Swasan- An Untold love story (Chapter-2)

Swara reaches GM……nd found ragini nd her parents r sitting in hall

Ragini- swara,come na….have u completed ur assignment.

Swara- hmmm….what happen why r u sitting here?

Sumi( Ragini’s mother)- shona come sit first nd have something… i m going to make coffee

Swara- yes…aunty,Ragini nw tell me what happen

Ragini- see this( forward a card) do u remember sanjana, tomorrow is her wedding

Swara- ummmm..sanjana…(thinks) yes that sanjana ,how can i forgot her she was our senior who used to do our raging nd u answers him very well

Ragini- she is going to marry.

Swara- hmmm…..nice

Ragini- so,we r going fr shopping nw

Swara- now, no Ragini i m so tired

Ragini- swara plz na

Shekha( Ragini’ s father) go swara have some fun……how can u so boring

Swara- boring……what uncle i m nt boring( with a cute pout)

Ragini- so come fr shopping……

Swara- okkk i just fresh up

# TThe vision mall

Ragini is selecting dress fr herself…..but all in vain….she rejects every dress by saying…….this is so dark….ghis is so light….. Im looking fat in it bla….bla….bla…nd our swara she is busy in her own thoughts ( don’t think she doesn’t like shopping after all she is also a girl nd every girl likes shopping) suddenly swara heard Ragini’s scream

Ragini- whattttttttt

Swara- what happen ragini why r u sshouting

Ragini- look at this dress shona its so beautiful nd this sshopkeeper…….he is saying we can’t buy this dress

swara to the shopkeeper- what happen sir, why we can’t take this dress…???

Shopkeeper- mam,this dress is already selected by someone…. U can choose some other dress

Ragini- no shona after so much effort i found it…..i only want it

Shopkeeper- mam,in this case maybe u can talk to that person who have selected this dress( pointing towards a man)

Ragini- okkk i will talk to him ( nd hoes to him ,nd pat his shoulder) hey mr..i have to talk to u ……

That man was none other than laksh who has come fr shopping with uttara

Laksh- what???

Ragini- i want that dress which u have selected

Laksh- so,

Ragini- so choose some other dress fr urself

Laksh- if i say no then

Ragini- then( ragini was about to say something but swara come between them)

Swara- shhhhh Ragini……..(to laksh.). im sry ……she likes that dress so much can u please buy some other dress..

Laksh- ooh,its okk i have selected that dress fr my sister but she don’t like it u can take itt …..but i must say ur friend is so badtmeez

Ragini- what u said i m badtmeez nd what u r ………….

swara- ragini plz …….sry fr her behavior….she is nt like that …..

Laksh- okkk ….don’t be sry…..by the way i m laksh nd u

Swara- i m swara nd she is Ragini……..

Laksh- okkk nice to meet u swara( looking at ragini) not nice to meet u…… byeeees

Ragini- jaise humhe tumse milke accha llaga……swara kitna akaddu hai hai

Swara- ohh really ragini he is akuddu….really…

After shopping swaragini headsvto home l,while going swara sees some poor children are begging to an ice cream vendor fr ice-cream ….she feels sad nd goes near them

Swara- hey!!! Baccha party……who wants ice-cream,

Children in unison- weee

Swara- ok….okkk….dada give ice cream fr everyone

Swara takes ice cream from vendor nd distribute to children.. She starts playing with them..she forgot about her tension nd start laughing with them

But two eyes were noticing her..its none other than sanskar. He has come to pick uttara nd laksh..but when he sees swara…. He get amazed by her behavior

Sanskar pov..

My meeting got cancelled.. I was going back to office when lucky called me to pick him from the mall,his car got damaged….. When i was parking the car i saw some children’s r begging fr ice cream nd that vendor.. He can’t give some to them ……i decided to buy dome fr them but before i could a girl came nd start distributing ice cream among them……she was playing with them i heard her laughing…… it looks she is laughing wholeheartedly…. I can’t see her face but how a girl can do such type of thing i m sure she has a profit in it…..my thoughts get disturbed by Lucky’ s call

# Gaddodia Mansion

Swara is trying to sleep but because of tension she is unable to sleep so she goes to terrace to take some fresh air….after sometime Ragini also vame there…..

Swara- Ragini, why u came here??

Ragini- u r nt on bed so i thought to check u..leave it( sits beside her) tell me about ur confusion

Swara- confusion- what confusion

Ragini- yyes….. u r confused so tell me i will clear it

Swara- how u know iit?

Ragini- swara u r eating chocolate at this time with this tensioned nd confused face ( swara eats chocolate when she is confused or tensioned to reduce her stress)

Swara tells him about the job nd her dilemma

Ragini- take it swara

Swara- but fr this i have to skip college

Ragini- so skip it

Swara- what r u saying ragu ,u knw about my dream if i skip college how my dream came true

Ragini- ( stand’s ndsaid in a strict tone) listen swara,for this job u hhave to skip college bug without this job u have to leave college….. I knw u want to attend college regularly but u have to understand u can attend college on weekend nd on exam time u can take leave……..kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padhta hai ..im going to sleep came fast…

# in morning swara decided to apply fr job after Ragini’s advice………..everyone is happy with her decision Swaragini was busy in getting ready all day fr the wedding……..in evening they reach to the wedding venue……at the same time sanlak also reaches there but can’t see each other because of crowd… Swaragini nd sanlak were busy in each other unaware of each other’s presence………on one hand sanskar is irritated with lucky because he is bt ready to go from marriage…. On the other hand Ragini is trying to convince swara for going home………..after so much effort sanskar convince laksh nd they heads to MM

# MM
Sanskar pov.

Oh god!! I m so tired today…..only because of lucky,,…. Because of him i have to attend that stupid marriage because he don’t want to go alone…..nd cherry on the cake,he is nt ready to came back( closes his eyes) …….but when we were coming ffom there i heard two girls conversation. A girl in pink nd golden lehnga was talking with her friend. but i can’t see her face because she was facing her back towards me .she also don’t want to go home nd her friend was trying hard but what surprises me is that she start telling about marriage…… Ummm…..what she said……hmmmm…marriage is a contract where two people share their love,tension, worries, happiness to each other…… I think all girls r nt bad …some girls r there who has a good heart.. ( after sometime) no sanskar u haven’t heard her whole conversation…………. Ho sakta hai wo bhi sabki tarah ho…money mined ( sanskar soon dozes thinking about swara……)

Plz ignore spelling mistakes nd grammatical error ….nd thank u fr ur valuable comments

Recap- Interview………….. Swasan first encounter….

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