SwaSan- An untold story (Part 5)


She was sitting back on her chair, in the same large room but this time the lights were on. She had been sitting there maybe for 1hr only glancing at his last text.

“”oho…when will you stop calling me Mr. Maheshwari. Its Sanskar. Just sanskar miss warsa or shall i say MISS SWARA””

Although she wasn’t online but she felt as if he was watching her. Keeping an eye on her moves every mini second.
‘how the hell did he know my real name, i had changed my identity after all’.
The only thing she was now confirmed of was that he was a ‘lovely,handsome,playboy'(as per the magazines) whose face the world hasn’t seen yet and he is a deadly man(as per swara) who can do the impossible too. In just two months he could take out her real name. ‘then maybe he must have dig hard into my past’ she thought as she shuddered at her own thoughts.
She felt that she needs to leave the job but her first condition was to fulfill her mission and then leave nor only death can release her from this job.
‘i am just f**ked up man’.
She threw the mobile phone which fortunately hit the soft mattress of the bed.
Suddenly a message popped up on her Nokia Lumia 620’s screen.

“please come online”
From- Sanskar.


She opened her what’s app and spitted,

“what do you want now?”
“seems like Swara baby is in a bad mood. Oops Warsa baby.”?
“can you just stop irritating me. And stop boasting yourself coz i know that you have found my real name.”
“and a lotzzz more about you”
Swara froze.
“what else?”
“well that’s a secret. Forget it. I have come here to inform you that…”
“well lets talk about business first.”
She didn’t reply.
“Il give you your money or rather your first salary for your first job. And ya you might get a bonus because my workers said that you were very clean and dedicated towards your job”
“so lets meet up near the old Tangra paint factory”
“but that’s closed for more than 7years”
“i know, i know but you see the caretakers have allowed me to have a meeting with you. It wont be that pleasant like a meeting in an a.c room with two large chairs and a coffee mug but ya it’ll be some new and different feeling ”
“i don’t even need that luxurious meeting”
“cool then tomorrow at 10am sharp.”
“there are many buildings over the factory so which one…?”
“the caretakers will inform you just tell them that you are Warsa Khanna”

The last message did confirm her that he indeed had kept it a secret. She found him go offline and at last texted
” thank you ”
She smiled and then suddenly flushed red and turned to the camera.
‘ hey it was not something that i am falling for this man or something. It was just for the sake of humanity ‘

The next day a man wearing a jacket whose hood is covering half of his face is seen entering the factory while holding a suitcase.
The caretaker comes and stops him,
Caretaker- Ai, thamo thamo. Who are you? K tumi? Why are you entering inside? Hai, Ki holo, bolo?
The man-(removes his jacket hood) re kaka its me Sanskar.
The caretaker apologizes to him.
Caretaker- o sorry sorry. Ashole boish berechai to. (actually i have grown old so)
Sanskar- its okay. Has the girl come?
Caretaker- hai hai…kokhon ashechai. Akdom 10tai. Tumi late korecho. (yes, she has come at exact 10 am while you have been late)
Sanskar-where’s she?
Caretaker- 4 nombor building a. (in the 4th building)
Sanskar looked at the fourth building and smiled. After all its there first Face to Face meeting.

To be continued…

Precap- Swara and Sanskar’s first meeting. The individuals pov about each other’s appearance and some things to be revealed.

Frnds please inform me if you like the ff or not. If it is really not good enough then i shall stop writing and if it is good and deserves some comments then plzz do comment. Thank you.

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