SwaSan- An untold story (Part 4)

She was sitting in that large waiting room looking outside by the large glass windows. She had carefully chosen a white cotton blouse with a black pencil skirt. She had brought a black caprice hand bag and was wearing a dark black sunglass while her blonde wig had covered her black hair, which was again beautified by a white hat. Sanskar’s workers had confirmed her that she couldn’t be recognized and that did make her feel proud of her wicked head.
The DM Company was larger than the SM compony. She thought. Suddenly she remembered her first day in SM.

SM. The company’s name stood for Sanskar Maheshwari. It was her first time in Kolkata and also in that large glass building. It looked splendid from outside and the view from inside was mesmerizing. But she hadn’t come for any of those views. She was there just for job. She was nervously sitting there for a long time when suddenly a peon came and took her to a cabin.
In the cabin Swara found a ‘quite pretty’ woman sitting by the large table who told her to sit.

Lady- hi, i am Kavita Singh. Sanskar Maheshwari’s assistant. And you are?
Swara- I am Warsa Khanna. I am here for the job of…
Kavita cuts in,
Kavita- ya ya. For the job of assassin.
Swara quietly nods. She feels a little weird to sit by this woman. Her words were too sharp and hard. It seemed as if she didn’t speak but just snapped them.
Kavita- do you think that you can really do this work?
Swara didn’t answer her.
Kavita-(pointing a finger to swara and almost throwing poisonous words) listen miss warsa, i know it very well. What sort of girls you all are? You all just come here to snatch him away. But till the time i am here…i wont let you do that. So just get your ass out from here.

With this Kavita left from the cabin while swara gave her a confused look. All the words and things Kavita had said were like out of the blue for Swara.
So she took her bag and got started to leave when suddenly another man burst in, in the cabin leaving Swara surprised.

Man- hi hi…plzz don’t leave. Don’t leave.
Plzz have a seat.
He took a breath.
I am really sorry for kavita’s unprofessional behaviour.
Swara(curtly)- who are you?
Man- o sorry for not introducing myself. I am Adarsh. Mr. Maheshwari’s personal secretary. And you are…
Before Swara could speak Adarsh started,
Adarsh- you are Miss Warsa, right?
Swara nodded.
Adarsh- so warsa Il give you some details about your job.
Swara- am i really appointed for the job? I mean after whatever Kavita said…
Adarsh- o Kavita. Don’t bother yourself with her words. She is of no use. She’s just madly in love with our boss, Sanskar and so she tries hard to keep away all the female workers out of his sight. Weird right?
Swara- ya. Very weird. So that means i am already in for the job.
Adarsh- ofcourse and i shall file a complain against Kavita for her unprofessional behavior.
Swara- so what’s my first work and salary.
Adarsh- well, to be honest i have no idea about Sanskar’s plans but yes he ordered me to give you his number. So that you can contact him via phone, what’s app and massages.

She opened her eyes and came back from the flashback as her name was called.
A staff came and called her- miss Allen Joseph?
Swara- (American accent) ya…its me.
Staff- mam please follow me as Mr. Soumok is free now to have a meeting.
Swara- ya sure.
She entered into a glass cabin and found a fat man in his 40’s sitting by the table.
Soumok- hello ,hello miss Allen. Please have a seat.
Swara-(American accent) thank you thank you.
Soumok then dismissed that staff member and stared at swara’s ‘so called’ disguised bodyguards.
Soumok- do they have to stay in our private meeting?
Swara-(American accent) well Mr. Goshwami…
Soumok- ha ha…its Ghoshwami.
Swara-(American accent) ya whatever. Actually my guards are like dumb dogs, so you don’t worry. Our meeting will be anyways a private one.
Soumok- ha ha. Okay then but why do you want my post?
Swara-(American accent) oho Mr. Goshwami. Some things are better to be kept a secret. And on the other hand i am also giving you such big amount. 60crores after all. The amount which you’ll never get if you stay in this post even for 100 years.
She could see the happy,surprised and dreaming expression on soumok’s face.
‘his mind is as fat as his tummy’ swara thought.
Soumok-where’s the check then?
Swara-(American accent) first the papers.
Soumok took out some papers from the drawers and handed it to swara.
Soumok- here you are. Now my money.
Swara handed him the check as the dog took it and kissed it several times.
Soumok- yess…now i am richer than my so called boss.

Swara smiled at his childishness and then called one of her bodyguard who handed her something,as she stood up.
Swara- yess,you’ll be richer than your boss. But in your dreams baby.

Soumok stared at her with a confused look as the bullet from Swara’s gun penetrated in the perfect middle of his forehead.
She looked at his dead body.
Swara- guys,clean this mess.
The ‘so called’ bodyguards started up there work with the dead body as Swara opened the silencer from her gun.
She took out her mobile phone and texted.

“your first job is done Mr.Maheshwari, and thank you for these people. They really did help to clean the mess”

She found that he was online.

“oho…when will you stop calling me Mr. Maheshwari. Its Sanskar. Just sanskar miss warsa or shall i say MISS SWARA”

The last two words made Swara numb for a moment.
‘how the hell did he know my true name?’

To be continued…

Thank you everyone for your support and comments. If i am doing any mistakes then please do forgive it and any complaint is always welcomed. Thank you.

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