank you so much..love you mumma..?

Lady:love you too Shona..now come and have breakfast..??

(U all guessed it right.they are our Swara and sharmishta..?)

Scene changed….

Now we can see a girl standing in front an apartment wearing a kurta and leggings with her hair pleted and put forward..without any makeup and a little lip balm on lips..

An Audi comes there and stops in front of her and she get into it..

Girl:Hai Shona..✋?

Swara:Hai Ragu..✋?

Ragini:are u alright Shona???

Swara:yeah am perfectly fine..but why are u asking so suddenly???

Ragini:is there a day my bestie woke up early in the morning??i just couldn’t believe when u called me early in the morning..?

Swara:Arey Ragu..now u don’t start..the whole morning mamma and papa emerge pulling my legs in the morning for this same topic..now for god sake u don’t start it..?

Ragini:but seriously Shona how did u wake up so early???

Swara:Woh Ragu..I was so excited for our college that I didn’t sleep in the night..and u say are u not excited???

Ragini:EXCITED..!!i am so scared ..there will be seniors and ragging in the college..I am so worried..?

Swara:Ragu…ragging and all are part of our life which is needed to be enjoyed not scared..they are just gonna tease us not kill us..we should enjoy these moment and keep them in our memories and laugh for it in our old age..?

Ragini:Are u mad Shona..what if they tell us to to do embarrassing things and dance and all.?

Swara:u don’t worry Ragu I am here na..don’t u trust me???

Ragini:(relaxed) yeah I trust you..

Scene changes..

We can see a messy bedroom where clothes are lying here and there..

Then we can see a boy standing in front the mirror wearing a black tee shirt ,red jacket and jeans setting his hair..then another boy enters the room wearing a black loose tee shirt and black jeans having a perfectly set hair..

Boy 2:(the boy who entered the room)what is this??what have you made your room???

Boy 1:Bhaiyya..today juniors will be coming to our college so I should look cool and handsome right..and new beautiful stocks will be coming ..I am bored of the old stuffs in our college..?

Boy 2:what yaar lucky..(yup he is our laksh)always thinking about girls..if you think this about ur studies also then definitely u will get 1st rank in our college..?

Lucky:bhaiyya.. u r too much why do u always think about studies???think about other interesting things also na..?

(By now all of u have understood that boy 2 is our Greek god Sanskar)

Sanskar:there is no use in talking to u..come down and have breakfast ..we can go to college together today.?

Laksh:OMG..!!my brother is inviting me to go college with him ..I can’t believe it..wow this day should be marked in my calendar..?

Sanskar:Bas kar Dramebaaz..na come fast ..else i will go without taking you..

Laksh:OK OK bhaiyya..am coming.. u go and finish ur breakfast..

Sanskar:come fast..?


Sanskar:Good morning Mom ..morning Dad..?

Ap&Dp:Good morning son..

Dp:where is that Nalayak(careless)..??is he not ready till now??

Ap:Duggu..I told u many times not to call him nalayak..?

Dp:if we don’t call nalayak nalayak.. then what will we call them??

Ap:Duggu Youu..

Lucky:Morning Mom..morning dad..you people started in the morning itself???

Ap:morning son..

Dp:arey what do you mean by “you people started in the morning itself??”we don’t usually fight ..only bcuz if u Annu fight with me..?

Ap:uuuu..who started the fight? And don’t put blame on my son..


Sanskar:arey stop it..come on we can eat food ..and go else we will be late in the first day itself..?

Ap:Accha sorry beta..come I will give food ..come everyone..

After eating sanlak started their journey on lucky’s bike..?

The episode ends….

Precap:meeting of heroes and heroines..?

So I hope everyone liked the chapter..and please do comment and support..and u r free to criticize..?enjoy and have a nice day..

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