SwaSan- An untold story (Part 1)


She sat back on her chair to text him. She could feel how exhausted she was as her muscles twitched. She asked her self again…wasn’t she supposed to sleep right now, den what was she doing with her phone. Why was she getting addicted to this unknown person,a person whom she had never met. Yes she did find information’s about him but they never had any conversation face to face. Maybe she’ll never meet him but even then opening her heart out to him was now a part of her life. She opened her what’s app chat and then looked at his displayed picture. It wasn’t that she had never seen him, after all she did see him in his dp but then…

At last she texted
There was no reply nd just one tick beside the message.
‘maybe he’s not online,after all he’s not a jobless one like me’ she thought bitterly.
She kept her phone away and went to her kitchen…A kitchen which consisted of nothing except an empty LPG cylinder, a stove and a fridge. She opened the fridge with some hope to get something and so the only thing she found was a half filled milk bottle.
She stared at it for a long time while calculating how she’ll live the next day.
She came back to her room again but only with a hope to find some reply to her text nor she would have just finished the left over milk and slept on the kitchen floor.
She looked ar her phone and there he was, an online word flashed just after his name and there were two messages from him.
“hey, how are you?”, “how was your new job?”
“i broke his teeth”
“the boss of that compony”
“may i know the reason?”

“he had groped my derriere and pinched it”
There was no reply although he was online.
“what happened, feeling frightened to know the real faces of your gender?”
There was no reply again. At last when she decided to go offline she suddenly saw the online word after his picture change into typing.
‘why am i so desperate for his answers’ she asked herself and then her phone buzzed.
She opened the convo, to read his reply.
“right now,i feel ashamed to be born as a boy”
Nd so he went offline. She knew that he was no different from those others at all. He was all the same… Once unfortunately she had found him bringing some girl from that Goal Bar for One Night but even then she couldn’t stop herself from texting him.
‘why is it like that, why?’

To be continued…

Credit to: guess it ppl

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