Swasan- An Untold love story (Chapter-1)

Hiiii everyone…… Here is my first chappy of my first ff. The first chappy i m so happy today ……ya i knw its nt a big thing but fr me its a very big thing hehehehe………..ok lets start ….

A big office is shown where everyone is running here nd there…office staff,peon, watchman all r running tensionally fr completing their work..

Staff1- jaldi karo, sir abhi aate hi honge

Staff2- don’t knw… what is gonna be happen this file is nt completed ye

Staff1- jo hoga wo toh pata chal hi jayega but nw jaldi karo sir ke aane se pehle ye file unke cabin mein rakni hai

Suddenly a BMW stops infront of the office.. Driver came out ndopen the door.A man of 23-25 came out in white shirt black blazer with blue jeans( i knw bad combination bt i like it ) with a expressionless face busy in his mobile

Peon run inside after seeing him

Peon- sanskar sir has come…

All the staff get alert nd get seated at their respective places

Sanskar directly went to his cabin without noticing anyone

Staff1 to the receptionist- Pia ,sir is in very bad mood today

Pia- hmmm….tell this to eeveryone don’t knw who is gonna be fire ……..hope nt me

Staff1- ( giggles) all the best………..

In sanskar cabin he is talking with his manager Mayank

Sanskar- Mayank, where is the file of Mehta nd sons, u know very well this project is very important fr us

Mayank- here it is ssir, i have studied it please check it once

Sanskar- oh yes, i will study it but before it make a presentation of it

Mayank- okkk sir ( nd goes from there)

Sanskar- where is this Lucky?

Laksh- here i am…

Sanskar nd Laksh both handles Maheswaries buissness together… Laksh is an orphan bt Maheswaries considers him as son

Sanskar- u r late..

Laksh- sry bhai i stuck in traffic jam

Sanskar- its ok lucky arrange a secretary fr me

Laksh- what??…… What do mean u fire him ……gret third time in a month we a searching fr ur secretary…… Nw what she has done …

Sanskar- she was nt only irresponsible bg also nt doing any work she was talking with her boyfriend instead of doing work….

Laksh interrupts him – so what bhai …u can forgive her …..u fired him fr this small reason…

Sanskar ( while wearing his blazer) i have a meeting …. Arrange a secretary soon

Laksh thinks in his mind -OMG! nt again no one work with bhai with his anger …….. Chal beta lag jaa kaam pe

Laksh – pia come to my cabin

Pia- yes ssir! Aapne bulaya

Laksh- arrange interviews tomorrow make arrangements fr it …i will take it personally

Pia- yes sir

Scene shift to xyz college of photography.

Principal- what is this? I haven’t submitted ur fees. Why? Swara ( yes The girl is swara)

Swara- (while looking down ) sry sir i will submit it as soon as possible

Principal – swara, u r a brilliant student that’s why i am giving u time …. Okk submit it in 10 days

SSwara- Ok sir

Swara came out from principal s room nd sees Ragini is waiting fr him

Ragini- everything is fine na swara ,

Swara- yes, ragu 10 days i have only 10

Ragini- its okk swara everything will be fine we will arrange fees

Swara- yes, nw lets go to canteen…. I m hungry

Ragini ( in mind) i knw swara u r tensed but i know everything will be fine …….yes let’s go

Both goes in canteen to have some snacks

So swaras pov.

OOh! God what should i do nw to arrange fees in 10 days ………..no i have to arrange it

(Opps i forget to tell u something swara has left her home fr studies because her parents want him to get married but she wants to study further and after so much of efforts when she was nt able to convince her parents …..unwillingly she left her home nd came to Mumbai to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional photographer ………..after coming to Mumbai she takes admission in photography college nd fr her survival she is doung a part time job in a call center ,also she sends her clicked photograph’s to different magazines nd earn some money from them. She lives with Ragini.
Ragini’s parents consider swara as their daughter. They very well knw about his financial needs but they can’t help him. Because swara doesn’t like it nd fr swara’ s self-respect they agreed.

I hope its clear nw. )

After attending classes Ragini goes to her home nd swara left in college fr some assignment work.

( swara goes to library nd start her work .she was busy in her work suddenly she saw a advertisement in newspaper regarding a job )

Swara- secretary required vin Maheswari company ( IN MIND – no swara don’t consider it …..u can’t apply fr it , its a full time job…. U have to attend college also…no. But in other side of her mind……apply swara ….. U have only 10 days ……..u have to arrange money ……nd….only a good job can give u this ………….apply it ……..)

Swara jerks her thoughts nd goes to home……..

So what do u think swara will apply or not??

Okk…okk…i know its so boring but plz don’t throw eggs on me ….it stinks…..u can throw tomatoes………..but plz bear it fr 2-3 episodes i will make it interesting ….nd do tell me if u feel its boring

Recap- swara’s dilemma about the job…..Ragini clears her confusion

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  1. Rosey

    wow vey nice and great episode

    1. Aliya123

      Thank u…..

  2. Rosey

    and plz pload next faster

    1. Aliya123

      I will upload it soon…..keep reading

  3. Superb nice

    1. Aliya123

      Thank u priya

    1. Aliya123

      Thanks Rakiba

  4. Rabia

    Woww aliyaaa andd its look like that u r a tained writer ??????

    1. Aliya123

      How can u say that api its my first ff nd fitst episode ?? nd ya i m nt a trained one…..
      Api i have a surprise fr u u will get it tomorrow…..hope so…???. Thanks fr reading …..gud night

      1. Rabia

        Hehehehe okay sweety i’ll wait for the surprize gud nyt sweet dreams Allah Hafiz ??

  5. Excellent

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      Thank u….

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Excellent dear….loved it.. Obviously, swara will say yes for this job…Agar vo job keliye yes nehi kahegi then swasan ki meet kese hogi*see how intelligent I am??,lol, self praising??…keep it up dear… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Aliya123

      Thank u☺….. Yes u r intelligent….. ??

  7. Vyshu10

    superb…ofc she ll apply for d job…swasan story should start na

    1. Aliya123

      Yes swasan srory will start but nt so easily

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  9. Mind blowing

  10. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear…nd yeahhh swara will say yes only fr da job..coz c is da one only who can handle dis arrogant sanky…waitng eagrly fr nxt

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