SwaSan- An untold story (Part 2)


The next day she woke up on her chair and found herself holding her mobile phone. She opened the lock and his last text flashed on the screen.
“right now,i feel ashamed to be born as a boy”
‘i wish he was really such a good hearted one’ she thought for a second before she came back to her senses. Why the hell was she even wishing for something like that. She got up from her chair and looked at the small clock,which was gifted by one of her clients. It ticked to 5am.
She moved towards the entrance door unaware of the coming surprise. She opened the door in a hope to find her newspaper but instead she found his familiar face.
‘WTF’ she gasped as she felt herself pushed inside her house and then she could see him closing the door and putting up the latch.
‘what the hell do you want from me now?’ she asked him with a hissing tone.
‘listen swara, give me a chance to explain’ he said. But before he could finish anymore, she turned around and started to leave while planning how to elope from that place.
‘listen swara, plzz’. She could hear the faint sounds as she locked her room’s door which was not strong enough to keep that beast away from groping her, for a long time.
‘just leave me alone Laksh’ she screamed out… a dry scream from which you could make out very well, how angry she was.
‘Listen Swara, i have realized my mistakes. I promise i wont torture you anymore. Just come out for once. I swear i have changed ‘
‘Your promises are made so that you can break them.’ She thought.
Again he knocked on the door but this time it was harder.
‘swara you are testing my patience, and i am not good at this…so either you come out or Il break in.’
There was no answer from the other side.
‘Fine then’ laksh said as the devilish expression flashed on his face.
He heard some clattering noises.
Again some noise of something falling down.
The room echoed with the badam noise of the door breaking and a gust of dust blew by. He looked around but found noting except a narrow window wide open. He moved and looked out of the window to find swara crossing the main road in a hurry.
‘aahhh’ he screamed out in anger while holding on to his hair as if he’ll just tear them out. ‘i should have thought of it. A daredevil like her will always escape from the window while staying in the second floor of this 5 storeyed flat’. He thought bitterly.
On the road she turned around to give a last look to her room for the day and could see his back.
‘huh, idiot’ she thought triumphantly.
She took out her phone and called the other one.
“hi, what’s up? Is everything alright?”
“why do u ask?”
“basically you don’t call without any emergency”
” can you send me a car?”
There was no answer.
“why? did you kill someone again?”
“just shut your mouth you a*sh*le nd send me the car”
“Beside Shealdah station, before Big Bazar”
“f9 Il send it…but then my reward?” he said with a husky voice.
The words… He’s no better than the others; echoed in her mind.
They both hung up the phone but his mind was already lost in some thoughts about her.
‘she’s such a mysterious one. why?’ he asked himself.

To be continued…

Frnds please inform me if you like the ff or not. If it is really not good enough then i shall stop writing and if it is good and deserves some comments then plzz do comment. Thank you.

Credit to: guess it ppl

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