Swasan- An Untold love story (Promo)

Hello, Guys i am new here nd also in writing. This is my very first attempt of writing. I have never written anything. i am not a good writer at all but still i am trying.

So, here it is hope u all like it . Now i am giving a small intro nd promo.enjoy…..


A wedding hall is shown were a girl nd boy are taking pheras(wedding rounds) after completing 7th round pandit ji announce them Husband nd wife. Pandit ji tells them to take blessings from elders. They start taking blessing’s.
On the other hand two boys were seeing them

Boy1- now can we go ! This marriage drama is over now.

Boy2- common yar, see na how happy they r

Boy1- ya…ya.. Happy…. Dekh, tere liye mein yaha aaya but now, enough of this drama lets go..

Boy2- abbey ruk na, look bhai marriage is not completed yet nd this is nt a drama…. Its marriage look finally two love birds become one.

Boy1-love birds kaha se tujhe ye love birds dikh rahe hai….. ye jo ladka hai isne iss ladki se sirf paiso ke liye shaddi ki hai………..only fr properly

Boy2- what the ……. I don’t want to argue with u lets go…

On other side of the marriage hall two girls were standing and talking with each other while looking at the newly wedded couple

Girl1- can we go now, its so late ma nd baba are waiting for me lets go!!

Girl2- wait na we will go after biddai please i will explain everything to aunty

Girl1- no……no….

Girl2- plz……. plz….na ragu ( yes she is our ragini)

Girl 1- ookk..ok after biddai promise

Girl2- yepiiii promise ( and side hugs him)

Girl1- shona ( u all can guess na who is she ) u are crazy marriage is over but u….

Girl2- no ragini marriage biddai ke baad hi complete hoti hai

Girl1- oohh….. Okk tell me one thing…. What do u think about marriage?

Girl2- Marriage……ummm…..marriage is a contract

Girl1- what ??? (confused) how?

Girl2- yya……marriage is a contract where two people noo two soulmates share their happiness,love, sadness,worries, tension, problems and the most important thing their love fr each other fr their whole life……. with each other…

Girl1- shona, awww so sweet pehli baar shaddi ka itna perfect matlab suna hai maine

The two same boys were passing from there nd heard there conversation

Boy1- marriage right its a contract but nt of feelings only money nd money

Boy2- sanky, common jarrori nahi jo tujhe lage wahi sahi ho

Boy1- lucky don’t tell me u think they r right

Boy2- yes they r absolutely right … Now lets go tujhe jana tha na

Boy1- Sanskar
Boy2- Laksh
Girl1- Ragini
Girl2- Swara


A girl nd boy r shown in a room sleeping peacefully in each others embrace ……..
Suddenly, Boy’s phone start ringing and disturbed their lovely sleep both get up with a jerk

Girl- ahhh my head is paining where am i!

Boy- u r in my bed with me in my room

Girl- (notice’s her condition and cover herself with the blanket ) what happen nd how i came here sir, ( ask while crying)

Boy- mujhe tumhe juch batane ki jarrorat hai ( winks at him nd get up fron bed)

Girl start crying nd try to remember what happen last night


Boy- tum jaisi ladkiyon ko mein achi tarah janta huin blo*dy………..

Girl slaps him hard before he could complete

Girl- how dare u? ……….(while crying) sir i knw jo hua usme apki koi galti nahi thi par aap mere character par ise tarah ungli nahi utha sakte

Boy- oh really, mein janta huin tum jaisi ladkiyun sirf paiso ke piche bhagti ho aur paiso ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho

Girl- shouting…. Mind ur language…… Manti huin mujhse galti hui hai par iska yeh matlab nahi aap kuch bhi keh sakte hai


Now a small intro of main characters——————-

Sanskar Maheswari- A heartless nd ruthless businesses man who don’t trust anyone..he have no emotions l. He hate girls nd thinks they can do anything for money ( why i don’t know maybe some past)

Swara- a bubbly,sweet, lovely girl.loves her freedom, don’t trust anyone easily because………..??????

Laksh Kapoor- best friend of sanskar ya u can say best friend cum brother. Sanskar shares everything with laksh . he is the only person besides sanskar’s family who knows about his past..

Ragini Gaddodia- daughter of Sumi nd Shekhar Gaddodia,loves her parents a lot,biggest support fr swara…..

I m nt introducing every character…… I will give there intro in b/w the story okk…….

So, now tell me truly how’s it ………

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