SwaSan- Unlucky to have uh part 5 (surprise) by samaira


Heyyyyy guys!!! I m bck with 5 part of unlucky to have uh!! Please dont say thank uh for fast update??…kk kk sorry lets start..
Recap: SwaSan confortation..Flashbck..sanskar telling ashi that he is her dad..
Sanskar- ashiii I m your dad..I m your papa..
Swara(Shocked)- Sanskar….
Ashi(giggling)- hehe!! Aap toh bahut bhuddhu ho!! How can uh be my papa!! Papa is only one nd mere pass toh already papa h…nd waise bhi in school our teacher that papa is the angel for their daughter who love their daughters alot…nd always save them from mumma scolding also..nd never scold their daughter..but aap toh humesha mrreko mar the toh nd always shout in me without my dad..so how can uh be my daddu!!!
Sanskar(almost crying)- i..i m sorry beta..i will nevrr scold uh but I m yourr dad..( intrepted by swara’s voice)
Swara- ashii uh go to your laksh papa….i will come soon (looks at sanskar angrily)i said gooo…
Ashi runs from there to laksh room..nd here swara was staring at sanskar angrily!!
Swara- what was all that sanskar?? !! R uh insane!! How could uh tell ashi like that!
Sanskar(tears were falling from his eyes)- i dont care swara!! I dont care i just want my daughter bck anyhow!! I cant see her calling as her dad!! I cant see laksh taking my place in ashi’s life!!! I just want my daughter nd my wife bck!!??
Swara felt bad seeing sanskar in that state!! Her eyes r filled with tears offcourse she will also seeing her love crying!! Whatever the reason is whatever the situation is but this is true that she loves him more than her life!! What he has done in past in not forgivable but she cant see him in this state!! His every tears were piercing swara’s heart!! Nd now she cant take it more!! Now she cant keep her pain in her heart for more time!! Nd finally she too bursted out crying!!
Swara(crying)- why sanskar?? Whyyyy?? Why uh did all that in past? Your that mistake has destroyed our happiness sanskar!! Today we would also be a happy family if uh wouldn’t have done that mistake!! No not mistake it was sin!! Nd forgiveness r for mistake not for crime!! Nd uh done a crime!! No no i cant!! I cant forgive uh!! I cant!! (She runs from there while crying)
Here sanskar feel on his knees nd was crying hard by keeping his palms on his face!!
Both were crying!! Both were broken from inside! Both were cursing their destiny!!
Sanskar move out from laksh room with swollen eyes indicating how mch he has cried nd now also his tears were not stopping!!..when suddenly his eyes fell on ashi who was playing with a ball!!! He stopped there only seeing his daughter playing!! Her antiques her cute smile make him also smiled a little!! He was feeling to take her in his arms,To hug her, To feed her food!! Nd to know about her like dislikes!! To talk with her ! To make her sleep in his arms!! To play with hrr!!
He was busy in adorning his dsughter when he get shcked her crying as she feel down nd get minor injury in her elbow!!
Sanskar run toward her shouting her name “Aaassshiiii”….
He picked her nd was carressing her bck in order to make her stop crying…..he was also crying seeing her crying!! It is looking like he is injured not ashi!! More than ashi!! He is crying!! He is not able to see her in this state!! But next make him more broken from inside!!

As soon as i pick ashi in my arms..she started to cry more!! Started to push me!! I understand that actually she was afraid…she was afraid of me that i will scold her will beat her!! Her every tears were killing me from inside!! I was right now feeling to die!! What can be more painfull for a father when he sees his child calling someother as his dad? What can be more painfull for a father when he sees his child getting afraid from him!! It was killing me from inside when i saw ashi not willing to be in my arms!! But what can i do? I cant leave her like this also!! Suddenly laksh from somewhere nd took her from my arms!! I didnt feel good at all!! I feel so bad that someother person is taking my daughter from my hand!! But then i think of ashi!! I noticed that she stopped crying as soon as she comes in laksh’s arm!! They both were playing…laksh was tickling her nd she was laughing!! I feel very bad! That doesnt mean I m not happy with my ashi’s happiness! I felt very happy seeing her laughing!! Seeing her forgetting her pain but the thing make me feel bad is that the reason for ashi’s happiness is not me!! Its laksh.. Sometime ago she was crying when she was with me! But now she was laughing when she is with laksh! I dont feel good seeing ashi nd laksh together! Tears were flowing from my eyes seeing laksh at my place!! It is not like that i hate laksh but i cant..i cant see my daughter having so mch gud bonding with laksh!! Maybe I m jealous of laksh…maybe but this true that i want myself to be at laksh place!! The place where laksh is standing is mine!! But I m not worth of it!! What i did with my daughter its unforgivable!! I m not a good husband..i m not a good father…i m not a good person…i slaped my daughter..i scold her..i even tried tooo send her away from me!! Nd today she is away from from me my life.. there is alot of distance between us..till yesterday i was trying to built distance between us..nd i succeed but now i m regretting i want to finish this distance..but i failed in it… i failed …i dont have any reason to live now! No one wants me in their life..no one needs me..nor swara need me neither my daughter… so whats the need of this life?? I will finish it!!

SANSKAR wipe his tears nd run toward kitchen…He was crying heard nd was only murmuring “i m not a husband..I m not a good father..”
He sees the knife there nd was about to cut his wrist when he felt a burning sensation on his cheek..
Sanskar: SWARA
Yes swara slapped him..nd take the knife from his hand nd throw it..
Swara: what the hell! Sanskar what was all this?..what were trying to uh!! If i wouldn’t have come here then uh would have..(she again slapped him)
Sanskar was holding his cheek..nd was looking at swara with teary eyes.. after a min he suddenly pull her in his embrace nd starting crying very badly.. he was hugging her very tight… nd was taking out his pain..
Sanskar(while crying)- i m sorry swara!! I..i cant become a good husband nd father…i dont deserve to be a father..i failed to keep the promises which i have made with uh in our marriage… i failed to keep the promises when a father made to his child…i failed in all thing…I m a loser swara I m a loser…for this world I m the most richest nd happiest person nd a winner but for me i m the loser i m the most poorest person on this earth…!! I cant give uh happiness!! Till now i have only give pain to uh nd ashi without your mistake!! But now i want to see uh both happy!! Nd after my death only uh both can be happy!! I m not lucky for uh both!! I cant give uh both happiness when i m alive but i m sure after i will be away from your life uh both can leave happily!! Always be happy in your life swara!!nd i …i love uh alot..
Swara was also crying with him..she can feel with what pain he is going through.. but she was angry for this stupid thought..while sanskar was crying but he wipe his tears nd again was about pick the knife when swara hold his hand …
Swara?- have uh gone mad?? Dimag sahi h!! How can uh even think that without uh i can him?? Howw?? (She holds his collar nd was contiously beating him!! Finally she too hugged him!! Both were crying while their forheads while touching nd sanskar has cupped swara’s face) how can uh think like this sanskar that i will be happy without uh!! I will die without uh!! Maybe uh broke your promise but uh know na sanskar’s swara never break her promise!! Nd i promise uh that i will follow uh step to step! Whenever uh will go i will also go! Nd the moment uh will leave this world your swara will also leave this world nd will follow uh there also.. i ..i love uh 2 sanskar! Uh r my life!! I forgive uh! Yes I forgive uh!! Now never think of this type of bakwas talk again!!
Sanskar wipes in tears in excitement when he heard that his swara….sanskar’s swara still never him..nd she forgived him..
Sanskar(happily)- really?? Uh…uh mean uh forgived me!! Uh r not angry?? Uh r giving me one mor chance!!
Tears of happiness was flowing from his eyes.. without wasting he runs towrd his room..in middle his eyes fell on ashi..he was having the million dollor smile! His face was cleary showing the happiness for which he was longing … He runs to his room.. nd sit on bed only remembering swara’s word ” i love uh 2 nd i forgive uh” this words were only revolving in his mind!! He was sooo happy! Ashi nd swara faces were coming on his mind!!
He come in his senses when he see swara entering in room…she too sit beside him….. He was not understanding what to speak…
Sanskar(nervous,exited)- should i ask from swara ? Will ashi will also forgive me? She will also think me as her father now? Did swara talk with her about me?
His thoughts break when he saw ashi coming running! Sanskar gets happy…he thinks ” Ashi is coming..that means swara talk to ashi” !!
Ashi: Mumma!! See what i made! Tell na how it is?? Today is father’s day na so our teacher said to make the card!! Tell na how it is!!
Swara(smiling)- Wow its so preety just like my baby??!!
Sanskar(interrupting b/w them)- can i also see! Give me this!
Swara passes the card to sanskar!! Sanskar was so happy to see it!! He was so happy that his daughter made this!!she made it nd for her father who is he!! She made it for him..his eyes was sparking! The eyes which was swollen sometime ago turns into the most happiest eyes of this world!! The person who was fully broken from inside sometime ago turns into the most happiest person of this world!..
Ashi was looking at him..he raises nd shrugs his shoulder signalling her “what”…ashi forwards her hand for the card…Sanskar smile nd hide the card behind his bck while nodding his head in no…
Ashi looks at swara then at sanskar nd was about to cry while sanskar was smiling seeing her antique in order to take the card..
Sanskar- oo no no no my bby dont cry..i was joking take this card..btw what will uh do of this card..
Ashi takes the card from his hand nd runs from there..that she will show it to papa..
At that time sankskar understand that this card was not for him..it was for laksh!! This card was for ashi’s papa not for the man who refused to accept his child as she was daughter… This card is for the person who have love ashi more than his life…same as fathers love his daughter.. despite of the fact she was not his own blood.. this card is not the man who tried to sell his own daughter who never give love to his daughter!
Again his happy face turns into a dull broken face.. his eyes r filled with tears…
Swara look at sanskar who was looking at the door!
She touches his shoulder which makes him come in reality.. he looks at swara!
Sanskar- Swara! Tumne toh kaha tha uh have forgive me! But here ashii is..
Swra- one min sanskar i guess uh have taken me wrong!! I said i forgive uh..i forgive uh as a wife but as a mother i can never forgive uh!! So never expect anything from ashi’s mother!!
She looks at sanskar who was crying even she was feeling bad for him but she has to be strong!!
Swara- do uh want ashi to hate uh?
Sanskar(shocked)- w..what??
Swara- your features r telling that uh want ashi to hate uh!
Sanskar(crying)- no..nhi i never want that..what i did in past was wrong!! But now i have realized i love ashi alot..i cant even imagine this..
Swara- then why r uh trying to come near ashi?
Sanskar(confused)- means?
Swara(take a deep breath)- look sanskar! I know uh love ashi but to be trye now its too late!! Uh r trying to come near ashi! Kk fine just think somehow we will make her understand that r uh also her dad! Now she is small she willbe not question us mch but when she will grow she will also come to know that uh didnt even accept her when she was small..uh tried to sell her!! That time she will start hating uh! Will uh able to see hatred in her eyes? Tell na (sanskar was shocked,his lips were shivering he didnt even thought about it..his daughter will hate him this thought was killing him from inside)
Swara leaves the room!! Sanskar was lost in thoughts when he sees a piece of paper coming out from a drawer..he open the drawer nd takes it out!!
Already he broken nd that paper broke him more!!
It was ashi drawing!! Ashi’s perfect family!! Swara
,laksh,kavya,ashi!! It was ashi’s family ! Sanskar was no where in the pic!! He know realize the mistakes the crimes which he has committed in past now he is bearing fruit of that sin! He wanted to throw ashi out from his life! Now he was the one who was out from ashi’s life!!
He sleeps while crying!!
Next morning!!…
Swara nooded in yes..sanskar continued ” actually yesterday i come to know one thing that my happiness lies in ashi’s happiness! Nd if i want ashi’s happiness than i should not force her!! I know today ashi is not with me is because of me only! Nd about not getting her Love then i will think it as my fate..my punishment but atleast I m happy that i can see her nd waise bhi i get my wife bck na(winks at her)
Swara smiles with teary eye seeing him!!
Sanskar(trying to light up her mood)- now will i get some breakfast!!otherwise I will die because of hunger..
Swara- ha ha come!!
At bf table
Swara was serving food while others were sitting! Ashi was in laksh lap..
Sanskar- Swarraaaaaaaaaa.. give me butter with bread….
Ashi- mummaaaaaa me too bread butter!
Swara- uff giving na baba wait
Sanskar was looking at ashi amused! Her way of eating her choices were same like him..he was smiling like an idiot! ?.. the way she was applying butter on the bread is same as sanskar!
Swara- uff ashii uh r same like sanskar! See he is also eating like this.. only know wastage of food! Your half butter has fall nd half is on bread.. ? stupids!!
Ashi leaves food!
Ashi?- no no I m like my papa… swati’s mummy also says that she is like her papa..even I m like my papa!! I will not eat it! I wil eat what papa is eating! Huh!
Sanskar didnt feel good! He wipes his tears from corner of his eyes..
Sanskar(murmurs)- uh r like your papa only beta!..
He noticed swara who was looking at him..nd just simply passes her a fake smile indicating that he is ok!!
At night!!
SwaSan room:
Sanskar was laughing watching ashi’s childhood videos when swara intrupted in between!!
Swara- Sanskar!
Sanskar- ha swara bolo!!
Swara- sanskar i was feeling lets plan for another baby!
Sanskar(shocked)- whattttt
Swara(nervously)- ha woh actually!
Sanskar(painful smile)- feeling pity on me? No need swara!! R uh trying to do a deal with me? As a didnt get ashi’s love so lets plan for another bby!! Waah!! Sorrry swara but I m not interested in it!! I want to some1 to call me dad but i also want that that some1 should be ashi only!! I want my ashi’s love first! I canteven handle my one daughter how can manage second child! I cant become a good father! First i wanna become a gud father! I just want my ashi’s love first! Which i can never get! Anyways leaves it atleast i can see her nd that is enough for me!! Now i will fulfill my duties as a father without any1 notice! I will always be with her! I will always protect her maybe by hiding but will always love her!!…..
Ashi come there
Ashi?- mummmaa sleepy come!!
Swasan smiles..while Swara make her sleep near her..
after she sleeps..sanskar take her in his arms
he was feeling so good after taking his daughter in his arms..he kiss all over her face! Nd hugs her very tightly…
its been 2 hrs since he didnt leave ashi…
swara- sanskar leave her!! Nd uh too sleep
sanskar- no swara please today let me take here in my armsI can take her in my arms for my whole life!! Atleast she is near me when she is in sleep!! Atleast i can hug her!! My baby…. how lucky i m to have her as my daughter but how unlucky she is to have me!!
Swara- no sanskar she is not unlucky to have uh!! She is lu…
Sanskar- no swara she is unlucky to have me!!? i cant be a good father…kk leave it its midnight sleep now!! I m lucky to have uh both in my life!! I love uh both!!
Swara- love uh too sanskar
They lay on bed nd switch off the light while ashi is in middle actually in sanskar arms..he is not leaving her…


So here i finish my ss..the surprise is that it is last part!! I know end is not happy!! Not good special sorry to Tanya..many uh r not happy with it…but this was the actually storyline which i have dicided..but i guess there is something more! Dont uh wanna know about it?? Kk lemme tell uh! Epilogue is left but that epilogue is when all silent readers will comments….there is alot in epilogue…but what is there i will not tell…. if uh really want epilogue then i will think of epilogue otherwise be happy with this only!! nd i get facility to write because now i dont have phone..lappy is locked so it will be difficult…but i ill try my best
But please as this is the last part please silent reader do comment…i didnt ask uh last 4 parts! But now i m asking!!
Nd ya tell me my mistakes too!
The scene which uh hate the most in this ss??
The scene which uh like the most in this ss??
Nd rate this ss from… _/15

imp note: sorry guys
end is not written properly because its is 2 at ngt nd i m writting this part despite of having schul tomorrow!! because my sis will take phone soo i need to complete it anyhow!!
kk byeee!!

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