SwaSan- An untold story (Part 6)


Okay…so it has been a big gap now. I am posting this after god knows how many days. God,why is it dat depression falls upon me. Again a Basket of sorry. I hope not to make this same mistake so plzz do comment and donot throw rotten egg as i cant take its smell but always allowed to throw any rotten veggie…even if the smell is yucks and plzzzzz,plzzzzz,plzzzzzz do comment nor Il die…and my soul will start writing again as it used to do while writing ‘it started with a hate request’.

Sanskar enters the factory, quietly and then finds a sleek figure standing near a window. Looking outside.
‘looking at what? There’s no scenic beauty over here’ sanskar thinks.
The girl is seen wearing a white palazzo and a sky blue suit.
‘hmmmmm…lets see if she’s a beauty or not’

He goes near her and softly calls out,
But then the person who turned around looked like some fairy princess coming from heaven. Before speaking up he asked the same question to himself, a thousand time ‘is SHE really the assassin??’
She had a glowing,sweet face with beautiful eyes which spoke thousand words and curly hair. He looked at her eyes again, normally indian eye balls are a little brownish but her eyes were pitch black. ‘as if trying to absorb everything which comes in her view’ he thought.

She slowly approached him.
Swara-so you are Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari?
‘wow, her voice is soo sweet,but words are bitter’
Swara-Mr. Sanskar Mah…
Sanskar cut in
Sanskar- ahaaa…its just Sanskar.
This made it clear to swara that he really was her boss. She gave him a strange look although. His way of talking,walking everything seemed so unprofessional although he was the owner of such a famous company.
She kept all these thoughts aside and spoke,
Swara- my payment?
Sanskar-(coming back to senses) o ya but first…
Swara looked at him with wide eyes. ‘now what?’ she thought.
Sanskar- you will promise me that you’ll have coffee with me. Today.
Sanskar- yes, at 7pm. At New market’s Cafe Coffee Day…or wherever you want to go. Il pick you up.
With this he handed over the suit case to Swara and left from there leaving her with an astonished mind.

‘is that lad mad or what? He probably doesn’t even know if i am real swara or not and he’s asking me for some coffee shoffee?’ Swara angrily thought. ‘i am not going out with him’
She opened her phone and texted,
“i am not going out for a coffee with you”
She found him online.

“okay then, you may take whoever you want to have a coffee. I don’t have any problem to deal with another person”?

‘aaahhhh…he is acting like a juvenile’
“Mr. Maheshwari, do you realize the fact that you are my boss and as far as i know a boss would really not like to flirt or sit and have coffee with an assassin”

“i am calling you over a coffee to discuss about our next plan, not to ‘flirt’ with you Miss Swara”?

After looking at this and realizing her mistake she wrote a sorry but never sent it. She remembered her besties words ‘never say sorry to a boy,never ever.’

“fine I’ll be waiting downstairs at 7pm”

“that’s like a good lady”

She wore a pink and brown floral,full sleeves, long dress and stood downstairs waiting for Sanskar. She could feel the watchman eyeing her but didn’t bother herself. ‘why to waste a bullet on him’ she thought and smiled. Suddenly a dark blue BMW appeared before her. One of the windows sled down a little bit and she heard a voice saying “get in”
‘where shall i sit, at the front or back?’ She thought for a while. She remembered of the voice coming from the driver’s seat.
‘dat means dat mad is sitting in front, fine Il sit at the back’
She happily opened the car’s door and sat down while busy settling her dress. That was when she suddenly found a whispering sound in her ear and a warm breath on her neck.
“welcome miss Swara…you look beautiful”
Her eyes widened and she turned around to find Sanskar almost leaning on her. He was soo close that she could feel his warm breath on her face.

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