SwaSan united Chapter 2

Hello everyone I’m back with the continuation of my previous ff thanks to your warm welcome n replies☺☺ let’s have a quick recap

Recap:swara telling sanskaar that all taht he heard was true n swara abt to fall but held by our sanskaar inhis arms??

Episode starts….
Sanskaar n swaea are totally lsot in each other s eyes having a long romantic eyelock? n sanskaar gently makes her stand properly….
Swara:Sanskaar what ever u heard is absolutely true!!! Sanskaar looks at her in disbelief ….
Yes sanskaar that is the biggest truth of my life!!!!☺
Sanskaar:… swaraaaa…
Swara:I’m sorry sanskaar that I took me so long to realize ur importance in my life? I’m sorry that I realized my feelings soo late….
I am really sorry that I made u wait soo long ….(swara apologises very emotionally?)
Sanskaar: no no swara plz don’t apologize
Swara: no sanskaar I was very much confused donno how I couldn’t see ur selfess love ?
Sanskaar: swara is this my dream?or is it really happening…… Pinch me swara plz pinch me
Swara:heheh sanskaar this is really happening…..?
Sanskaar: Oh God I don believe this I just din believe this !!!!! Oh God I’m soo happy swara I can’t tell u hoe happy I am!!!!!(looks at her very lovingly☺)
Swara who couldn’t handle his gaze shies off n turns around!!!
Sanskaar: omg I never thought I would see u blushing like this?ha Ms swara sorry?Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari is actually blushing
Swara:sanskaar …. Leave that lets go home everyone is waiting for us its too late….
Just when swara turns sanskaar holds her hand
Sanskaar :not so soon swara today is my day n let me live it completly …..theres still 1 thing left out ?
Swara:ha? What Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: well u actually haven’t told me what u told everyone at home rite??? ??u got me swara?
Swara realizing tries to change topic n all but Mr Sanskaar is quite smart n he was in no mood to listen to her (after all till today he has done only that???)
Sanskaar: no swara not today please swara just once look at me n tell me what u told there so confidently I want to hear it from u please…. Just once??
Swara:trying to act smart offo Mr maheshwari u donno such things are first said my guys….oh God everything I shud only explain?
Sanskaar: but swara that day…
Swara :what that day see if u wanna tell now fine else let’s go home
Sanskaar: OK Mr Sanskaar time for some action? n hearing this swara started to panic Oh no he’s gonna say it?Oh God next me no no no what I’m I gonna doooo n she starts biting her nails….
Sanskaar comes close to her infact very close he could actually hear her heart beating rapidly???
Swara!!…..”””I entered ur life in order to ruin it; but never thought that one day u would become my life,?? I thought of erasing all ur happiness but never imagined that ur happiness would become the reason for my happiness,? You smile is my strength n ur tears are my weaknesses…. “”” Swara is so touched my his words
He holds her face in his hands n tells
I donno when how why…. But I just couldn’t stop myself from falling for you… From falling in love with you ? you mean the world to me Swara….. I ….. I Love you…. N will always do….. Till the end of my life!!!!! N
That’s it swara couldn’t control herslf n she hugged he sooo tightly tears rolling down her cheeks…… I love you too Sanskaar I love you too… N just to increase the intensity of the moment it starts raining very badly…….??n bg starts Hum tere bin abhi reh nahi saktr tere bina kya wajoid mera?? n finally swara n sanskaar have confessed their love!!!
*****Episode ends*****

Precap: Lakshya in drunk state swara u ditched me n ragini ur still behind me huh??? Ragini crying bitterly…
Morning SwaSan under shower bg kuch khaas hai??? stay tuned folks?

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