swasan – a vampire love story (Chapter 2)

Life asked death, ” why do people love me and hate you? ” . Death replied, ” Because you are a beautiful lie and i m a painful truth ” .
—————————————————————— Sanskar entered into the maheshwari mansion. He sees Ap lost in her thoughts.
San – Ma
Ap lost in her thoughts.
San – MOM( he literally shouts)
Ap comes to her sense and sees sanskar.
Ap- what happened beta? Why are you shouting?
San – where were you lost? I m calling u since 2 minutes.
Ap – You are impossible sanskar, u just called me right?
San – haan
Ap – for that you are shouting. Seriously you are impossible sanskar
San- mom
Ap- yeah sanskar
San- mom, can you help me plzzzz
Ap- what help beta?
San- mom, I want to marry kavita, and help me to convince dad, plzzz
Ap- but beta, you know na, your papa doesn’t like to talk about marriage, then how will I talk to him?
San- mom, plzzz understand
Ap- beta, you want to marry her? Because you don’t even love her, think twice before you act beta. I hope you will find ur mate.
San- MOM, plzzz I m not going to believe in love and all. And about kavita, she is beautiful and she loves me. That’s enough mom. And you just plzzzz help in convince dad.
Ap lost in her thoughts again, sanskar again called her.
Ap- I will try beta. Now u go and rest for some time.
Sanskar nodded and left.
Ap- ( to herself ) how will I do this? If i spoke with dp ji about marriage, then he will get angry. But sanskar want to get married. What should I do? I just want to settle everything in its right place.
Ap sighs and left for her work

In office,
Laksh’s cabin:
Lak- Everything is out of control. and i don’t know what to do? And how to handle sanky? I haven’t seen him like this before…. he will always behave like a matured man, now he turned a angry man. He will get angry for a small things also..
And he is wants to get marry… that too kavita….I always feel that she is hiding something from everyone. Whenever we all go for hunting, she never comes with us. Later she comes with some silly excuses, I can’t believe her…..
Like seriously i don’t believe kavita… and ragini also predicted something that is danger to us. She saway, a person comes from dark and destroy everything……
I know the things predicted by ragini will change, when we change our ddecisions in present.
What I m thinking is, sanskar’s decision to marry kavita, just right or wrong?
And even dad isn’t agree for kavsan marriage…… it’s all confusing yaar……
but I want everything fine…. just like now…..
Thinking these all he left.

Bose mansion
Swara is staring the stars…..
That adi comes there with a girl….
Adi: shona
Swa: yeah adi…..
Adi – shona, this is diya and diya this is shona. ..
Swa- hi diya…
Diya- hi shona and she smiles
Adi- ( to diya ) shona is my best frd come sister and side hugs shona….
Swa- yeah yeah, I m ur Best frd come sister and this issssssssss? ( winked naughtly )
Adi smiles and pulls her cheeks, and said: ” and diya is soon to be ur bhabhi ”
Swa- ( with wide eyes ) you find ur mate.
Adi- yeah I found. And shona, diya is also a werewolf
Swara smiles…..
Swa- ( to diya ) what about ur family?
Diya- I have no family shona
Swa – what happened?
diya – you already knew my family shona
Swa – what’s your surname?
diya – I m diya pratap.
Swara sees diya some time and said, ” I think pratap family already dead”
Adi looks on confused, he doesn’t understand what they are speaking?
Diya- I got saved from that incident….. and mYeah real name is diyalini, for safety I kept my name as only diya. Night world people knows my real name…..
Swara just see her and hug her tightly……
Swa- I m very happy to see you again……
Diya- I know that shona…..
Adi- shona, diya….. what’s going on? Can you please explain?????
Swa- we already know each other. And her family dead, in saving my life……
Adi looks on confused and about to ask more questions but he cut off by swara…..
Swa- not now adi, I will tell you the things later…..
Adi nodded.
Adi- now, shona I have an news for you, maheshwari’s want an interior designer for them…..
Swa- oh
Adi- and yeah shona, sanskar maheshwari wants to marry as soon as possible….
Swa- that’s great……
Adi- now what are you going to do?
Swa- hmmmm, do you know any witch? But they should be loyal to us……
Diya- I know and she is my frd…..her name is kavya… she will definitely help us…. u know what….. Sahil gupta is torturing her to marry him…. and kavya doesn’t like him….. but what she can do…. night world is ruling by the maheshwari’s and gupta’s na…..
Swa- yeah…. I have a great chance to destroy both of them in one go….. That’s enough for me. … great…. let me meet kavya once, then I will decide what should we do?
Adi- shona, what about that first thing?
Swa- hmmmm, interior designer right?
Adi- hmm yeah…
Swara smiles with evilness and said, ” Time for my entry”.
Later they trio discussed something and adiya left….
Swa- now , payback time…

At some unknown place,
Kavita- mom
“Yeah ” said kaveri from behind.
Kavita – I convinced sanky, to get marry as soon as possible…..
Kaveri – that’s good…. but that should be happen very soon… or else our spell on sanskar will removed….
Kavita – how is that possible mom? Our spell won’t break na…
kaveri – it will break when he finds out his mate…. so be quick in this plan….. so that we can rule this night world….
Sahil- yeah kavi, mom is right…. so that only i will be king of night world ( in mind ) with my love kavya and smiles
Kavita – okay bhai ( in her mind ) what you thought, I will do the hard work and you will get the credit, no no my dear brother, I will rule the night world and I will be the Queen and smirks devilishly…….
God : come on, now this game is getting interesting….. see kaveri you teach ur children to betray others, now they are betraying you from ur behind and he laughs….
Next day
Sanskar’s office,
Sanskar’s cabin……
San- what’s this Atul, can’t you even do your work properly?
Atul- Sir, that’s just…
San- just? Just what Atul, just get one thing clearly in ur mind…. I don’t have much time to waste in search of designs or designer….. I want the designer immediately…..
Atul- Sir, there is an interview for that post in our company!
San- when????
Atul- day after tomorrow Sir…
San- ( angrily ) prepond it to tomorrow now get lost….
Atul left.
Outside of the cabin;
Atul mumbles something under his breath and dash with someone. he lift his eyes to see the person. There he sees laksh..
Lak – Everything fine Atul?
Atul- yeah Sir, everything is fine.
Lak- then what you told something before?
Atul – Sir, woh…..
Lak- tell me, what’s that?
Atul know laksh will handle his boss, so he tells the strange behaviour of sanskar….
Atul- he never behave like this, but now. And he is behaving weird.
Lak- you go Atul, I will handle this….
Atul left and laksh standing there only and thinks something deeply……
Lak ( thinks) – so sanky changed, but why? He usually a cool person. this behaviour of sanky, is this related to kavita? I’m sure, I m missing something…. and I m sure kavita is the main reason behind this behaviour of sanskar. ….
He left thinking these all…..
Precap : swasan meeting and sanskar’s pov.
Guess who will be the interior designer for sanskar’s company?
And guys I will reveal every secrets in upcoming episodes. ….
Thank you so much guys for reading this chapter.
And let me know how is this chapter. ….


  1. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Ofcourse swara would be interior designer!! Dont make kavitha r kavyaπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    Laksh is tooo brainy… So kavya might help in breaking the spell and would eventually make her plans perfectly😊😊😊
    Awesome liked it 😊😊

    • Rads



      Thank you so much dear for liking this. And yeah kavya only going to help them to break the spell. Keep guessing and lover you

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